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    Ike ended up a procurement officer.

    Sure, Ike was a soldier in the beginning of his career.

    But someone said that an army travels on its stomach!

    You know, this guy ended up winning the ETO.

    And then he took over the entire US attack on the AXIS powers.

    Did Ike win WWII....well not without the help of millions of vets.

    Of course.

    Did Ike ever claim to win WWII?


    But think about it.

    Did Ike ever demand some show of arms on the streets of DC?




    So Ike set a precedent of sorts.

    No president since Ike sought some silly parade of armaments.

    Was Ike perfect.


    I recall hitchhiking to the U of M in the olden days and I was picked up by a 

    limousine attached to Malcom Moos.

    Malcom was the President of the University of Minnesota in those days.

    Malcom wrote that speech.

    And now we have this fascistic prick who wishes to ape the conduct of the USSR, and North Korea and....


    Trump would make us small.

    Trump would have us seek a perspective that would embarrass Ike.




    If Ike thought it wrong....if all subsequent presidents thought it wrong...

    We now have an ape in charge of our propaganda.

    This makes me sick.

    No kidding.

    This assault on everything I hold sacred makes me sick.




    We are a country of extreme sinful conduct.

    We have overseen many obliterations of governmental heads.

    We as a nation, have broken many international rules of .....

    But damn, we never sank to the levels of propaganda as the commies have, as the totalitarians have....

    God I hate this rotten bastard who speaks for our nation.

    the end



    I guess he wants his personal carnival to be bigger than the other guy's. That's all I got. I am absolutely beyond speechless at this point about the need he has to be adored. That's all I got, Mr. Day. 

    But, I already said that.


    Flower, once there were heroes.

    Real heroes.

    And now we have a zero!

    Found this (am I channeling ArtApp?)

    Retired Major General Takes down Trump Parade'

    Now, that fella wouldn't ask for a parade even if he won all the Star Wars and he thinks trump has brass ones asking for one. If trump was a decent man, he'd funnel his undeserved parade money into improving veteran services.

    You know, Mr. Day, in my teeny tiny little township every so many years on the ballot is a box to check if we want to give a teeny tiny percentage of our tax dollars towards helping the local veterans.  It always passes.

    Now, if the numerous poors living in the area can manage to give a little to the vets, why can't that asshole -and you know to whom I refer - forgo his hero worship of himself for five goddam minutes and come up with a big deal to help the vets?



    I hope my teeth are showing.

    Been joking about the whole situation but I would like to say more seriously that I've been pleasantly surprised by seeing many military guys who have objected, and the sophistication of many objections I've seen. And your link is a good example. Things sure have changed a lot since my youth when there seemed to be many more "love it or leave it" types in the military, active and retired, not so different from Trump in many ways. I can honestly say I'm proud that Maj. Gen. Eaton is one of my country's vets.

    Same for some GOP Congresspersons! I am amazed by the comments I posted, I would have never imagined they would bother to object.

    Trump won more than than wars. Trump could have conquered Europe in 3 months AND made the Germans pay for it..!! Plus he has better hair and a snazzier uniform than 'Old Baldy'.

    okedoke I see now he went for the white (thinking of El Grande Mar a Lago Presidio?) with the triple extra helping of fruit salad; sure took a long time.

    By Rex W. Tillerson for Vanity Fair, Dec. 7, 2016:


    If I wanted them picked up I wouldn't throw them there..!!


    NCD this is the BEST PIC, damn!

    There was a military parade in DC after Operation Desert Storm.  It wasn’t huge, but it was the first US military parade I ever saw.

    Trump would not have been satisfied with it. Compared to Bastille Day parades, it was downright paltry. 

    Cville I was thinking about this this morning.

    Here is Bill Maher.

    He notes Ike in his monologue:



    Bill notes how Ike refused to respond to the commies and the tyrants with missiles and

    high stepping and tanks.

    Oh it is at about 6:20 in the monologue.

    Pence said the recent military parade in North Korea was a provocation, but Trump’s planned military parade is a good thing

    the way he worded his statement here

    "I think any opportunity we have to celebrate the men and women of the armed forces of the United States is a great day," Pence said, supporting Trump's request to plan a military parade. "I heartily support the president's call to celebrate our military."

    especially using the word "heartily" makes me think this is not just toadying to the boss' interests but the he would genuinely be like this, too, if he were president. Despite the changing attitudes about this type of thing in our military. More and more I think if Trump leaves and Pence gets installed, it would be like having Pat Robertson as president, just another kind of wack.

    Just ran across this Pence-related question:

    Keeping our distance.

    I just would add that I do not wish to see Pence ascend to POTUS.

    Is it better to have an evangelical prick as opposed to a psychopath?

    Only time will tell.

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