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    Joe Barton: Recipients of Meals on Wheels Should be Looking for Work!

    Joe Barton, he sticks to Republican talking points even when it doesn't make sense!  Today in daily Republican speak Joe Barton insists that people who benefit from Food Stamps and Meals on Wheels should go to work, (scroll up to the 5:20 point)  that is the goal of Republicans to put everyone to work. Bashir reminds Barton who are the recipients of Meals on Wheels,  Joe Barton looks like a complete ass.

    Does Joe Barton realize he didn't make any sense, that his talking points didn't really work for what he was discussing with Bashir? Dumb and craven, the traits marking almost every TRepublican Congressmen. Because in the end, there is no overriding policy in the Republican party any longer, the only issue is cutting taxes any and all funds that directly benefit citizens, including the infirm, and make sure that oil companies and giant financial institutions will reap benefits with substantial subsidies on top of more and more tax cuts!

    Guess what, I predict Joe Barton will be reelected!



    Okay, Tmac... Richard Simmons had Deal a Meal and he has a job.  So, you know... point made!

    Fucking Richard Simmons! Go to work and eat right! And dance baby dance!

    Yeah I saw it.

    I dunno anymore.

    I suppose Texans will give the bastard a promotion for chrissakes!

    Maybe the State House or the Senate!

    But there is logic here.

    I mean:

    I loves the children and I loves the children so very very much that I would outlaw abortion and stop funding for condoms.

    Of course, once them children is born don't go knockin at my door for help in food, housing or medical funds!

    That might sell good in Texas but he needs to realize GOP has to win Florida. Many Seniors and their families depend on these programs to help care for the elderly in Florida. As long as they keep talking like that, Obama will carry Florida.

    Got steamin probs tonite.

    Just wanted to know:

    When exactly did you wed James Edward Olmos!


    Admiral Adama and I were wed at Comicon during photo time! He was awesome and so much fun, we had a blast talking to each other for 5 minutes! He is an incredible liberal, and so fun, we took the best picture of the entire convention!!!!!!!

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