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    Bligotry - Black-on-Black Racism. It's Real!

    Beneath the Spin*Eric L. Wattree

    Bligotry - Black-on-Black Racism.  It's Real!
    In the attached article, I've tried to demonstrate, without a doubt, that Cornel West not only lacks common sense and limits, but he’s extremely selective in his disgust.
    West is never short on words when it comes to denigrating high-profile Black people. He's publicly criticized Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Rev. Al Sharpton, Jay Z, and of course, his favorite target, President Barack Obama. But when it comes to his good friend and associate, Tavis Smiley's, involvement in Wells Fargo's victimization of the Black community, he's been curiously silent. Could his silence on this issue be the result of "bligotry" - Black-on-Black racism? Let's take a look at that issue.
    After the atrocity against the poor and minority community committed by his good friend, Tavis Smiley, which I outline in the link at the end of this article, instead of addressing that issue, West found the time to try to throw ice water on THE most auspicious moment in Black and American history by complaining about Barack Obama using Martin Luther King’s Bible to take the oath of office. Even if West’s criticisms of President Obama were true, the use of Dr. King’s Bible wasn't a tribute to Barack Obama; it was a tribute to Dr. King. So what is Dr. West truly upset about?
    It is also curious that West’s supporters, the very people who are most critical of what they call President Obama's "failure to do enough for Black people," are extremely defensive about what Tavis Smiley has done TO BLACK PEOPLE. Consistency dictates that if they’re angry with Obama, they should be FURIOUS with Tavis Smiley. But instead, they look for excuses to defend what Smiley has done to the Black community.  Why is that? It sorta makes one wonder what is the TRUE source of their hostility towards the president. Could it be that, just like White racist, they just can't stand the thought of a Black man living in the White House? That is exactly the problem. It doesn't matter what Black person is elected president, it wouldn't be long before these people would turn against him.
    Thus, bligotry does exist. As we've pointed out many times before, Black people are the product of the very same racist environment as White people, so many of us are just as racist towards other Black people as any racist Hillbilly. So in order to address the issue, we've got to see it for what it really is. And no, it’s not self-hatred.
    People who suffer from bligotry don’t hate themselves at all, and neither do they, necessarily, hate other Black people. They simply look upon us with disdain, and they think that we're beneath them. That’s why such people think they’re qualified to tell the Black community what to think in the first place. They've convinced themselves that they're an intellectual aberration that an accident of birth has caused to be held back. So they feel that they have every right to use other Black people to advance themselves to their rightful place in society - thus, Tavis Smiley and the Wells Fargo Bank scam, and indeed, many, but not all, Black preachers.
    Herman Cain described their attitude best when he said, "I'm a brother from another mother."  They think they're cut from a different clothe than other Black people, and are, therefore, superior. That's why many such people hate President Obama with a passion, because his very presence is a pie in the face of their delusional reality. And that is exactly the case with Tavis Smiley, and, Cornel West.
    So yes, bligotry is real. Think about it - how many of you know Black business managers who treat White employees better than they do Black employees?  Most of you know of such people I would think, because the business community is filled with such people. In fact, many businesses have incorporated Bligotry into their business model - the U.S. Postal Service in particular. They routinely place bligots in middle management to do their dirty work, because they know that it’s next to impossible for one Black person to file a successful discrimination case with the EEOC against another Black person.
    So the Black community needs to take a very close look at the fact that Tavis Smiley and Cornel West weren't nearly as hostile towards George W. Bush and Dick Cheney as they are President Obama. That’s an undeniable fact - it is so true, in fact, that they’re the darlings of Fox News, and they're often FEATURED on Republican websites.  
    And here’s another fact. Tavis Smiley has to be one of two things - he’s either a demagogue who cares so little about the Black community that he knowingly colluded with Wells Fargo Bank to defraud poor and minority borrowers, or he’s too dumb to go around trying to advise Black people in the first place, and especially when it comes to what’s in our best interest. As for Cornel West, the mere fact that he‘s chosen to remain silent on this issue speaks volumes regarding both, his credibility, and, his so-called “love for his people.”
    But it’s hard for Black people to get a handle on Black-on-Black racism because they can’t believe that any Black person could be so stupid, but there are those who clearly are. They've picked it up from the American experience in the very same way that they learned to embrace their religion, and other uniquely American traits. So again, Black bigots are real.
    If you still question the concept of bligotry, however, think about people like Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, and Allen West. Either one of those gentlemen would support sending urban Black people back to Africa in a Minnesota minute.  And when you put Cornel West's woolly head and milatant rhetoric aside, his actual behavior is also quite telling. While he pays plenty of lip service to how much he "loves his people," he's never taught at a Black school in his ENTIRE CAREER, and his attacks on President Obama is filled with enough racial innuendo to do any member of the Tea Party proud. And again, the mere fact that he’s chosen to remain silent on Tavis Smiley’s “Ghetto Loans” involvement speaks volumes regarding his true concern for the Black community.
    Those two issues in themselves clearly demonstrates that West has devoted his life to promoting the interests of Cornel West, not the Black community. He simply uses the Black community as a prop to gain publicity, because publicity is what it’s all about for people like Tavis and West.
    Publicity is how they make their living, and what they sell to major corporate sponsors. That’s why every time they open their mouths they say something over the top, like the ridiculous assertion that the first Black President of the United States shouldn’t use Martin Luther King’s Bible to take the oath of office. That statement was specifically designed to garner headlines. Never mind that it’s divisive to an already fractured Black community, what’s important to them is, it gets publicity. Clear evidence of that is that their attack was clearly coordinated.  
    It’s extremely important, therefore, that the Black community get a handle on this nonsense. Because there are Smniley and West wannabes - like Boyce Watkins, for example - who are currently in the wings studying their tactics in order to carry on this turncoat tradition for yet another generation - and as long as we allow such people to divide us for their own selfish interests, they’re going to keep us at a cultural and economic disadvantage.
    Thus, four hundred years of this twisted mentality is more than enough. It's time to bring it to an end - AND NOW!
    Reply by Eric L. Wattree 1 second ago
    Obama may be a lot of things, but there's one thing that he's NOT guilty of - roping poor and minority borrowers into fraudulent loans that devastated their families. What do you have to say about Tavis' activity in that regard? Should he be held "accountable?" Should he repay the money that he derived off the misery of the poor? What does the "prophetic tradition" dictate? Are you consistent in your beliefs, or are your highfelutin moral values reserved only for Obama?
    I'll be waiting for your response - although I don't expect one. But then, that's a response in itself isn't it? Such hypocrisy is unbelievable, but nothing less than I expected. I'll be saving this one too, by the way. Because since it's on the "Smiley and West" website, your gross hypocrisy will be much more glaring.
    LibyaWest said:

