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    I just viewed the most embarrassing Presidential speech of my life today.

    I have pc probs again, so bear with me.



    I was thinking of Nixon.

    Nixon hated the media.

    Nixon had an enemies' list.

    Nixon  hated democrats.

    Nixon broke the law when ever he could.

    Nixon kept us in a war that would never end; and Nixon certainly communicated with the enemy in the Vietnam War and he certainly approached the North Vietnam whores during his campaign. But before he won the election he would SCREAM:


    Anything to take on Humphrey in 1968.

    and yet more American soldiers (read slaves per the draft)  died under his tenure than under LBJ'S.

    But Nixon had gravitas, Nixon had depth, Nixon knew something about how the world worked.

    So here comes the naked elephant in the room.

    And here comes this guy who asks the Russians to find Hillary's E-Mails.

    And here comes this guy whose lieutenants communicate with those

    Russian pricks.

    And here comes this guy who is in concert with those Russian pricks.


    Trump could say anything he wished throughout the campaign.

    He would just 'let it fly'.

    But now he is POTUS.

    And most folks just figured he would turn it down, so to speak.

    The repubs were just hoping that Trump could carry their flag long enough to give all the corps what they wanted and all the rich what they wanted and all the white nationalists what they wanted and all the nutso Christians all they wanted and....

    But here he is:

    Trump spends two minutes on his new labor secretary. hahahahah

    The guy is just supposed to nominate his newest candidate for Secretary of Labor.

    But what does he do?

    He attacks the media and he attacks the leaks and he attacks anyone who might have disagreed with him and he....

    Even the President of the United States must stand naked.



    I am astounded by this 'press conference', I am awed by this presentation and yet I am

    without words.

    See, Nixon had a perspective, Nixon had a view of the future, Nixon felt a real historical imperative.

    Trump has no perspective, no view of the future, no historical imperative.

    I certainly predicted this, just like 60 million other folks.

    Along with twenty million who voted for the bastard.

    I still believe that millions voted for this idiot with the intent to tear this building down.

    As a kid I certainly felt that Nixon hated everyone but himself.


    But Trump really does hate everyone except for himself.

    And he shall continue to embarrass himself as well as the entire nation for the next four years.


    I thought about music themes for presidents during my lifetime.


    I will come back



    Or the theme for LBJ?



    OR Clinton:




    How appropos?




    You're so right, Dick, it was truly bizarre.  I listened to it as I did other mindless things (I have to limit the time I spend actually looking at him for my mental health), and found myself wondering why I bothered.  Shock and awe, maybe?  Anyway, I wonder what the journalists thought while he was crassly insulting them?  Or worse, when some were busy kissing up to him?  Yeah, I know they're used to it, but they're still human ... not too sure about Trump ... and having someone not only lie to your face and try to gaslight you but insult you incessantly on television while doing so just shouldn't be all in a day's work. 




    Missy, this guy just blew my fucking mind.


    Well let us see how this all ends.

    I think I have enough years to spare.



    Oh and I like Huey. hahaha



    Hmm ... silent repetition.  How very eclectic.  ;-)

    Yeah Missy, elclectic. hahahahah

    I cannot get this damn pc to work. hahahahahah

    But but I will take eclectic.


    Oh I wish to add that somewhere sometime I had Word 365. And they took my money again in 2016 Feb and after 2016 Feb I had no more 365. So I look at my Wells Fargo line and sure enough, Word takes another 75 bucks.

    So I call them and they are speaking in strange accents and I keep saying:

    Hey, go ahead, I just do not have the damn 365.

    Anyway, I just acceded to their instructions and voided the whole damn thing.


    So I lost 75 bucks last year, but I was credited with the same amount this year.




    I miss Five minutes ago when the only posts in the Reader's Section were a parade of Naked Elephants.

    I see your pachyderm and raise you a lizard with radioactive testosterone enhancements:



    Naked elephants

    on parade; now that's a sign

    that we've gone too far.


    Naked elephants
    are like featherless bipeds
    when they get in line.

    Oh Moat you already know how much I love Blue Oyster. hahahah

    For a moment I was convinced Richard has some sort of sexual fetish for naked elephants. Not that there's anything wrong with that.


    Well you know, sometimes in the proper light.....


