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    Harry Edwards: Who Here at Dag Could Shoulder This Man's Lifelong Load?

    Who? Harry Edwards . . . A Man of Conviction.

    Born: November 22, 1942 in East St. Louis, Illinois
    I met Harry Edwards during the following period of time. Here's the background on his involvement.
    Read on to find out how Harry further figures into all this.


    Harry Edwards Over the Years

    May 28, 2016 - Harry Edwards - SJSU Celebrates 2016 Commencement

    Now lets all take a trip back in the wayback machine.
    When Harry Was "An Angry Man" in 1968
    The Author - Donald Lee Cox

    The Early Story...




    Pretty good price on tires then ... Eh?
    Now I'm sure you readers wonder what the hell is this all about.
    Well ... That was four decades ago... But what about now?
    It appears that Harry Edwards is continuing to mentor to this very day.

    October 29, 2016 - 49er Training Facility
    InstaGram Photo by: Matt Maiocco
    * * * *
    I know Harry Edwards and he was--and still is--A Man of Conviction.
    Our struggle of "We The People" continues... FOREVER.


    Thanks for adding some historical content and perspective to an ongoing conversation. This is a touchy issue, but that shouldn't stop us from engaging it. 

    I second that.


    Thanks. Now that Harry has taking Colin under his wing he has undoubtedly assisted this young man to see a much larger picture of where he fits into our society. One thing Harry's most likely impressed upon Colin by now is the importance of voting.

    As Harry expressed to the graduates in the Commencement Address in May of 2016...

    "And, finally, Continue The Struggle. Ultimately, change is most legitimately and expeditiously achieved in a representative democracy  when political leadership is pushed  through exercise of participatory citizenship by an informed and mobilized electorate. Aside from your work, your job, find at least one thing that you truly believe in as a change goal, commit yourself to activism in support of that goal, and
    follow up by voting."

    "Activist struggle and representative electorial politics are NOT mutually exclusive – in fact, the difference between a MOB and a MOVEMENT  in a representative democracy is that a movement not only organizes and mobilizes around an issue --- it gets people out to vote !"

    And lo-and-behold...

    December 16, 2016 | Sports Illustrated

    Harry Edwards believes Colin Kaepernick should have voted

    After the election, Kaepernick said he didn't vote because he didn't think either candidate would have helped the cause he was fighting for. The quarterback criticized both presidential candidates during the campaign. Edwards believes Kaepernick should have voted anyway, particularly because the presidency was just one component of the ballot. "[Edwards] speaks several times a week with Kaepernick. The next time they talk he plans to explain why Kaepernick should have voted (he didn’t); that even if he didn’t care for Trump or Hillary Clinton, there were “critically important” issues—the death penalty, legalized marijuana—on California’s ballot." 



    OGD, Thanks for posting and directing me to the post. Hopefully, Harry can educate Colin.

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