    Obomber ain't nothing but a black-faced cracker. LW
    Is this learned and constructive discussion, or irrational hatred? Will this sort of mentality help the poor and minority community, or will it detract from the president's ability to get anything done? This kind of childishness must be exposed for what it is. This is not about Obama's policies; this is about hatred, envy, and two hugely oversized egos.
    Religious bigotry: It's not that I hate everyone who doesn't look, think, and act like me - it's just that God does.



    Hey Eric, forgive me if I'm being redundant because I've said it here before but -

    Do you ever think maybe too much black identity is going on? White people criticize other white people alot - we don't call it "white on white racism." I'm sure many Asian people criticize other Asian people too.

    No. Whites and Asians don't have the history that Black people do.

    Yes, Blacks weren't traditionally castrated as at least one period of Chinese slavery had it, and slavery in China dates back to 1500BC, over 2000 years earlier than the slavery periods in Africa.

    There was also white slavery throughout north Africa. People put in chains - the full nine yards. It wasn't as brutal as the slavery blacks experienced in America though. European history is also filled with exploitation, violence and crimes that would put most Americans to shame. Poverty in America, no matter the skin tone, is really funny compared to poverty in most of the world.

    Honestly though, the president of the United States, for two terms, is a black man named Barack Obama. He doesn't straighten his hair and has an African and Arabic name. Republicans tried to pull the racism card and failed spectacularly. It's a different world now - Spike Lee movies and that whole mentality really seem out of place.

