Get ready for President Pence

    Well I 'll start it.

    5 30 pm today was the start of Trump´s ceasing to be President.

    Theoretically if a powerful enough group of Republican Grandees got to him this could still be cut  off at the pass.

    But that would have had to happen before 5 30 and it didn´t. No rational politician /human being would have issued this afternoon´s statement that the head of the FBI had to be fired because his handling of the Hillary email matter was unfair to her. That had to have been Trump´s own invention. 

    And there 'll be more because apart from Ivanka  no one will stop him because none of the very few grandees with the ability to do that have decided to take on that task.

    And Sessions who could , won´t, since each such act of Trump foolishness brings him/us closer to the day when it will be"Ḧail to the Chief-Pence.¨

    It ´s going to be bloody but it' s going to happen.


    Ouch I forgot Sessions is only Atty General. Yet. 

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