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    I gotta bad feeling about this...


    Hillary Clinton is snakebit.


    Just when the Dem convention was starting to cast serious shade on Donald Trump's cred as an impressario, and just when the DNC hack story was taking the right spin for us, just now, when Sarah Silverman (Precious Blood of the Sweet Baby Jesus I could fu...umm, never mind) had put us in our place

    (Hal, I'm talkin' to you...), just now when things are looking good...



    Here comes Terry McCauliffe.


    Thanks for nothing, you dumb cracker.


    She needs to formally drop him as surrogate.  Maybe he could publicly confess to taking money from Trump...

    Talk about picking THE MOST DAMAGING trope you could find about Hillary!

    Yeah and I was praising the guy. It probably seemed like a good idea at the time to say she really take the deal. I'm sure PP was relieved.

    Likes the deal I meant.

    Someday I will flesh out my scheme whereby the left (using the awesome power of social media combined with virtual reality) seizes control of the transnational para judicial structure of these trade orgs, but pending that they are no more than extortion/protection rackets for corporations looking for a few extra years of impunity from the righteous rage of the people.

    Huh?  I have read this 4 times and even tried (not for long) to diagram this beast of a sentence,  Can you dumb it down for me?  

    Never mind, I just put a "." after "orgs," ditched "but," and capitalized "pending."  I think I get it after all.

    Whenever a Clinton surrogate says something dumb, Hillary waits for a trump to save the day.

    Today Trump, the man who will be receiving intelligence reports, encourage Russia to hack Hillary.

    Marco Rubio says Trump will learn on the job and realize that you can't rely on blogs to form policy

    And we have the sight of Trump telling a female reporter questioning the wisdom of asking a foreign government to hack a US politician to "shut up"

    Trump is scaring a lot of voters. He is handing the electoral college to Hillary.


    The man is a saint, a SAINT I say...

    Either Hillary is going to be President or Trump will be President. Hillary is competent. Trump is incompetent. Trump is a bigot and a racist. Trump admires Putin and asked Putin to hack Hillary and the State Department. Trump will be receiving intelligence information because their are enough idiots and bigots in the US to make him a Presidential candidate. I fear for my country.

    White Supremacists flock to Trump. David Duke was inspired to run for Congress because of Trump's success and Trump's outreach to racists. The audience at the RNC cheered the fact the agents of the government (members of the Baltimore Police Department) severed a man's spine and will not face any criminal penalties. The Speaker of the House admits that Trump is a racist, but supports Trump for President. Rep. Steve King of Iowa believes that whites are the only group that has contributed to society. The bulk of the GOP is Ok with Trump, Ryan, and King. I fear for my life.

    Hillary had 911 survivors and the mothers of children cut down by police on stage. I think she has a clue about some of the things going on. Given the blatant racism coming from the GOP and the fact that I am not impressed by Jill Stein, forgive my lack of empathy for arguments that Hillary is the great evil. I can survive Hillary. I my have to arm myself if Trump is President.

    The big whooshing sound of jobs being swept away is created by robotics. Robotics is the danger workers face.

    rmrd0000 ...

    Oh I generally agree. Although that "whooshing sound" may be your toilet running...

    Can a robot do this?



    Back from Thailand, where I think I read there are 4000 robots total, with estimate to double it in about 4 years. Not the overwhelming adoption people might think of.

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