    That at least warrants a change in rhetoric, Waltree.

    I'm trying to understand this. Things have completely changed because Obama won re-election. If you haven't noticed the Republican Supreme Court justices are about to Deep Six Affirmative Action. Republican Governors tried to suppress the "urban" vote in the last election. Current Republican state legislators are trying to rig state districts to make sure that "urban"/Democratic voters can never have their Democratic Presidential candidate win despite mounting a larger total vote. We are not post-racial. For those paying attention, the struggle continues.

    By the way, you might take a look at "Miracle at St. Anna".

    Wasn't about being "post-racial".

    It's whether it's okay to have 1 dissenting black voice among 99.99% agreement.

    Apparently the answer is still "no".

    The problem has not been dissent. It has been the nature of the dissent. Black Republicans like Allen West, Alan Keys and Herman Cain disagree with Obama, am I supposed to be in lockstep with them as well? Why am I locked into agreeing with nonsense from any of the aforementioned individuals?

    Don't have to agree. Wattree's thesis is that West & Smiley should just shut up.

    Obviously, Wattree cannot get West and Smiley to shut up. He has a free speech right to point out why they should remain silent. Heck, I think it's a travesty that Republicans are treated with respect by the media. I think that the GOP needs to be challenged at every turn. I have zero power to get the GOP to shut up.

    Compared to conversations I've had with people about Cornel West's recent inflammatory and distracting comments, Wattree is being kind. Cornel West has entered Lupe Fiasco territory.


    You used "try" alot in that paragraph. laugh

    So you can't explain the point you were attempting to make?

    The line of argument that the was slavery in Northern Africa,  in Europe, or Chia is ot relevant if you are not a descendent of those enslaved people and still facing lasting consequences of that history and are facing socioeconomic pressures in present day Northern Africa, Europe or China. It seems dismissive, and I'm certain that is not the intent. I'm not following the point that you are attempting to make bringing these events and how they impact the current discussion.

    Sometimes an argument is made that Black Africans sold other Black Africans to White slavers. The suggestion is that since all ethnic groups do bad things, Blacks should realize that there are bad Blacks as well as bad Whites. This line of argument is ridiculous. If you are the descendent of people who were enslaved, you harbor no love for those who did the enslaving. White, Black or Polka-Dot. There is no shared Black guilt to be had. A pox on the house of the slavers no matter their color.

    We honor ancestors who endured the pain and we work with people to deal with current political, social and economic situations. We work with those who are Red, and Yellow, Black, Brown and White. We disagree with Allen West, Herman Cain, Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter, Sarah Palin, Marco Rubio, Nikki Haley and Bobby Jindal. We even disagree with Cornel West and Tavis Smiley. The blood of ancestors gives us the right to be able to speak out.

    Finally, if people were put in chains in North Africa, Europe or China, I doubt that they would argue that they suffered less than Black Africans in the United States.Please help me put in context your point about slavery and suffering abroad.


    Chinese still have slavery - it's just in Foxconn/Apple factories as economic slaves working 14 hours a day, no longer in chains or castrated. Still, they have little choice in their lives, and the repercussions for dissent are dire.

    How do you think the Great Wall and all those terracotta soldiers were made for Emperor Qin?

    • Laborers: Many historians think that 700,000 craftsmen and slaves built the complex.
    • Their deaths: It is thought that all the laborers were put to death to keep the mausoleum a secret along with many others!

    If we were discussing drones killing innocent civilians. an argument that terrorists used IEDs or human bombs to kill innocents would be avoiding the main issue, the US not killing civilians.

    If we were discussing the rapes of females in the US military by fellow servicemen or commanders, bring up gang rapes of Indian women would be a diversion from the main topic.

    I am unclear as to what the suffering of the Chinese has to do with what has to be done in the US today. The issues would be important, but separate.


    No. Whites and Asians don't have the history that Black people do.

    Go bitch to Wattree, he brought it up.

    The White European and Chinese slavery argument represents a concrete thought process and a diversion. Wattree is discussing the United States.

