Chicago Cops Live Up to Their Reputation

    Bad enough that United decided to bump four seated passengers on a short hop for Chicago to Kentucky. Bad enough it was not for other passengers but for 4 United employees who United at the last minute wanted to get to Louisville fast. Even worse followed when only 3 passengers accepted offers to leave the flight.

    No, what was the worst thing about it was that a Chicago cop treated a 69 year old Asian American physician like.....well like Chicago cops treat people in Chicago every day. The Obama DOJ summed the Chicago Police Department business as usual in a report from Jan. 13, 2017:

    The Justice Department announced today that it has found reasonable cause to believe that the Chicago Police Department (CPD) engages in a pattern or practice of using force, including deadly force, in violation of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. 

    Chicago Aviation Security Officers come under the Chicago Police Department, organizational chart. In addition to this incident, the DOJ report covers numerous shootings by Chicago cops of unarmed persons, battery of suspects etc etc.

    The Chicago PD has put the Chicago Police Officer who dragged the bleeding 69 year old doctor across the armrests, and down the aircraft aisle on paid leave.

    That is all bad enough, yes. And this:

    The Trump administration has thrown all Obama DOJ Police investigations/agreements into doubt, as AG Sessions and Trump are concerned that requiring police to act professionally to protect citizen civil rights may create "morale" problems in the force.


    I will repeat that for Trump and Sessions, order is more important than  justice. If you do not comply, law enforcement is able to inflict physical pain. In Colorado a female is thrown to the ground. If you view the video, you wii see the great threat she posed.

    A school resource officer breaks up a fight by body slamming a 15-year old girl to the ground

    Law enforcement fears for their lives.Always.

    Welcome to the police state.

    We now begin to rationalize why beating the guy up simply because he paid for a plane ticket was OK. The character assassination begins

    Yes of course it was his fault, even though it was 15 years ago and even though he had his license restored.

    One naive commenter at WaPo said 'I would have just gotten my bags and left". Someone responded with cops like this they beat you for not moving fast enough, while making rude remarks. It's called a police state. Cops are public servants and must learn to deal with all kinds of people professionally.

    A teacher had to leave the plane with students because the students were getting frightened they might be assaulted next.

    A cop commented this was a civil/contract dispute and not a reason to lay hands on the man. He said he would have told the UA crew its your problem not ours.

    It turns out United was trying to make room for 4 United employees to get to Louisville. Their error in deploying their staff.

    UAL stock lost $600 million today after bottoming at off one billion. A jet taxi for that route is under $5k.

    The UAL CEO backed the action as following "procedures'. The sociopaths would rather beat people up than be decent, even if it costs millions. The same as too many police departments.


    on United Story, live news conference just popped up while I was @ WaPo's site:

    United passenger’s attorney: He suffered serious concussion, broken nose, loss of teeth

    I don't know how to link to it but it should show up soon in regular news...

    I'll give you the paper of record...

    The CEOs are sociopaths, as are a lot of cops. Sessions might back the cop cuz dragging the guy off improved cop morale.

    The 'great deals' United provides if you give up your seat are like "$400" the form of 8 $50 coupons.....not allowed to be used together,....for United flights only....and which expire in a year.


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