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    Graham in a suit with his fist clenched

    Billy Graham was a shyster.

    This man did not ever believe one goddamn thing he ever professed.

    This man hated Jews:

    This man hated Blacks.

    This man hated Hispanics.

    This man hated poor folks.

    This man hated anyone who would not send him money.Oh and by the by,  HST did not trust this sombitch at all:


    According to Hitchens, Reverend Billy never believed one goddamn thing he ever preached.



    This prick just decided to make money under tents and then stadiums.

    His son is a bigger prick.

    He is a birther.



    But Franklin Graham is not sure that Obama is a Christian.



    I do not like the Grahams.

    I do not like the Grahams without marshmallows and chocolate.

    I do not like the Grahams, period.

    I recall when Rev. Falwell died.




    Billy Graham was a rotten seller of snake oil and holy water.

    As Hitchens said of Falwell:

    I wish there was a hell for Falwell to suffer in.


    Jesus told me I needed not one, but two jet planes.



    Jet Planes?



    I wish that they would all, all these snake oil, holy water bastards leave on a jet plane straight to hell.





    In case anyone is wondering, I watched Mornin Joke today, Joe decided he would give

    an homage to Billy Graham.


    this all reminds me of the late Sam Kinison.

    Then Sam somehow changed; he found blow over faith?

    I dunno, sam was on my mind today



    Graham had Barry Goldwater status in most black households. Goldwater allowed blacks to be served at his department store counters, but objected to Civil Rights legislation. Graham integrated some of his events, but criticized the “I Have a Dream” speech and public protests. Goldwater didn’t believe in legislating morality. Change would come when white men’s hearts changed. Graham believed change would come when God changed men’s hearts. (God reminded Graham of the free will thing) thing.

    I was a child in the sixties, and grew up with him on our little black and white TV.


    Think I might write this up instead, Rm.  Hope you don't mind?

    I was never a fan, always found him smarmy to say the least. Which is why I was surprised to see Obama take time out to tweet an appreciation yesterday.


    Billy Graham was a humble servant who prayed for so many - and who, with wisdom and grace, gave hope and guidance to generations of Americans.

    — Barack Obama (@BarackObama) February 21, 2018


    especially as he doesn't tweet that often, he's pretty selective. I don't agree with his description, he never came across as humble nor to have wisdom nor grace. Got to admit that this was true gave hope and guidance to generations of Americans; that it was always disturbed me.

    Oh, Obama knows his suckup moments.

    The look of a man who ate the head off a rattlesnake and liked it.

    Personal lives always suffer when the "greater good" calls.  Wonder what that is?

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