    Sorry, I'll remember to keep things within their arbitrary boundaries in the future. Will remind those irascible Jews to quit bringing up the holocaust since it didn't happen in the US, and those Chinese who came here to build our railroads - all bitching stops at the waterfront.

    And will try to forget that 90% of American slavery occurred in the Caribbean and South America. Doesn't matter to our story.

    I'm glad that you finally see that we are focusing on issues in the United States. You have now  caught up to us. The blog is about Black on Black Racism and uses Cornel West and Tavis Smiley as examples.

    The Holocaust is important and would be the subject of a separate discussion unless you are making a connection to the main topic of Black on Black racism. Simply mentioning the Holocaust without putting it in context of the blog is strange. Caribbean and South American slavery are also separate and distinct issues unless you are mentioning the horrible practices in the context of the main subject. Now we can all stay on point?


    You left out a few:

    1) only blacks understand the black experience

    2) if you're not black you're welcome to applaud the wisdom of the blog, but you're not informed enough to disagree (see #1)

    3) the bloggers have sometime in the past have shown their universal wisdom by commenting on whatever you think is relevant, but it's not relevant here.

    4) things are now better for blacks than they've ever been because of Obama, but completely precarious because of the Republicans/conservatives.

    4b) so only say good things about Obama and bad things about Republicans or you're racist and trying to destroy (4 years / 100 years) of black progress.

    5) facts and opinions are to be used solely to support 4b

    6) and besides, Obama's doing the best humanly possible under adverse circumstances, and if he did what the uninformed suggest (see #1) we'd see black progress of the last (4 years / 100 years) destroyed.

    7) blacks have unique qualities that make them the most super intuitive and life loving of all ("soul"), but it's racist to contend that blacks are different and judge them differently. If this doesn't make sense, see #1.

    8) while the Republicans/conservatives are the greatest threat to blacks and our democracy, we will spend all of our blogging time focusing on Travis Smiley and Cornel West. If you don't understand why this is the most important, insightful tactic, see #1.

    9) we support disagreement with Obama and have even disagreed with him sometime long in the past (possibly under the covers late at night with the flashlight on), and don't think blacks have to show unity, but since times are so troubled they have to show unity and black-on-black racism (speaking unfriendly opinions about the president for example) must be attacked in our blogs more than GOP activity.

    10) repeat #9 umpty-gillion times

    11) if you think there's something positive that can be done a) Obama's already doing it even if you can't appreciate the genius of how he's doing it, or b) it can't be done without destroying the last (4 years / 100 years) of (black / American / human) progress.

    12) did I mention we're doing awesome stuff to support the president and the new millenium? and whatever you do is diddly squat and revokes your right to complain, even if #1 doesn't apply. So roll your sleeves up, pitch in supporting the president in any and all ways, and if you disagree or don't understand, reread #1 or #4b.

    Some people find discussing the issue of race in the United States comfortable. They consider themselves enlightened, but use diversion when they can't support their points. Let's discuss White slavery in Europe. Let's talk about Chinese slavery. Let's even go to the Holocaust. Let's make the outrageous statement that the suffering of these people was less than the suffering of Black African during slavery in the United States. That statement proves that we're not ignoring the Blacks. Discussion of racial issues in the US can be avoided and we can simultaneous minimize racial issues in the US and the suffering of abused and traumatized people in other lands. It's a very common tactic.

    Historians like Taylor Branch are doing tremendous work on African-American history and is a fountain of knowledge.Branch is light years away from someone who "read a book". The guy who reads books has likely done the Cliff-Notes version of analyzing why the Black community responds negatively to Cornel West.

    Those who express great man-love for Cornel West should ask themselves, why they think that he gets such push back in the Black community. Do you believe Blacks are mindlessly following Obama. Did Blacks mindlessly follow Bill Clinton even during impeachment? Given a Republican party that is trying to rig elections via districting changes and voter suppression, will overturn Affirmative Action and uses race-baiting to gather the " Good Ol' Boy" votes, isn't support of the Democratic President rational? Isn't the cowardly thing to do is to ignore the Republican assault like our dear brother West oes by grabbing the microphone to always first attack Obama.?

