Brexit reaching some kinda breaking point


    historians have an instinct for those times of cumulative “ event acceleration” where matters sprint past the ability of politicians to contain their consequences - 1642, 1789-93; and, um 1914...Guess what...

    — Simon Schama (@simon_schama) March 21, 2019


    In the end, whatever happens next week ..Brexit can't win because the overwhelming majority of the young are against leaving and if forced to, without getting a vote, will make it their life mission to reverse it and will damn those who brought it about

    — Simon Schama (@simon_schama) March 21, 2019


    Mutable Joe has been especially loquacious this day, tweeting up a storm, two examples:

    A German TV reporter appears at @guardian for an interview. "You're doing a whole hour on Brexit crimes?" I say. No British broadcaster has done that. "In Germany, we think this is a v important topic. It affects the entire future of Europe. People really need to know the truth."

    — Carole Cadwalladr (@carolecadwalla) March 21, 2019

    Guardian front page, Friday 22 March 2019: May’s appeal falls flat as EU seizes control of Brexit date

    — The Guardian (@guardian) March 21, 2019

    It's not done - 2,280,000 and counting - expect 5 or 6 million by the march?

    (3 million by noon GMT)

    Exclusive: Theresa May told by chairman of 1922 committee that Tory MPs want her to quit over Brexit

    @ The Telegraph, 21 MARCH 2019 • 10:00PM

    Theresa May has been told by the most senior Tory backbencher that MPs want her to stand down because of her handling of Brexit, The Telegraph can reveal.

    Sir Graham Brady, the chairman of the 1922 committee of Tory MPs, visited the Prime Minister in Downing Street on Monday afternoon and made clear that a growing number of Tories believe she has to go.

    The visit by Sir Graham to Downing Street on Monday came after he was "bombarded with text messages" by colleagues and urged to confront the Prime Minister with demands that she should quit.

    Sir Graham imparted their calls in a "neutral" manner in his role as chairman of the 1922 committee during the meeting in Downing Street [.....]

    and earlier 21 MARCH 2019 • 3:23PM

    'Silent assassin' about to strike: Why Michael Gove is tipped to replace Theresa May

    He was famously banished to the backbenches and told to learn about loyalty by Theresa May, but now Michael Gove could prove to be the Prime Minister’s ‘silent assassin’, according to Tory sources.

    Following a stellar Commons speech in which he eviscerated Jeremy Corbyn, a different kind of momentum is gathering behind the Environment Secretary as a potential ‘unity’ candidate to succeed Theresa May [....]

    And about this coming weekend:

    From the beaches and the chalk cliffs of Dover:

    French Vessels Evacuate Thousands as EU and Brit citizens Flee England, with plans to flood the Chunnel, the sea is their last chance!

    Boris Johnson and Nigel Farange organize Hurricane Squadrons to prevent EU rules and such from wafting in by the winds:

    The Conservative Party Leaders spoke from their Villas, reportedly funded by Brexit supporting Aron Banks, who said "it's his money not the Russians".

    Farange and Johnson are supervising air patrols and 'hard' Brexit from this undisclosed villa reportedly on the Spanish coast.


    hah! Oh the humanity!!!

    Almost as good as your vision of Steve Bannon arising from a trench to throw a grenade with the pin in his mouth. Methinks you watched a ton of mid-century newsreels at one time or another...

    Here's Eric, deadly serious:

    But then I see that a few hours earlier, he participated in this thread conversation, where there's photo that might be of use to you in some future fantasy newsreel.

    from Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and shadow Culture Secretary:

    from March 9:

    Petition hits 4m.

    retweeted by one of the Brit art market journalists I follow; and it is the same name on the petition:

    Hi - am the person responsible for the Revoke Art 50 petition. Just needed to tell you that 1. am currently visiting Cyprus. and 2. last night I had three telepohoned death threats. (!) Who wants Brexit so much that they are prepared to kill for it?

    — margaret georgiadou (@madgie1941) March 23, 2019

    Holy smokes. This is the best aerial footage yet.

    — Mike Galsworthy (@mikegalsworthy) March 23, 2019

    lol at this reply 2 hrs. ago to what Corbyn tweeted while the march was going on:

    More Parliament-tainment planned for Weds:

    Joe says:

    Though I made light of it, this was another Schama-type history making moment:

    to the point where

    Three ministers quit to vote against Theresa May to let MPs take control of Brexit

    Business Minister Richard Harrington, Health Minister Steve Brine and Foreign Office Minister Alistair Burt left Theresa May's top team so they could vote against the Government

    By Natasha Clark @ The Sun, March 26 WITH VIDEO

    Get set for Brexit: Indicative Day – the one where the Grand Wizards turn on each other

    On Sunday it was all looking so good for the Brexit ultras. Then came Monday, and that parliamentary vote

    Op-ed/analysis by Marina Hyde @,  Tue 26 Mar 2019 17.33 EDT​

    two hours ago:

    Government rejects 'Revoke Article 50' petition saying it will not cancel Brexit

    — The Independent (@Independent) March 26, 2019

    #Brexit: Petition to revoke Article 50 to be debated next week

    — BBC News (UK) (@BBCNews) March 26, 2019


    Because we always livewith the results of votes made 3 years ago. I remember Churchill saying in1942, "we're going to stay the course we set out in 1939, Hitler or no Hitler - the people have spoken".

