Joe is branding up: got it together; snappy

    and neither crochety nor foggy


    It's funny, but is "visiting Dad in the nursing home" really the right brand?

    I don't have much interest in judging, I just like to note. But now that you bring up, it reminds me of similar "just a regular guy" things that Obama and Bill Clinton both did from time to time, altered for this particular situation of quarantine. I didn't see "nursing home" meme at all. It's "have a beer with the guy?" and he plays the non threatening, non bullying dad or alpha.

    Alright, just brought back memories.

    That was good.
    Is this the beginning of a Team of Rivals?

    would be nice, would be so nice! He's a creative--ideas for solutions--just that simple

    As a worker in a hands-on industry that requires a brain, I am heartened to see Biden move toward a policy that puts that plank on the party. It is a chance to approach the matter without consigning it to a trade deal that is made or not.

    Germany teaches trades to young people. We teach them how to make a sandwich.

    This is better than I would expect, though I always thought he was a near perfect candidate as far as being able to win quirky Wisconsin:

    That is a smart move. It is good for developing the platform to horse trade within the party before the election.

     Added benefit: Triggering the Mitch Coven to encourage people to check it out.

    WTF is the Trump campaign thinking here? Even if they have the Cambridge Analytics type software to micro-target to youth, I can't see young voters thinking Trump's age is that much different from Biden's! (FWIW, I ran across this because Maggie Haberman retweeted it)

    Just ran across, interesting, from nearly a year ago:


    By artappraiser on Tue, 06/18/2019 - 1:05am |

    By Eric Bradner & Dan Merica @, June 17

    Like with the primaries in February, Joe wins be everyone realizing he's good enough and backing off & backing him in case something much much worse and riskier could take place.
    As long as he doesn't shoot *too many* people on Main St./5th Ave & stays off the hydroxychloroquine, he's good.
    Except for the Russian hackers & US voting machine companies - and that has nothing to do with him.

    certainly sounds like they are not going to just hedge their bets on winning swings...

    Some folks just can't let go of that Bernie Bro thang, cause it's not about Bernie, who has already instructed them several times to cut it out, it's about their egos about how good they think they are at the political fight game:

    We're in the middle of a pandemic and 100,000 people just died

    — Mangy Jay (@magi_jay) May 23, 2020

    It's amazing to me how some can think they can "win" something, anything, by alienating people right and left that might agree with them on many things. They think a lot like Trump and fans. People are tired of allegorical gladiator fights and kabuki, they're getting sick and dying or know people that are. Life is not a video game.

    Interesting, two centrist type folks coming from different directions but with lots of knowledge about how national elections are won, totally agree on this:

    Jonathan Capehart took it as a joke*ufr79a*_ga*OTlWUGt3RlpINVRfZllhamVuTjNxckhvZkVodFdIS0tfblEzd3d2aWMxU25SLTlsTWx2VUxQc043ZVd3YjB2dA..

    Probably increased the chances of a black female VP candidate

    Edit to add:

    Michelle Norris took the comment more seriously

    Joy Reid like a tweet from  a professor who noted most of Biden's inner circle is white. We will see if she addresses the issue on her show tomorrow.

    Biden will likely go back on Charlemagne's show before election time.

    You think Kristol is a centrist type who has lots of knowledge about how elections are won? Being a never trumper doesn't make you a centrist. And as for his knowledge about elections he was the major backer of Palin and talked McCain into making her his vp

    Strikes me as a fabulous choice of topic, there's no down side to this--helping small business extinction and making those in need not feel like they are "going on the dole" but helping in a national effort to get everybody back on their feet:


    What ever happens will be as progressive as the senate and house make it. Biden will fight it all the way. He'll support the conservatives to get the least progressive compromise possible.

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