    Thanks for this. Trump has to step away from the crack pipe. The black community hates Trump's guts and everyday he fuels the feeling. During the press conference today, veteran WH reporter April Ryan asked if Trump would ever meet with the Congressional Black Caucus. Trump's reply was to ask Ryan if she knew CBC members.Were they friends, he inquired. When she replied that she knew them because she was ra reporter, he asked her to contact them and set a meeting. The image this exchange created for many black people was that, at best, Trump wanted April Ryan to be his secretary to the black people in Congress. The idea that Ryan should gleefully perform a task for him reeks of the condescending attitude of the white supremacist.

    ​April Ryan is a WH institution. Trump had no idea. April Ryan had a confrontation with Trump adviser Omarosa last. Omarosa was not happy with a series of stories Ryan had done on Trump. Ryan was accused of being biased towards Clinton. Witnesses thought that the aggression from Omarosa rose to the level where law enforcement might be needed. Omarosa suggested the WH had dossiers on black reporters.

    ​The black community is convinced the Trump WH is an insane asylum.

    In other news, and assistant to HUD director Dr. Ben Carson was escorted out of his office by security after being fired by the White House. The black Republican, Shermichael Singleton, was apparently cut loose because he wrote articles critical of Trump during the Primaries

    The Trump WH finalized realized that they knew about the articles critical of Trump. There cannot be anyone who is not loyal, so Bye Felicia.

    In one article, Singleton suggested it was immoral not to stand up to Trump.

    ​In another article, Singleton asked if Trump was the new Barry Goldwater

    ​I haven't heard any comment from Dr. Ben Carson, but I admit that I really haven't been looking. I doubt the response will be coherent. 


    hahahahah Okay I hereby render unto rmrd (someone I render to regularly, hahahah) the Dayly Line of the Day Award for this here Dagblog Site, given to all of him from all of me for this gem:



    Recall when Mr. Smith and Jolly wondered about all that sniffing at the debate with Hillary?


    You know, Trump would do a lot better with a few drinks once in awhile.


    rmrd, I cannot let this go. Really. I hereby render unto rmrd the Dayly Comment of the Day Award for this here Dagblog Site, given to all of rmrd from all of me.

    You should have just blogged this. hahahhhaha THIS IS GOOOOOOOOOD WORK.


    I just got caught up in the line.

    Ohhhhh and Goldwater? Goldwater (the would be hated Jew during these hard times) at least felt he was operating under some conservative imperative.

    Thanks Richard.

    These are perilous times. Trump is not mentally stable. Republicans are looking the other way because they see a way to get rid of foreigners, ban abortion, and cut needed restrictions on business. The GOP is willing to destroy intelligence agencies. We cannot trust Republicans of any stripe. The rest of us have to have each other's backs.

    The black community is convinced the Trump WH is an insane asylum.

    Believe me, you're not the only ones.

    Our country is at risk. Trump is not stable.

    Trump did not know that the CBC was the Congressional Black Caucus. Trump lied when he said that Democratic Representative Elijah Cummings refused a meeting

    Trump asked a black reporter to set up a meeting with the CBC. A CBC member reminded Trump that he never responded to a letter sent from the CBC requesting a meeting.

    A link to the CBC letter is found below

    Trump is a pathological liar. How can we trust him if he says we need to deploy troops?

    Edit to add:

    We have not reached the one month point in this insanity

    The erratic news conference and escorting an assistant out of the HUD building was all today. In addition , members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus were blocked out of a meeting with ICE concerning a change in deportation tactics.

    Congress represents the people. They represent us. How. can these members of Congress be locked out of this government agency?

    Part of what has me so seriously unnerved is the fact that I don't trust any agency of our government.  How totally screwed up is that?  I guess I should elaborate by saying it's mainly the agency heads, but they make the rules so even those who are trying to do the right things are slowly but surely either being silenced or pushed out.  Normally I would agree that the sheer volume of incredibly weird and/or detailed leaks are at best less than copasetic, but these days I'm grateful for them.  If we weren't hearing about all of this from the "hated MSM" would we know anything at all? 

    "The leaks are real. The news is fake."

           Donald Trump at today's schizophrenic news conference.

    I will get right back to you. I just have to take a leak.



