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    Mau-Maus confiscate US Bill of Rights! Jomo Kenyatta to Prez:"You weren't using it anyway, cuz"

    It comes to this.

    The very new democracy of Kenya, born in blood, gives lessons to the supercilious heirs of the original anti-colonial revolution.,

    A junior member of the Commonwealth is called on to vindicate Magna Carta, abused for so long by we who trumpet our “exceptional” love of liberty. The *hearing on January 10 should keep Eric Holder up nights worrying.

    No one can be held without charges, trial and verdict. Whatever the crime, whatever the innuendo, whatever the evidence—you gotta’ go to court.

    How fucking complicated is that, Prez? I hope they melt your **statue down into Statue of Liberty miniatures ‘cause we have forgotton what she means and we need help from any quarter, however unlikely

    Anglo Saxon common law still prevails on the earth….just not in the United States of America.

    Are we ashamed yet? Kenya, for Christ’s sake, Bastion of Liberty.


    • A bare hearing is already more justice than this poor bastard has gotten from us.

    **some lion! How about a jackal instead?

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