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    CIA guy to Pashtuns: We're gonna make your daughters into whores; that's how we roll & that's how we're gonna win

    Ex CIA (Afghanistan Station) Henry Crumpton chatting with the dumbest man on TV (pace Aunt Sam…) unburdens himself thusly (from memory):

    “Besides the 20% “hard power” that we must bring to this war, 80% involves…empowering the people, giving them electricity so they can have internet, education, be brought into the world community.”

    In other words, as (Meat Loaf would have it), Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll. (He says ‘drums” but he means “drugs”…trust me.)

    Now, I am a firm believer in this program, and a beacon to those who would apply its precepts on an individual basis.

    And I think Crumpton is correct (albeit the “empower with electricity” is a bit unintentionally precious….)

    No doubt, though, he has heard, as have I, Pashtun men complain thusly of those who would educate their girls

    “You want to make whores out of our daughters”.

    Which is, of course, true, if by “whore” you mean a person who cannot be sold off in marriage to a stranger at the age of 10, who will not stay quiet when her sister is murdered because she was gang raped and the family honor demands it, blah blah blah, let alone a woman who demands the right to fall in love and fuck whom she chooses to fuck (and only whom she chooses).

    So list me amongst those who will enthusiastically encourage the Pashtun girls to become whores.

    I even think the Pashtun guys will come to like having sexually empowered women. (I do)

    That said, it’s gonna be, what’s the expression, “a long slog”,.”an uphill climb”? Maybe a long uphill slog. Really, really long…

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