    Oh Missy, I just wished to add that I am coming to the conclusion that my pc cannot communicate properly with Dagblog or any other blog.

    This has nothing to do with me.

    I assume that by August, I can save up enough to purchase another cheap pc.

    I am sorry. And I hope that this comment does not go on forever.

    I like it when your comments go on forever.  I smile, and I'm happy to be able to do that ... you make me feel warm in a sometimes cold world, Dick.  Thanks for that.

    Go to a pawn shop that has a good electronics section and buy a lap top. People get new laptops so often there are always a lot of not too old ones for sale. Often people replace a laptop because the battery no longer fully recharges. That's the problem with the laptop I'm using now. But if you're just using it at home plugged in you don't need the battery. You can plug in a usb mouse and keyboard and a monitor so you don't have to use the little laptop screen. For an extra 15 bucks you can get a service contract that replaces it for a year if anything goes wrong. I've been doing this for years mainly because I live off the grid, run on solar, and need to conserve electricity. Here in Arizona it costs about $200 to 300 for the laptop and 15 or 20 for the service contract. It's the cheapest way to get a good computer.

    I am sure that I wrote about this Ocean.

    I have a 'lap top'.

    But it is plugged in five different ways. Into my internet, and my electric outlet and my speakers and my....

    I would never think of moving it at all, ever.



    So is mine. I never move it and every day when I turn it on it tells me the battery is dead. But who cares, I always leave it plugged in anyway.

    Do you have problems in places other than Dag?  The multiple post issue happens to everybody here now and then - though I have to say that you are absolutely spectacular at it!  heart

    I just caught this.

    You are making fun of me.


    I am NOT making fun of you.  I am, in fact, expressing admiration and appreciation for you and your very youness.  See there?  I made up a word just for you.



    Oh Missy you have me laughing so hard.

    You helped make this blog explode. ha

    Thank you.

    and as for Bing? hahahahah

    I do not get 2000 hits that easily anymore.

    Bing was Bing ... in the realm of Hope and Sinatra, Paar and Benny ... back in the day when personal conduct was celebrated more as "bad boy" celebrity than realistic sexual harassment (duh) or abuse. But they're still part of our Hollywood History!

    Dick, I see you make multiple posts, and I just delete all but one. Takes me 30 secs at this point. Don't worry your precious head over it - barns are burning (Faulkner)

    "Inherited a MESS" which is so bad Trump is now going on his third weekend in a row in Mar-a-Lago where everyone adores him.

    They do not need to explain anything at all, since they are accountable to no one. Today it occurred to me: Never has the tension between human power and powerlessness, human knowledge and human stupidity been so overwhelmingly great as now. 

    I Will Bear Witness, A Diary of the Nazi Years. Entry from 1933, on Hitler's rise to Chancellor.

    I worry about this thought NCD.

    And I laugh less as I think about it.

    We find ourselves in perilous times.

    We must speak out. And that aint no joke.

    Power and powerlessness.



    God help us all

    I have nothing to add about the ongoing craziness at our national fun house, Mr. Day, but I am going to provide you with a link to a place where you can get a used pc for very little money.

    It's for poor people (like you and me), a non-profit based right in Minneapolis. The prices (they refer to it as a donation) range from $29 - $100 and they will mail it right to your door (free shipping, too!). These are the desktop kind of pc although you can get a laptop if you pick it up in person at the Minneapolis office.

    I did not need a pc but I do subscribe to their internet wi-fi service and am completely satisfied with it.

    My kid found out about this somehow and relayed the info to me. I'm glad he did.

    ( This is flowerchild by the way. I finally switched my handle.)

    edit to add, thank you to Mike W for making the switch so easy for me.

    He provided hormone therapy or what? Anyway, glad it's going smooth for you. Are you the official Dag Wabbit?

    Dag nabbit, Peracles. Any hormone therapy is between me and my OB-GYN. blush

    Oh, I was thinking *religious* transition, of course - I'd heard there are no female Wabbi so needed a Y? (hmmm, how do I get out of this hole. Though looks nice and comfy, maybe I'll just dig a bit...)

    I've compared the responses to Trump's deft handling of the insane and vicious media, what someone here identified as 'our media' with other sites with less Clintonite but still liberal leanings. The posts elsewhere may be pure establishment spin but the comments are overwhelmingly supportive and agreeing with Trump so the true believers seem to be losing ground again in the public forum.

