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    Mayor Pete--Intellectual heir of Gramsci...da fuque??

    Well, here is some good news!


    Turns out that Pete Buttigieg's late father Joseph (d. January, 2019) was a serious scholar whose areas of interest included James Joyce, and (wait for it....) Franz Fanon and Antonio Gramsci.



    Gramsci is the intellectual fount of Occupy Wall Street!


    Franz Fanon (The Wretched of the Earth)_could be called the inspiration for Decolonize this Place, most recently seen in pitched battles with NYPD storm troopers at Grand Central..


    How did this escape my attention??


    He might be the sleeper Trotskyite that I  only pretend to be.


    I wonder if Pete ever met Subcomandante Galeano (ex Marcos...)  How cool would that be?




    How come it is easy to find your infatuation with leftie heeroes charming and amusing, while when most others do similar, they are strident, shrill, irritating and even maddening? You have great talent at this, do ya know that? You missed your calling as a p.r. agent for some major revolutionary. You know not just how to get along, but also, like with music, how to soothe the savage breast....

    There's just somethin' about a man on a horse....


    Edit to add: For added poignancy (and sheer hysterical amusement...) could you picture that fat orange blob currently desecrating the White House on horseback?  (The poor creature would reach around and bite him--horses know....)

    See you really do have a talent for P.R., you could even do it for like Never Trumpers, as this is an excellent image to contrast with Saint Ronnie!

    Horses got some chompers for sure...Anyone who has fed a  horse both a carrot and an apple has reflected on this, (whether or not consciously...)

     a p.r. agent


    Just as long as I don't end up with an icepick in the  back of my headl like Lev Davidovitch (of blessed memory...)


    If you want a REAL master of agitprop, check out David Lean...


    Strenlnikov's Trotsky's train


    Interesting how there is always speculation about intellectual types, it's like they are a mystery or something, hiding loyalties, hiding stuff in general:

    The centrist candidate’s success isn’t thanks to Langley, whatever conspiracy theorists claim, @Justin_Ling writes.

    — Foreign Policy (@ForeignPolicy) February 13, 2020

    Of course there are real examples of intellectuals that were actual double agents, like the Cambridge Five. So suspicions like this are not totally off the wall...

     Convinced that ...Marxism–Leninism of Soviet Communism was the best available political system, and especially the best defence against the rise of fascism


    Gee, what could have given them THAT idea...


    It looks like I'm the only Trotskyite who hadn't heard of Joseph Buttigieg.


    Cornel West, evidently, knew him intimately and knew Pete from babyhood!


    Listen here (the opening of the show) for Cornel in person!


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