    Call Obama a "coward", a "Republican in Blackface", and afraid of a "strong, free Black man". We are supposed to take this word salad spouting seriously? One should spend time reading the criticism gets from various parts of the Black community. You may be ignorant of the debate if you're not listening to discussions on Black AM radio, for example. so yes, to a certain extant, you may be out of the loop if you are not Black.

    When one realizes the assault occurring on minority communities by the GOP, why would you pay a great deal of attention to a loudmouth egomaniac like Cornel West? Why would anyone care if West has strong support from a guy who read some books about the "Black condition" but has taken some unique positions on events in history? Blacks are looking out for their own political interests. This is nothing different than guys who read books about Blacks do.The guy reading books don't care what position a majority of Blacks take. Blacks don't care about the positions that the guy who reads books takes. In fact, if one stayed home during the attack on voter's rights, who cares what they think? If you are oblivious to the Republican assault, you have no context for the discussion on Obama.You ignore the assualt and remain on the voting sidelines if the assault does not personally impact you.

    Harry Reid just caved on filibuster reform in the Senate. Is that Obama's fault? Reid just killed chances of many of the baby steps for gun control which would impact the Black community.



    At least I know how to read and digest.

    You just know how to regurgitate.

    Again, up yours with your continual ad hominems (that's Latin for "personal jackass remarks")

    I told you Wattree brought up Chinese, then you decided you had to limit it to Chinese slavery in America. Pretty good with Calvinball.

    I referenced knowledgeable black scholars on Harlem - but I'm just a guy who reads books. You reference some knowledgeable black scholar on something else - and that makes you clever.

    You look incredibly stupid in these debates, but it never seems to bother you. An advantage I don't have - I like to make sense even if I'm taking a contrary point of view.

    Quite enough - enjoy your repetitive babbling and idol worship and whining pathetically about Republicans and Cornel West. I'm gone.

    PP - Enough already with the personal insults and attacks.  It serves no positive or productive purpose.

    Tell it to RMRD - he's the one full of "you only read books" shit and other insults. But of course you won't notice the continual digs. I'm gone.

    Thank you.  Too often the threads are no longer relevant to the post's topic and intent.  I find it disrespectful to the post's author and those of us who would like to respectfully learn about and discuss the subject matter.

    Aunt Sam, I really don't want to argue or take a side;

    I am just curious; but isn't it a choice, of what thread individuals want to follow?

    What I mean is, if a certain group of people decide to address each other , because that is where that particular thread goes, so be it. 

    A tree has many roots, pick one.

    This idea that someone high jacked a thread makes no sense to me. No one stopped anyone from starting another thread within the same blog, to learn about and discuss the subject matter.  Ignore the conversation in the cloak room.

    In this type of medium, there is no be silent, only just ignore;  nobody is forced to read anything they don't want to read.  

    Dagblog is a smorgasbord of ideas.Where each thread can lead to further discussions in the future.

    Maybe I am wrong; but like I said, I'm just curious what real harm is there, to let the threads lead in multiple directions?  

    Resistance, I appreciate the response - thank you.

    But, too many times, IMHO, the actual post's topic becomes merely a memory when comments about an entirely different subject 'takeover'. 

    I will join the chorus and suggest that if you want to open up discussion about another subsidiary subject, then post your own blog.  I've oft wondered why you don't do so ................... have you ever posted a blog here?  I don't recall one, but then again there are times I don't 'visit' the site for days (or longer).

    If you haven't, perhaps you don't 'get' the message about 'hijacking' (quoting your comment).  I, for one, sincerely hope you do write your own post as it's obvious you can write well and have ideas on many pertinent issues.  Again, using your analogy, why not plant your own 'tree' and watch it grow?

    Now, enough - because this post is not about you or me...................

    the actual post's topic becomes merely a memory when comments about an entirely different subject 'takeover'.

    You need to give dagblog readers more credit.

    As I have written earlier and as you have said

    again there are times I don't 'visit' the site for days (or longer).

    I haven't the time or the desire to write a blog. I'm am very satisfied, to be a participant, by clicking on the reply button.