    Someone suggested that the military should come forward and make clear statements about defending the constitution from any organized assalt from anti-democratic fanatics and their enablers but they may not posess the backbone to even talk about honoring their sworn duty.

    Mr Day's rolling repetitions here may be a sign of just how close to the abyss many of the overconditioned and denied tribe are today and they include some of the creatures in our so called intelligency agencies which should wake up even more people  to this threat.

    Those who are spewing this doggerel and their supporters may think they are clever creatures but there are plenty of other citizens who recognize this threat and will not sit idly by and allow the subversion and lies of a deep state to rule.


    Your argument makes as much sense as Trump's presser 


    And they're coming to take me away ha-haaa
    They're coming to take me away ha-haaa ho-ho hee-hee
    To the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time
    And I'll be happy to see those nice young men
    In their clean white coats

    And they're coming to take me away
    To the happy home with trees and flowers and chirping birds
    And basket weavers who sit and smile and twiddle their thumbs and toes
    And they're coming to take me away ha-haaa!

    I really wish this was true but I doubt it. It would be really nice if the resistance to Trump has so gotten to his supporters that they're actually worried enough to talk about the military making statements. Do you have any evidence this is true? We really need some good news. True or not I appreciate your posting good news. That good news about how effective we are definitely bolsters our morale.

    The ongoing assault on what remains of our republican form of government has nothing to do with some vague resistance. What we are seeing is the unelected Clintonite deep state in reactionary mode trying desperately to save their positions and long time unchallenged power. Opposition/resistance was expected and is appropriate with future elections determining the outcome. This cabal sometimes refered to as the Borg by insiders has no democratic core only lust for power and their destructive agenda.

    The comment about the military was a cautionary plea because even some people who are liberals say they will march with the deplorables to defend the republic and its elected leader from this Borg.

    Call her "Dear Leader", please - she's come all thos way to control everythong, it's the least you can do in respect. Diabolical yes, but still esteemed by millions. Bwahahaha

    Damn it why so late? It would have been so much simpler to destroy Trump before the vote and electing Hillary. Instead now they'll have to install her as president after they destroy Trump. Do you have some time table as to when we can expect Hillary to take over? How bout a link to Alex Jones site so we can get more details?

    I admire you for posting this here. Most of the people here supported Hillary and I'm sure some of us have high level contacts. I'm sure you've been reported already. You're taking a big risk. You know that as soon as they discover you've revealed their secret plot You Will Be Assimilated. Resistance Is Futile.

    What confuses me is if Flynn and Trump did nothing wrong and have nothing to hide why was Flynn fired? This so called Borg is only as powerful as the damaging information it has on Trump. As president Trump could have declassified the transcript of Flynn's calls to prove that it was benign. One would think a ballsy guy like Trump wouldn't have surrendered so easily. I for one am glad he did.

    Hillary for president emperor.

    One of the few joys of this new year is knowing that the Red Queen is on ice forever but she did leave behind all her little minions and quislings.

    I can understand why you don't want to acknowledge the forces you support in your petty personal resistance but they are real and dangerous. I saw that Tillerson has begun showing the door to the clintonite upper ranks at the state department which is a good sign, they won't be missed. The real nest of vipers are in the CIA and other so caled intelligence agancies who have been exposing themselves and their dirty agenda lately which should expedite their removal when the bell tolls for them.

    Flynn could have been useful for Trump but he was unstable and although he broke no laws  he was caught in a trap of his own making and could not work his way out in the time Trump gave him. Trump knows along with anyone paying attention that anything given to the media will be warped and used for their feral gamesmanship so why bother when he could deliver a firm public scolding of these childish fickle creatures.

    The press is the enemy of the people.

    The courts are bad, political. News not reverential of Trump is fake news.

    We are in peril, the courts are to blame if we are attacked.

    Trump won the biggest electoral victory in modern times.

    Country and world a mess, huge mess, Trump was left with it.

    Meanwhile, Trump is spending his 3rd weekend in a row vacationing and having a victory rally in Florida.

    Connect the dots. The dots lead to feral gamesmanship.

