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    I had the opportunity to see my son three times in 15 days time?   The first visit had to be at the end of June

    On the second meeting, on July 2nd? he produced his pixies and we all went to the park.

    Do you realize that a five year old and a two year old can feel sorry for you?

    We had a great time.

    Anyway, I called my son a few days ago to discuss nonsense.

    He put me off; he said he would call me back in an hour.

    He is working at home on his pc for an advanced degree.

    So I go to Dagblog because I am bored and discover that I have 25,000 hits on some blog I did July 2nd ?

    (I recalled at the time that we had 'hackers?' at TPM years ago and this might be a joke?)

    But there appeared to be no subterfuge involved in this anomaly?

    Sean called me back.

    We discussed the subject concerning my first call.


    When we were together at the park, his wife showed up as promised with the pixies.

    When the van arrived, the kids went nuts.


    The pixies had not seen Daddy for five days.

    Mommy had remained up in the great white north the week before whilst Seany had to go home for work.

    Anyway my son shows up at my apartment the day before and as always, we go to the store and get groceries and then we pick up a couple of six packs.

    It just got to me that the five year old and the (soon to be) three year old felt sorry for me later on.

    Anyway, Precious makes me play with her. hahhahah

    I have experienced worst tortures.

    I had a great time.

    Jolee still is not that sure of me. hahahahah

    And Willow....well the one year old is beginning to understand who she is. But Willow aint to sure about where she is at any given time.


    None of this is relevant really.

    And yet it is all relevant to me. hahhahhahaah

    So on the eighth  of July, after this is all over, I call my son to discuss many things.

    Mainly, I am impressed by the pixies reaction to seeing their father following a four day absence.

    Like I said, they went nuts!


    I just wished to inform him, that from my point of view, this reaction from his children was spontaneous.

    These kids were not pretending.

    These kids were not directed.

    These kids were genuine.

    At a time when nothing seems genuine; this was a big deal to me.



    When I called my son days on the Eighth, he had to put me off, because he was alone in the Cities, finishing his PC studies.

    So I became bored and checked into Dagblog, to see what was going on.

    He called me back and we discussed my amazement at how the pixies adored him and I mentioned that out of nowhere there were tens of thousands reactions to a recent blog I wrote.


    So, a couple days later Sean calls me.

    We both love the Twins (MLB) and he tells me:

    Pop, it just got to me that the Twins had 23,000 seats filled at the stadium when you called me.

    And yet, you had more folks clicking your blog.



    There were some hackers in the old days at TPM who did stuff with 'the numbers'.

    But damn, not even Columbus in 2014 got me to this number.

    Maybe it was a joke?

    But my son liked this event.

    I get so damned depressed sometimes?

    All I could think of was:


    Sometimes, in the summer anyway, 







    Twins Rod Carew meanders home against the White Sox, tying at 7 the MLB record for home steals,  in 1969.

    Hi NCD!

    The Twins used to be the farm team for the New York Yankees. hahahah

    Rod Carew was one of my heroes. hahaha

    But actually I loved Oliva more. Oliva was screwed, but that was another story. hahahah

    Thank you for showing up, as always.

    I love NCD! ha

    I become so disillusioned. at times. hahahah

    I miss George.

    One of my favorite songs from him is Any Road which might fit in with your meanderings, Mr. Day. After all, if you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.



    Hi Q!

    He went on to this other quest following the Beatles.

    Only the good die young.

    (Which is why I still live, I suppose. hahahahah)

    Awww, 'tis not Q, but 'tis I, flowerchild using her new handle "wabby" which may have confused you. I made the switch several months back with the help of Mike W.

    I listen all the time to The Traveling Wilburys. Dirty World is my fav. yes

    Hi Flower.

    I figured this out about ten minutes ago. hahahhaha

    I had no idea how to fix it. hahahahah

    And I love Dirty world. 

    Allrighty then


    Oh I wish to add this. Some folks went back to 2009 and found some relic I cannot even believe is mine.


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