    There are bloggers and there are commentors; if bloggers are moved to write, because my one or two line comment generated a thought in some, Great

    We're all a part of one big Information Jacuzzi.

    Thanks, I know I spend an inordinate amount of time arguing with PP, but I do have a somewhat combative nature. I am often amazed by his sense of self-importance. Somehow, he feels that many of us who don't agree with his position are somehow lesser beings. Wattree made a post about the interesting question of where does one cross the line from criticism to Black on Black racism.

    One responder felt that the term was unnecessary since Whites obviously argue without accusing each other of racism. The comment ignores some racial baggage still present today in the Black community today. We celebrate some forms of hip-hop because of good "beats" but very racist things to say about other Black males and very misogynistic things to say about Black women. Is that healthy. Jay-Z has a beautiful wife and daughter, but he still hasn't said that he will stop referring to women as female dogs.

    Cornel West attacks Jay-Z for miniscule ownership of a Brooklyn basketball team. Where is the strong moral outrage about degrading Black women from dear brother West? Al Sharpton openly attacks the lyrical abuse of women, as did the late Dorothy Height. Both were attacked by rap artists. One rapper, David Banner crafted lyrics especially for Rev. Sharpton. Sharpton took a stand and was ready to face the possibility that young Blacks would dismiss him for attacking some of their musical heroes. Cornel West is a coward who doesn't want to risk his young college audience who loves rappers.

    A steady diet of n-word this and n-word that is not healthy. It may be popular, but it is not healthy. West avoids this confrontation. There was no great battle between the Klan to "take back" the N-word. The young generation needs to here this rather than West's lyrical word salad. Wattree is righteously angry. Some are incapable of understand the anger because they have only been reading books. There are tons of other Whites who understand Wattree's points.


    I disagree, Orion.

    African Americans need to reassess our mores and and take another look at the way we view, and relate to one another. If you're not Black, or at the very least, grew up in or around the Black culture, you would probably have very little understanding of what I'm saying.

    This has absolutely nothing to do with having a Black president, or White America. The series of articles that I've been doing on Tavis Smiley and Cornel West have been directed primarily at Black people, and interested parties. 

    What's currently going on in America is a teaching moment for Black people. So I'm taking the opportunity to do just that. As for the rhetoric, it's Black rhetoric.  But consider this - we have to endure White rhetoric 24-7 all of our lives, and you never hear us saying that it's inappropriate - and that's in spite of the fact that you've had forty-three White presidents.

    You never hear Black people saying, "We're sick to death of hearing about Thomas Jefferson and American war stories - and why is it that every time I cut on the television set I have to see John Wayne's crazy ass waddling across the screen!" You never hear that from Black people because we recognize that these things are a part of your reality.

    So take a moment to consider why you think Black rhetoric, and a discussion on the realities of Black life, is inappropriate just because we elected one Black president.


    Ethnic groups have different and this “colors” racial discussions within and between those communities. White has been considered the gold standard of behavior. Arguments between Whites were the norm. Whether a state was to be a slave or free state was determined by Whites. Employment and salary were determined by Whites. In this setting, some Blacks advanced their position by informing on other Blacks. There was a reason for one Black to be suspicious of another Black person. Not being a part of this history may blind you to consequences that last to this day. The concept of Black on Black racism grew out of this history. As Wattree notes, ethnic groups without this historical background may  not understand the discussion.

    Here is a Black Conservative arguing about the Black on Black racism he feels from Black Liberals. A black student talks about Black on Black racism based on skin color in a high school.  These are just two exaplmes of discussion on the topic that occur within the Black community.

    The Republicans are suppressing votes, rigging state election districts and demolishing unions and West focuses on what Bible Obama uses. West is totally useless. Perhaps getting a steady gig on Fox like Dennis Kucinich will simultaneously stroke West''s ego  and force him to come up with solutions to problems when confronted by rabid Conservatives rather than just list his grievances.

    I completely agree, ARm.

    This is an issue that needs desperately to be discussed, and the Black press is being unforgivably remiss in not addressing this issue more aggressively. So while I realize that I run the risk of being seen as Johnny One-note, I'm willing to run that risk, because I'm convinced that it's a note that needs to be played.