    Still no Alex Jones Infowars link. Come on peter, we need all the details. Or did you get this information from Breitbart? For me the worse thing about Hillary's loss is we won't see pictures of Hillary's alien son wandering around the WH or of her sex orgies with extraterrestrials. You wouldn't happen to have more information on him-her-it? Since the "kid" was born in 93 he's probably all grown up now. Enquiring minds would like to know what it's up to.

    I am speculating that rather what may be going on here is something along these lines?

    I saw Susan Sarandon on the tube the other day, she expressed sadness in one way but then also seemed kinda breathless about the possibility of "the revolution." The Bannon chaos thing has its appeal to both ends of the spectrum...

    Did she have that "thirsty as fuck" look like that one of Ivanka gazing on Trudeau that went viral? Maybe Bannon has an animal magnetism we're not seeing. Susan could do a reprise of her brilliant role in The Hunger. Or maybe it's more camp Rocky Horror.

    [apparently I'm participating in a meme that "hurts all women" - I forgot Ivanka's branding is the empowerment for little women everywhere - Nordstrom thus being the boorish reprobate in this tango, and somehow considering another well-known Wharton grad, I'm left less than respectful of her degree. Anyway, I thought everyone could pick up a bachelors degree, that we somehow reserved admiration for stellar graduate degrees from top universities. But I guess "I'm smart" is the only validation needed these days.]

    I couldn't care less about what Chomsky might be babbling these days he threw away any credability he once enjoyed with the Left when he aligned with the Red Queen and her agendas. Other celebrity opinions are of little value especially when they are confused about the difference between an organized establishment coup effort and some vague revolution that only exists in their fantasies.

    I saw Sarandon also on Chris Hayes a few days ago. She's been rapturously claiming that things will be so bad under Trump that we'll all rush into the arms of a Sanders for protection. Here's my prediction. No matter how bad Trump gets the democrats will not take the house or the senate in 2018. We might pick up a few seats in the house but we'll probably lose seats in the senate.

    You're brave to try to predict Congressional results when we can't be sure who will be president in 6 months time.

    tRUMP iS iN hIS LAST yEAR, hE SHOULD not be ALLOWED to NOMINATE jUDGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One of the joys sane people have is watching the contortions some go through defending the delusional Trump.

    Trump tells us that his inauguration crowd was larger than Obama's crowd.

    Trump tells us that his electoral numbers were among the largest in history

    Trump tells us that crime is increasing.

    All of these things are blatant lies, yet he repeats despite reapeatedly being told that he is lying.

    He is delusional.

    Trump surrounds himself with white supremacists like Breitbart's Steve Bannon.

    Trump thinks that a black reporter is his personal secretary.

    He sends out young racist Steve Miller to do his bidding. 

    David Duke and Alex Jones praise Trump.

    Trump is delusional and he is a white supremacist 

    The deplorables who follow Trump live up to their name. Hillary was correct about the racist nature of the Trump supporter.

    Bill Mahrer had a brilliant comment about the insanity the Republicans and their fellow travelers inflict on the country. The clip of the segment is worth watching

    Mahrer's guests included Milos Yiannopoulos the guy who caused protest at Berkeley. The was no reason to block Milos from talking because all he has is word salad that appeals to the deplorables. He is willing to demean himself before people who hate Gays to collect a paycheck. Former Republican Congressman Jack Kingston was another guest. Kingston's new job appears to be supporting Trump. He was smiling like a Cheshire Cat trying to divert attention from the possible treason originating from the Trump White House. Our allies in Europe are reluctant to share information with the United States because they are not sure that sensitive information won't pass from the Trump White House to Russia.

    Anyone who strongly supports Trump is ignoring the possible treason and open racism that Trump supports. At a minimum everybody should be demanding an independent investigation into Trump's ties with Russia. 

    Trump was the white racist who spearheaded the Birther movement. Trump supporters ignore his history. Trump appointed Jeff Sessions as AG. Sessions will work to suppress black votes. Sessions will turn a blind eye to Trump's ties to Russia. The most benign assessment of Trump supporters is that they are dupes. 

    This just got to me two months late. Peter (not verified)

    When you show up, I receive a couple thousand extra hits. hahahahah

    It does not make me any money of course. hahahahah

    I just didn't realize this. Until now.

    Q shows up with no real attacks on me.

    And I might receive five thousand extra hits.

