Geezers rock!

    Despite some engaging guest performances including the much-reported reunions with former bandmates Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor, the core quartet didn't hit top speed until the show's second half. When they did, they were untouchable.

    -Paul Sexton @, November 26, 2012

    As Danny and The Juniors foretold in 1958:




    Haven't seen that Paint It Black vid before (also one of my favs.) The Brian Jones sitar shtick is a real hoot, looks high as a kite when he looks at the camera, head bouncing looks like it's almost gonna fall off.

    Under My Thumb, on teen teevee, 1965...

    Better yet, just 10 years after Danny and The Juniors made their mild threat, there was this most amazing threatening performance on the David Frost Show ... hope you guess my name:

    Gimme shelter  1969.  They look so young but I remember them looking older then.  Eyes are funny that way.

    Never were baby-faced like The Beatles, always with the testosterone undertones, craggy on purpose.

    I just watched this 1964 concert

    was interesting how towards the end Mick takes control of the screaming hordes of girls and manipulates them, I don't recall other groups at the time interacting like that, they kept their distance even if showing enjoyment. (Must say his skills didn't help much later in the decade at Altamont, though)

     Yeah, thought they'd be standing around more on early sets - didn't trecall Keef doing his Chuck Berry steps. Remember Jagger talking about a concert where the girls went mad, rushing the stage & rioting, and as the concert people were dropping the curtain to protect the band, but he & Brian stepped out in front of it, crowd tore up the stage. Oops, accidents happen....

    I never really understood the squeeing. Never. For anyone. 

    I did it once, got an offer from a friend to see the Monkees give a concert at the baseball stadium. My parents were severely over-protective, I still can't believe they let me go, I don't remember a chaperone but it must have been with an adult chaperone, or I can't imagine them agreeing. It's infectious, it's just that simple. You are with your grade-school peers and you see the guys you've all been talking at recess about "which is the cutest?" appear all of a sudden in real form and you just all start screaming. Very cathartic, too.

    I don't remember it as anything near as bad as the "riot" I saw a year or two later when I and a friend took our little brothers to a boys' movie theater matinee of some western movies. That was truly amazing, remains vivid in my brain to this day....

    You do realize the song's completely lip-synced, right?

    It was 1969.  Didn't you like the scarves though?

    Yep, pretty hip & trancy. Try this one to keep your buzz going.

    And if you like mascara....

    And here's Bobby Keys & Steve Cropper I think doing horns,  1971 - Sticky Fingers tour - but in the Marqee club, good 40 minute clip

    Bad boys to this day, looks like maybe this time they're razzing the younger generation, tho--

    the new Doom & Gloom video:

    just dance with me, baby

    Okay, I just gotta ask.  How do you know Danny and the Juniors?  They were late 50s.  I barely remember them and only because my then teenage aunt introduced me to Band Stand and the Stomp, Stroll and Bop.


    My beau when I was age 19-28 was 11 years older than me. He was an encyclopedic expert on the rock n' roll of his misspent youth, often a guest on the oldies hour at the local main alternative radio station. He was the sort that when they had an oldies contest of "name that band," he was not allowed to compete because he knew every single band of the 50's and all their tunes

    Prior to that, all I knew about was The Twist craze. I remember that distinctly, because when I slept over at my best friends house, we would ask her father to do The Twist because he chubby and it made us roll on the floor with laughter when he did it He loved to oblige in order to see two little girls cackling with glee. (We had not idea about Chubby Checker.)

    I was the oldest, and we didn't have any working radio and only a few old records and record  player, until I got a transistor for Christmas like at age 11/12,  so even what I got about the later "Beatles" invasion was mostly by TV and osmosis, not listening. As a pre-schooler, I remember my Mom would watch American Bandstand sometimes to see "what the kids are wearing," and I had no interest, it seemed boring.

    But my later beau taught me all I had missed.

    Gonna be down the block at the barclay (The Dialysis Tour).  I caught the steel wheelchairs tour at the garden and will scrape up my tiny dollars for this gig.

    I kinda more imagine you being part of the gig somehow wink

    Funny you should say that--I did usta manage the Fillmore Lights (ex. light show from SF) and we did early gigs at a southampton bowling alley that Ron Delsener had converted to Rock n Roll as his start in the concert business).  Jethro Tull, in particular, presented problems (like being 1-1/2 hours late).


    but with reference to the steel wheelchairs tour, I had a spot at the front of one of the Madison Sq. Garden mezannines, and when the mushrooms kicked in, naturally I was on my feet through the concert.  Guy behind had the bad taste to suggest I sit down. "Why don't you get up and dance" was my suggestion.  So I guess, for him, I was part of the gig...

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