    You know, it's funny.  I get email from Black journalists all the time saying, "That's right.  Go after those pimps, E."  But few of them will broach the issue. Go figure it. Maybe they're intimidated by Cornel West's 30 years of unwarranted hype.

    When West came on the scene, the Black community was so thrilled to have a Black "scholar" that was so thoroughly embraced by the academic establishment that nobody thought to see whether or not all the hype was justified. The Black community, including myself, just got behind him and cheered him on. But about 5 years ago he started making such silly remarks that I started researching him, and what I found after I peeled back the veneer, was a clown.

    I learned a valuable lesson from that. Now, I never accept anyone's resume as valid until I research them myself. It's made me so radically cynical that if my son comes over and he's lost too much weight, I want to see some ID. That's served me well as a writer.

    The Democrats are waging war in Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, holding inmates in indefinite detention in Gitmo & Baghram, and focusing on government austerity rather than relief for poverty & joblessness.

    Cornel West says why he feels it improper for Obama to use MLK's Bible, and while you may disagree, his argument is not unreasonable. 

    In accepting the Nobel Peace Prize, Obama spoke of the need for more war. It was an amazingly tone-deaf & inappropriate speech, but it certainly was honest about his intents.

    Considering half of Obama's 2012 campaign was about "I killed Osama bin Laden", it's hard to reconcile with MLK's strident pacifism as an icon for creative non-violence.

    Presumably you might have objections if Clarence Thomas or Hermann Caine used MLK's Bible, and it's okay for someone to have objections about Obama. Considering the stature of MLK's writings and speeches, his time in jail & on the march, his place in pushing for freedom while at the same time embracing an ever-expanding concern for human rights & suffering, it's presumptuous for almost anyone to use his Bible. A bit audacious, like Napoleon crowning himself Emperor.

    MLK III, the Civil Rights Leander's son was not offended.

    Wattree criticized Cain and Thomas why do you think that he would be gleeful about either using King's Bible?

    Instead of criticizing Jay-Z for minuscule ownership in a basketball team, West would have been more on point attacking Jay-Z's misogynistic lyrics aimed at Black women.

    Jay-Z knows that he would e shut down if he continually objectified White women. Cornel West knows he would not be as welcome on college campuses if he went against the tide of Black on Black hatred manifested in Jay-Z's lyrics and blared on college campuses.

    West got his start talking about Black nihilism in "Race Matters" We now see our dear brother West as spreading this hopelessness by lashing out  at his Black critics. Everyone who is not in lockstep with Dr. West is a Black "sellout"? That is simply crap.







    Should Eric Holder use MLK's Bible? Should Oprah Winfrey? Beyoncé? Maxine Waters?  What are the values for this act?

    Yeah, I know these things are part show & pretentiousness, a bit of a political football and sign of inheritance, and I wasn't personally grousing - I just understand West's irritation.

    While I suppose it's nice MLK III approves of using the Bible, MLK's memory and legacy doesn't belong to his family any more than George Washington's belongs to some descendant I've never heard of.

    Re: Jay-Z, why don't you just let West comment on who he wants to comment on and you criticize who you want to criticize? I imagine he's criticized rap attitudes towards women at other times, but somehow I doubt he signed a clause to always make Ramrod happy and stay on message when rmrd says jump. I also didn't think his "criticism" was that harsh - he just said "tell us what you got". It's a problem to be candid about ownership?

    West is supposed to be taking truth to power. Al Sharpton addresses misogyny directly. Dorothy Height addressed misogyny directly. West is too scared to forcefully address misogynistic lyrics and lyrics of Black degradation.

    West just needs to admit that he is scared.West doesn't have to lease me, he just needs to speak truth to power. I don't have time now but I'll post a video of West's word salad on rap later this evening 

    He should then be speaking out on global warming, student loans, fracking, sudden infant death syndrome, The Big Bang Theory, the New York teacher's negotiations, Foxconn abuse of iPhone workers, rape gangs in India, saccharin-induced obesity, Pussy Riot, Israeli elections, Justin Bieber cheating on Selena Gomez and a host of other issues of our day.