    Q is more fun of course.

    But go ahead and get pissed off.

    It is all goooooooooooood.

    I miss Resistance of course


    You haven't linked to any of these sites you speak of. So far, you are talking to yourself about these "comparisons."

    All this stuff about the media as a force organized to bring down Trump does have the awkward problem of being something we know about only because there is a media.

    When you say: "there are plenty of other citizens who recognize this threat and will not sit idly by and allow the subversion and lies of a deep state to rule", are you referring to the average Trump voter? An above average Trump voter? A forest just outside of Macbeth's condominium?

    Actually i was refering to people who weren't Trump supporters and were liberal leaning who commented they would not tolerate this anti-democratic behavior or what it could bring. ,

    The MSM has certainly traveled beyond the pale and is showing everyone what fake news, propaganda and just plain lies they can produce.  This isn't new they have been mouthpieces for the CIA and Borg for generations but they did a better job of appearing independent in earlier times. The deep state/ Borg has been written about for decades and dipicted even in film so anyone who has been paying attention has knbown about this embedded threat.

    We have a hugely expanded media now beyond the control of the MSM and real unbiased reporting, blogging and commenting does exist even if it is often difficult to find.

    What lies from the msm? List the top 10

    I second your request.

    I think I have located one of the bunkers where the information is being stored: The Daily Sheeple
    A good summary of the world view he is referring to can be found at Softpanorama

    While I understand the argument that our state is integrated with corporate interests as discussed on these sites, the idea that Trump is a hero stepping into the Lion's Den to fight them is profoundly ridiculous.

    Trump suggested that Sweden was under siege at his Florida pep rally yesterday. Swedish people have no idea what Trump meant. There was no terror attack.

    Swedes are ridiculing Trump. We have Trump's own words. This is not fake news.

    Edit to add:

    Even John McCain realizes attacks on the media is one of the ways dictators come to power

    2nd Edit to add:

    Fox News Chris Wallace challenged Priebus on the characterization of the media as the enemy of the American people.

    The Trump White House gave press credentials to a Conservative fake news site

    The Gateway Pundit journalist at the White House is from a website "Twinks for Trump"

    You can't make up this stuff.

    3rd Edit to add:

    Trump says that he graduated at the head of his class. The fact is that he was no where near the top of his class at University of Pennsylvania

    ​Trump hates the media because he is a liar and a racist.

    Regarding fake news, Time magazine did report that Trump removed a bust of MLK from the White House. The report was wrong and was corrected

    Fake Terrorism

    Ah yes how well I remember, back in the early days of teh blogosphere, how lefties favorite thing to do was decry every terrorism warning as a "false flag" meant to scare the American people into approving the invasion of Iraq. Everyone was in on it, Shrub (pick one: the evil genius or miserable failure) Cheney, the CIA, the FBI and all the other intel agencies, allies like Tony Blair, etc. Only France and Germany had any sense, they weren't ascared.

    P.S One of the most aggravating things for me in the commenting blogosphere continues to be: people spinning their own minds on the news in order to support a politician or political faction. So the irony is so ripe.  Call it whatever you like, fake news, spin, etc. My humble opinion, it started with the advent of talk radio and cable tv news talk shows, and was accelerated with the Clinton/Bush Sr./Perot campaigns. It was then that everyone learned what spin was, "war rooms" were revealed and explained, Matalin and Carville became stars. To my dismay, from then on, and especially with the advent of the blogosphere, many more people wanted to do their own amateur spin than those who wanted to deconstruct professional spin. I think this is partly responsible for the virulent partisanism: everyone wants to be a spinmeister, everyone thinks they can do it better than the pros, everyone has bought into the adverserial way of doing things, and therefore presume all news is tainted. Basically, they all bought into post-modernism, where attempts at objectivity by the media are considered hopeless.

    Edit to add: I think there is nothing wrong with "he said, she said" journalism. As long as the parties "saying" are clearly identified To me, that's much more honest than trying to spin "the truth." The reader decides. Yes, you have to pick the people you believe. It's not possible to be well read on everything much less an expert on everything. Look at how pitifully transparent "Peter's" spin is to most of us. It's not that hard.

