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    How Trump Addresses Economic Inequality

    How does Donald Trump, who has sold himself as a 'populist', plan to deal with the economic disparity in the country? The same way he seems to do most things; he doubles down on inequality.

    A partial list of Trump's cabinet picks has a net worth of $17 billion (including Trump). That is as much wealth as the bottom 43 million households (43,000,000). I know how hard it can be to grasp such vast numbers so hopefully the graphic below will help. The seven people displayed have wealth equal to all of the households on the Eastern seaboard plus West Virginia and Ohio. Household data was from the Census Bureau. The wealth stats are from The Guardian.



    It's easy to see who's gonna be getting the coffee when the cabinet meets--I don't know how Mnuchin will hold his head up! (Price and Sessions get a pass 'cause they had to do their stealing in public, and that creates speed bumps, as it were--Mnuchin has no excuse for failing the "ten figures" threshold)

    Agreed, given his pedigree. You almost have to think that he is burying tin can in the back of the estate.

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