The Melania Trump in hiding mystery solved?

    I am watching her speak Live on CNN right now, on a serious topic. As it says at the bottom of the screen "Melania Trump Makes Rare Appearance at State Dept./First lady presenting International Women of Courage Awards".

    Though she is clearly using a prepared script, she is stumbling on some words and her accent has never sounded so heavy. Yet there is a sincerity to her delivery that it comes across that this is one issue she cares about.

    The problem really just hit me: English is still her second language, she really has to practice a speech intensely to even do one. That it may be a major deal for her to speak in public at all, that while she can get by easily in friendly social settings, talking on serious topics is a whole 'nother thing and she risks ridicule every time she does.


    She lived far inland, a ways from the capital, grew up when Yugoslavia isolated. Likely her Italian wasnt that good and French near non-existent, with little exposure to English until arriving in New York at 26. Much of her background is exaggerated. She picked up what one will on the modeling circuit, but it was much less Anglo-centric/international when she modeled. And I doubt if her skill improved much as Mrs. Trump. But she strikes me as more a shyish homebody anyway, despite the catwalk years, and I doubt if Donald inproved her self-confidence either, fights or no fights. But as First Lady, she could do some intensive English, no? While Barron's at school?

    We have a need to find redeeming qualities in the deplorables.Melania has not been attacked. It is best that she maintain a low profile otherwise she will be open to public scrutiny. Mafia wives knew that their husbands were deplorable but they enjoyed the spoils of their husband's endeavors.

    Ivanka was put forth as an innocent, but she now sits comfortably in the White House. Mike Pence was said to be unaware of Flynn's misdeeds. That appears to be a lie. There are no pure souls associated with Trump.

    I think there could easily be a much more disagreeable first lady:

    Republicans don't trust even themselves because they're all skanks at heart waiting for a chance to sin. Thanks, Mike - #BreakingSad

    The speech was dumb - word salad, nothing to grab hold of. Lots of big words that led nowhere, no anecdotes - it could have been a speech about female CEOs, work-at-home moms, women in war zones - who knows. It must be put together by the same guy who makes Trump sound like such a klutz mentioning Frederick Douglass or the Holocaust or simply anything. And there's no Melania there - nothing about what she's seen in life, nothing about Yugoslavia or communism, nothing about oppression of women in modeling. She's just a cut-out at the lectern, the cat-talk rather than the cat-walk. No wonder she didn't have any enthusiasm, though frankly she just doesn't come across as an enthusiastic person - more like someone who waits to be told what to do, and if not, happy to sit drinking coffee until needed.

    Interesting theory based on going over photos tweeted by her between 2012 and 2015: A Fairytale Prisoner by Choice.

    What I really like about this link, though, is the re-bloggers statement that She wants to battle cyberbullies, but she’s married to one. Spot on!

    yes, well, Rogue Melania, keep up the good work, you should never forget what's really important, as husbands come and go:



    There's this:


    @ the meeting with the Pope:


    Ofjared, Ofdonald

    — marisa kabas (@MarisaKabas) May 24, 2017



    Trump to Pope: Make Me a Channel of Your Memes @ New York Magazine


     One of these things is not like the other. Photo: Evan Vucci/AFP/Getty Images

    One of these things is not like the other. Photo: Evan Vucci/AFP/Getty Images

     ....while we can’t be certain the photographer wasn’t standing behind the camera saying “everyone whose last name is Trump, please smile …. everybody else look miserable as heck,” that’s exactly the result. Which means, naturally, it’s time for some memes....


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