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    I had this great Memorial Day Weekend.

    My son and I watched the Twins game; and we won!

    Somehow when your team comes from behind and wins and is Numero Uno in the standings.

    Well that is just nice.

    But a day later, Sean brings two of his pixies to my place.

    He limited my ability to provide treats but both girls exclaimed:

    Pop always gives us treats.

    And we watched cartoons in the community room.


    Daddy says: Noela is five.

    Noela smiles.

    Jolee says: I’m gonna be four. Ha!

    Daddy says: No, you are going to be three.

    Pop says: You know that you have to be three before you are four!

    Jolee says: I’m gonna be four. (as she demonstrates with her four fingers)

    Precious does not care.



    Denial is a function of the psyche.

    Otherwise none of us could survive.


    Jolee can count to 25 or thereabouts. Hahahahah

    She just figures that she should not be labeled more than one year less than her sister.

    I really do not know why but I cannot stop laughing at this intellectual construct.


    Politicians need denial as a function for their office.

    Otherwise they cannot survive.


    No I did not do that.

    No I never said that.

    No I never meant that.

    No that never happened.

    That is normal; sort of. Hahahahah

    Then when the press presses and demonstrates inconsistencies and replays old videos and audios and…



    So now we have The Trump.

    Trump cannot own up to anything.                                                                                           

    He cannot own up to anything he ever did.

    He cannot own up to anything he ever said.

    He will never own up to his sins or his misfires or his mistakes or his history.

    Trump is incapable of truth anyway.

    Truth about anything.


    Of all the buffoonery that took place in the ME or Europe this last week, one misstep really got to me.

    Here are all these great leaders Meeting in Sicily (an ancient and holy land and more recently Patton’s primary objective in ’43) and there are present certain rules.

    And all these leaders some together in one sacred place and proceed on foot to another sacred place a few blocks down a sacred road.

    All but our Buffoon.

    Our Leader decides to take a golf cart instead; down this sacred road.

    Here is where contradictions abound.

    First, our great Buffoon noted in his campaign that Hillary was severely ill and can never act as our POTUS and…..



    But our Great Buffoon is not able to walk two blocks with foreign leaders down a sacred path already established in a sacred land.

    Second, our Great Buffoon uses a golf cart.

    And how many times has this arsehole screamed that President Obama golfed whilst Rome burned?



    And how many times has our Great Buffoon left DC to golf in Florida?



    I could go on and on like Tomasky and underline the faux pas of this creature we elected into the White House like when Trump noted to the Israeli Leader that he had just arrived from the ME from Saudi Arabia….haahhaahah

    Or how this prick shuns NATO?

    And what about those consequences?

    But….it just gives me headaches. Hahahah


    JoLee will be 3 in September and then her contentions concerning reaching the age of four will be actualized.

    I mean that this little pixie will be three soon (sorta I mean in September).   

    Trump will never ever become a world leader.


    Trump's denials will never reach anything close to truths?

    Again, Jolee will find some truth in her assertions by September.

    Not so for our Great Buffoon.

    Trump will never find some truth in his assertions.



    Well life goes on.

    As long as the button for annihilation is not thumbed by an idiot?







    Congrats on your grandkids and family, sounds like a great time. Good post!

    Krugman on Trump and Colonel Ripper's precious bodily fluids, Trump's Energy:

    On the personal side, Trump reportedly disdains exercise of any kind except golf. He believes that raising a sweat depletes the finite reserves of precious bodily fluids, I mean energy, that a person is born with, and should therefore be avoided.

    Many years of acting on this belief may or may not explain the weird and embarrassing scene at the G-7 summit in Taormina, in which six of the advanced world’s leaders strolled together a few hundred yards through the historic city, but Trump followed behind, driven in an electric golf cart.

    Oh NCD, for heaven's sake, someone read me. hahahah

    I forgot about precious bodily fluids. hahahah

    And you know you are correct in assessing this idiot's ideas about energy and such.

    Great. You have me laughing in the mid morning.

    Thank you.

    Happy belated birthday. Joey finished middle school and will start high school in the fall. 

    I am going to be a great grandma in September. It is going to be a boy. 

    The kids are always fun when they are totts.  

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