Is Chuck Grassley just McConnell's Glitch?

    While Senator Grassley appears to be the big dog on the front porch stiffing the President's pick for Supreme Court Justice, he may come out on the short end of the stick before this nomination runs its course. Blocking a moderate, well qualified nominee may turn out to be the wrong strategy in that when Republicans realize that Merrick Garland might be the best option compared to all the other scenarios, Grassley is going to look like a limp corn dog for his initial subservient blanket obstruction. He surrendered his authority without the remotest of factual arguments. Has he even tangentially referred to what might be the desires of the citizens of Iowa?

    And as far as Merrick Garland is concerned, even if it's an honor to be nominated, I'm not sure I would like to be wearing his coveralls right now. Word is just in that he's going to meet with Grassley. There is a saying, "Life's a bitch---then you meet Grassley".

    At this point even if the Republicans win the Senate, they will be looking at nominees from four potential sources. Trump, Cruz, Sanders or Clinton. Forget Trump-- no telling but it would be bad. Cruz, they hate already. Clinton would re-nominate Garland---they'd look like jerks, and if I were Sanders and won, I would push a left winger down their ever lovin' throats. When they eventually assess and switch to Garland, Grassley will look even more like a hack.  I mean, "Who expects a Grassley?"

    As far as Grassley's constituents are concerned, they are not universally obedient. One Iowa restaurant is now serving a DO YOUR JOB menu. Items include "Confirmation Coffee", "Garland Granola" and Justice Delayed Bowl---which is, steamed eggs, roasted peppers, Kalamata olives and feta cheese---and that one sounds a little dubious---reminds me of that quip, "first prize is a Justice Delayed Bowl, and second prize is two Bowls". If I had my way I'd force Grassley and the whole Republican Senate to succumb to my Iowa aunt's daily dinner of refried canned ham slices, buttermilk, and ambrosia salad. In fact, I'd force the progeny of Grassley's and McConnell's to eat the Iowa diet for the rest of their lives---or at least until Garland is confirmed. I hope they like sugar on their green bean salad.

    As far as McConnell's and Grassley's response to Merrick Garland is concerned, their entire knee jerk, partisan, ganging up on a well qualified nominee might be the biggest glitch of their pathetic grade-school-bully careers. They themselves might just be the victims of a sordid strategy---and it couldn't happen to a nicer couple. I'm reminded of the words of W. C. Fields, "Never give a sucker an even break."


    If Hillary wins, better not Garland but a 42-year old liberal. Garland was a compromise offer. If they ignored it, let them eat shit (tm). Elections have consequences. So does being dumb obstinate motherfuckers.

    I think you're right, HRC would go for someone more liberal than Garland.

    I actually think Dems are in a good spot here.

    Can you even imagine what a Trump or Cruz nominee would look like?

    Prediction: The Republicans confirm Garland during the lame duck session after Hillary wins in November. Yes, it makes them look like hypocrites, but that has never stopped them before.

    PS If Obama doesn't withdraw the nomination

    Obama has stated he will not withdraw the nomination. Confirming an older moderate rather than Hillary's likely nomination of a younger more liberal justice would be the wisest strategic move for the republicans.

    In the face of a Republican party which is fracturing even beyond the Tea Party insurgency, Garland may look like a refuge of normalcy.

    I would expect if on Nov 9 the nominee has not been approved, the new president elect might ask for the nomination to be withdrawn and the president might graciously oblige.

    Elections-have-consequences 101.

    Of course this would taint Obama in Republican eyes for his last months. ROFL.

    It would be a shock if they turned against Obama in the last few months of his Presidency.

    What's interesting about the election is that the Republican obstruction on Garland dovetails with a charge of "extremism" against both the Pres. and Senate Republican candidates. The obstruction hands Democrats a powerful argument which can be hammered repeatedly, an argument which could be used effectively even against Kasich or Ryan ( who will attempt to brand themselves as "moderate") should a brokered convention nominate one of them.  

    Michael, your initial prediction that Obama would nominate a "moderate" was certainly on target.  

    Someone brought up a glitch--- a Bush/Gore kind of impasse with the court unable to reach a majority decision. That would be a bitch.

    Thanks for remembering :)

    A Supreme Court deadlock is certainly possible in an election dispute, but I don't think it would lead to an impasse because a lower court would most likely have ruled first. For example, in Bush v Gore, SCOTUS overruled the Florida Supreme Court's recount decision. If the Supremes had deadlocked, Florida's ruling would have stood.

    It sometimes seems as if Republican behavior at the moment is like a large lab experiment---in this case testing theories about obstructionism. What's the tipping point? When you obstruct to the point of a non functioning state, what do you gain? They obstructed for 8 years and it slowed the recovery but the country is still viable and instead of crippling the system, they've crippled their own party. But they're still addicted to the obstruction behavior. Republicans make for very interesting lab rats.


    Have they crippled their own party? They've hashed up their presidential shot, most certainly, but unfortunately, GOP power has expanded in Congress and the states even as obstructionism increased.

    I fear that we're all the lab rats here.


    Only diplomatically, the nominee withdraws.

    I propose a new title for this piece:

    Is Chuck Grassley Just McConnell's Bitch?

    No Chuck is and always has been a bitch on his own. hahahahaha

    Really, what has this corn ball ever done except garner ethanol subsidies for Iowa farmers.

    Hey. Well, I was concerned about offending someone as civil as you but now I am freed up.

    Here are some other possibilities.

    Mcconnell's barrel fun.

    McConnell's twitter hitter.

    Mcconnell's closet twit

    Mcconnell's dump chump.

    Mcconnell's go to lackey.


    McConnell's cheapskate lame ass lower than a snakes belly Honkey MoFo GOP SCOTUS sweaty hands throw u in the gutter mealy mouthed lying Senate bouncer.

    Wow, had you channeling Azealia Banks for for a hot NY second.

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