    You're a tough boss-man.

    US Air Force co-opts MLK for ad purposes.

    Martin Luther King rolls in grave and throws up in mouth (a little).


    "The Department of Defense is a leader in equal opportunity for all patriots seeking to serve this great nation. . . The vigilant warriors in AFGSC understand they are all equal and unified in purpose to provide a safe, secure and effective deterrent force for the United States. . . .

    "Dr. King would be proud to see our Global Strike team - comprised of Airmen, civilians and contractors from every race, creed, background and religion - standing side-by-side ensuring the most powerful weapons in the US arsenal remain the credible bedrock of our national defense. . . Our team must overlook our differences to ensure perfection as we maintain and operate our weapon systems. . . Maintaining our commitment to our Global Strike team, our families and our nation is a fitting tribute to Dr. King as we celebrate his legacy."

       Obama has promised that there won't be cuts in the relief to the poor, and he spent his first term fighting to extend unemployment insurance. Considering the huge amounts he's spent, I doubt he can be called an apostle of austerity.

    A lot cheaper than a jobs program.

       Wasn't the stimulus package a jobs program?(it didn't work) Even if the Obamatron isn't doing as much as you like, it can't be said that he doesn't want to help the poor. He's fighting to preserve the programs that help the poor.

    Here from 2006 is some of the word salad of dear brother West. Everyone knows that political action is generally slow and influenced by money (corrupted). We still rely on our elected officials to perform their duty. West notes this common knowledge then goes into a jazz riff. People love hip-hop , jazz, etc., but ignore the plight of the poor the source of the music creation. We next hear that the school system is bad and ignored. Housing is bad and ignored. Child care is not available. Health care is poor.

    Next comes the word salad that appears an attempt to note that different people have different skills. West notes that people will sometimes disagree on how to attain a certain goal. He then makes the amazing statement that we should disagree respectfully. This respectful disagreement is a sign of “maturity”. Does West ever actually listen to his rambling word salad? Where is his demonstration of respect to others?

    West then asks how we make attention to the poor and job security. Seeing a Princeton colleague takes West on a flight of ideas to Mumia Abu-Jamal.  Next West notes the “scared” Black folks. 50-Cent, Tiger Woods and Kanye West are all scared. West proudly announces that he has no problem with scared Black people. Cornel proudly notes that he has helped these scared Black people along.

    This salad was presented at a forum on Hip-Hop in 2006. The rambling nature is typical of the word salad served up by Cornel West. Several problems are mentioned to demonstrate the seriousness of his words. Throw in some musical references. Note the greatness and courage of Cornel west. Point out all those flawed Black people. Rinse and repeat.

    At the end of the day you remain starved. You have learned nothing new. You get a list of things that are wrong. You will hear no solutions other then hold a conference like Tavis Smiley’s State of the Black Union to address the problem. You can reconvene for another conference in a year.

    At least when I listen to Rachel Maddow or Melissa Harris-Perry, I get exposed to issues not often addressed. I get exposed to data filled charts and references. Being the scholar that she is, Harris-Perry will refer to books detailing why a certain process has occurred or is a reasonable way to address a problem. I come away armed with information and ready to debunk some Conservative crap. With Cornel West, I regularly note that he said nothing that is not common knowledge.

    If Cornel believes that nihilism is the major problem in the Black community, he needs to reassess his act. If Cornel believes that we should interact with those with different viewpoints, he needs to reassess his interactions with Dyson, Harris-Perry and Sharpton.

    As Wattree has noted in the past, West dispenses intellectual rice cake

    I don't find it a word salad at all - 2006 talk seems fairly thought provoking & coherent. I just think you've decided you don't like him, so now you'll be critical to all things he says or does.

    What new fact(s) did you learn?

    What new do I learn anywhere? But I digress.

    Choose multiple paths - ballot box just 1 of many options. America high on black music, but paradoxically pushes down on the social system where that music is bubbling up from. Reminded me of the book about Harlem Renaissance - a greatly creative period, but built on poverty and daily tribulations of the average black Joe as the economics of the society were coming apart.

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