    People are signing the Revoke Article 50 petition this morning at a rapid pace. I've had the automated bot update (which doesn't interfere with the voting)  on screen for the last 15 minutes or so, it's been gaining at least 100 signatures a minute and is now at 5,835,007.

    Leaking toThe Independent with influence in mind, in hopes that there might be some "gone sane" minds reading it:

    EU would delay Brexit again to let UK hold a second referendum, 4 hrs. ago

    EU officials expect leaders to demand a justification from Theresa May for a long Article 50 extension

    [....] And senior Brussels officials familiar with leaders’ thinking say that barring a credible plan to get a majority for the withdrawal agreement, the UK would be given more time only if it was for another clear option such as a general election or a referendum.

    The EU has already warned that a further extension, which could run until at least the end of the year, would also require the UK to take part in European parliament elections scheduled for the end of May.

    As reported by The Independentthe prime minister is considering a general election as a way out of the Brexit chaos in Westminster [....]

    One senior EU official said there were “three possible justifications” for a long extension emerging in member states’ thinking following their summit last week.

    “One is if there is a general election. All of us speculate about what that changes, but we are a democracy and we respect democratic procedures so it would be,” the senior official said.

    “A second referendum: that does not seem very likely but it also a democratic process that we would like to respect.

    “And then the less defined one: if there is some sort of plan for a political process that can lead to, if not a political consensus, then at least a workable majority. That, and I should underline it, cannot involve any reopening of the withdrawal agreement.”

    The senior official stressed that no final decision had been taken and that it would ultimately be up to leaders in the room on 10 April – who last week tore up their original plan and wrote a new one at the last minute [....]

    The Economist says, and they would know:


    Anna Soubry of IndGroup (ot is it Change UK?) has been pretty effective on the podium and Twitter and People's March. But too small a group to be PM? Plus they seem to be divided even as group of 11 - 1 supporting European parliament elections as "proxy" for 2nd referendum - madness. 

    Labour thinks backing 2nd referendum will win election. Tho maybe people will be sick of them sitting on the fence still?


    Meanwhile, wondering if Vote Leave will get punished as finally accept they broke the law? (as 2 of their leaders' names are bandied about as possible new PM)


    The Indgroup/ChangeUK is interesting cuz the plan on going around UK and buold their platform on what people want - fancy that.

    The Commons today:
    - Richard Drax says he was wrong to back the PM's Brexit deal, calls on her to guarantee April 12 exit or quit No 10
    - Naked protesters in the public gallery
    -All four indicative votes options rejected
    - Nick Boles quits Tories
    It's only Monday.

    — David Hughes (@DavidHughesPA) April 1, 2019

    general election but none of these are allowed back

    — fella (@mutablejoe) April 1, 2019

    it's gone absolute Aussie Rules out there no one knows what's happening

    — fella (@mutablejoe) April 1, 2019

    Irony of Brexit is that the UK ever more resembles the politically unstable European countries it used to mock (Italy, Greece etc).

    — George Eaton (@georgeeaton) April 1, 2019


    Pro zombie:

    Theresa May, at the podium at Number 10, says she will seek a further extension of Article 50, which will end when a deal is approved in Parliament.

    — Ellen Barry (@EllenBarryNYT) April 2, 2019

    or perhaps:

    We are here. ==> To hell in a hand-basket.

    Barber is editor of the Financial Times:

    wait, whut? I quit paying attention for a little while and

     Labour MPs say they won't back a Brexit deal without a people’s vote

    Corbyn faces opposition from at least 60 MPs to a customs pact with May without a second vote

    By Rowena Mason @, May 5

    [....] More than 100 opposition MPs, including 66 from Labour, said at the weekend they would not tolerate a “Westminster stitch-up” on a Brexit deal without a second referendum.

    But a number of MPs close to the People’s Vote campaign believe there are actually more like 150 to 180 Labour MPs out of 229 who will refuse to back a deal struck with May unless there is a confirmatory vote.

    One shadow cabinet minister said: “Jeremy cannot be sure he has the numbers – even if he whipped it – so he cannot do a deal without a confirmatory vote.”

    Several MPs talked of more colleagues quitting the party, frontbench walkouts and a “catastrophic split” if the leadership were to pursue a policy of a deal without another referendum [....]

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