    I think that the scale of what is happening in the Trump,administration is something different. CNN and MSNBC have kept Kellyanne Conway off the air because of her lies. Donald Trump blatantly lies about the conditions of black Americans, crime statistics, inauguration crowd size, terrorist attacks, etc. Reinvent Priebus lies. Sean Spicer lies. The ease with which members of the Trump administration lie unprecedented. Fox News, Breitbart, the Washington Examiner, etc. make no attempt to correct the record. This is not a Carville/Matalin case of both sides do it.

    yes. no argument. Not saying it's the same, but that it's progressed astronomically. What started me off on it was that in 2004-5 I knew commenters with similar opinions and spin as Peter, and then they were stridently accusing the administration of making terrorist attacks up in order to make the populace fearful. And the media making things up, like say, a Sunni attack on a Shia shrine in Pakistan, they would say that Israel and the U.S. and the U.N. were in league with the media. and just made the whole thing up, like with actors. Because they wanted all Muslims to be good and Israel and the U.S. evil. Or with every Iraq explosion, the NYT reporters were in league with the admin in making the fatality figures up. To them, Judith Miller printing admin. spin on WMD's proved that all reporters were making stuff up, and all Sunni Iraqis were beautiful sweet innocent  poetic people li the blogger Riverbend. (This is the same exact thing Trump plays off of with his fans, the liberal politically corrected news. They still think it exists, this kind of political correctedness.)

    Trump now tweets that his Sweden statement was based on a report on Fox News

    ​Slate article provides context


    The WH is attempting to coopt the liberals claim of fake news. The difference is we're not talking about stories we disagree with but objectively false stories like the pedophile sex ring in a pizza shop run by Hillary and other Alex Jones conspiracy theories that have gone from fringe to national prominence with the dumb ass Trump supporters believing them. Time and time again when asked Trump supporters can't come up with a single example of an msm lie. Look at the story that has peter so apocalyptic. Eventually the WH has admitted every part of it was true. Flynn did lie about calling the Russian ambassador and discussing sanctions. He did lie to Pence about it and Pence did spread that lie on national television. Trump did find out about that lie and did nothing for 14 days before he even notified Pence. All the lies and denials came from the WH not the msm and in the end the WH, while not admitting they lied, admitted the truth.

    We can debate what those leaks mean. That's a matter of opinion. But the facts remain. They are not even denied by the WH anymore. The claim that the media is lying doesn't hold up. That's just an attempt to stop the debate on these subjects. If it's all lies than we don't even need to talk about it. But that will not work. Maybe the Trump supporters will eat the bullshit from the WH but those who pay attention, and the media, will continue to explore these stories. Because they are true.

    Third Reich, Dresden, 1941,  diary of Victor Klemperer.  Reading up on the period as an extreme paradigm of authoritarianism, human nature, and violent political propaganda. His diaries can be downloaded free at the Internet Archive.

    January  31 - 1941 - On language: Pay attention to: Seizure of power. Not taking office or taking over the government, but "power".
    April 22 - 1941 - the Monopol, we heard Goebbels, congratulatory address to the Fuhrer. Clerical pathos in a confident bass. Nuance: "Our victory is as good as certain." (Until now it was always, We have already won, the English just haven't noticed yet.) Most characteristic expression: we do not need to know what the Fuhrer wants to do, we believe in him.  Always and everywhere: National Socialism does not want you to think, only believe.

    OT: DD. I thought you would like this link to the Met.  They have just added 375,000 photos of art to public domain.    A blogger I know shared the link.  It will take your breath away when you take a look at what is there now to use. You just have to click on the one you like. Then on that page under the photo you click  on [down load] and then copy the URL from that page and paste it.  You use the picture icon off the comment bar to paste the URL.  It is easy.  Enjoy.!?perPage=20&showOnly=openaccess&sortBy=Relevance&sortOrder=asc&offset=0&pageSize=0


    I write this stuff and 43 folks show up?

    Which is to be expected.


    So now I get almost 2000 hits on stuff I wrote a year ago?

    Here is one thought on this blog.

    Dylan wrote 

    He's just tryin  to pull you down into the hole he's in. (well my approximation) 

    Trump or at least Trumpsters are attempting to pull us into the hole they are in.

    We must demur.



    When I am stuck...I always end up with this song. Probably onset of dementia (the current diagnosis of our esteemed leader?


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