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    Hunter Biden: "Now, as to schtuping my dead brother's widow..."


    This is a pretty hip room, politically, so everyone remembers ( all the way back to 2016)  how the visible anguish over "should I run or  should I not" exhibited by Joe Biden included a large, if vague, "evaluating it's impact on my family yadaya."


    Today, we may translate at least a part of those concerns as touching upon the obvious  corrupt cloud enveloping Hunter's Board of Directors seat with Burisma.


    Not show jobs for the kids or spouse, underwritten by padding a public or private invoice, is a common part of every small time garbage collection waste management mob bustout.

    A common  vector for corrupt gain as access to highly placed politicians is bought and sold: The ruling class version of the no show job, the seat on the Board of Directors of some puppet entity, generating  (notoriously--have you ever scoped thos Board of Directors Stipends!) high five figures each month


    Joe could not have failed to see all this coming.


    Also, the widow-schtupping thing.


    Which is to say that Hunter's exposition, comint tomorrow, was certain to be coming, therefor had better be good.



    Whoa, dude - since when did you get so conservative & moralistic?

    In some cultures it's *required* that the brother marry the widow.

    "Sometimes a Great Notion" was *built* around schtuping his brother's unhappy wife after his brother schtuped is father's wife.

    As for the rest,

    And of course the Joe we know:

    "Beau was losing his nouns and the right side of his face was partially paralysed," [Maureen Dowd writes]. "But he had a mission: He tried to make his father promise to run, arguing that the White House should not revert to the Clintons and that the country would be better off with Biden values."

    That little revelation was leaked to MoDo by Joe himself, "Mr. Values", "Middle Class Joe", "Joe Six Pack" (oh wait, that's not him...). Always have been a bit hesitant about people who tell you how wonderful they are. Then again, there was Obama....


    The widow marrying thing had to end. Depending on the wife it could encourage fratricide.

    Especially pre-emptive schtuping, as has occasionally been known to happen.


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