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    Netanyahu: Demographics are destiny (NOT!)

    I suppose it is not a coincidence that demographics and democracy share their first syllable.


    Not one day into the carving up of Mandatory Palestine, Deadbeat Donald and Bibi did away with what remained of the 1948 Partition Resolution which gave rise to so many coolmovies of my youth.

    But I do not here address the equities of any of that.


    I simply wish to demur to Netanyahu's oft repeated demonstration of contempt for Ashkenazic manhood when stacked up against true Semitic steel (as it were).


    Hence, the fatal sentence:


    "...a single Israeli state encompassing the Palestinians would either become undemocratic or no longer Jewish, given the faster growth rate of the Arab population.


    This is not the first time that Netanyahu has directly insulted Jewish manhood.


    To which, I say


    Men of the shtetle!  Landsmen!




    But don't try and run an apartheid state iin the era of Facebook Video, even before the Virtual Reality Gear becomes ubiquitous and people can experience the intifada over their smartphones.


    When Trump says "I can do one state, I can do two" maybe he is prepared for the United Semitic Peoples' Kemalist Republic--"One Semite, one vote--one state, no Yahwists".


    Because that's what a modern secular state looks like, even if Kemal Attaturk's experiment is going badly in Turkey where the idea started.


    This business of giving preference to one version of Yahwism over another has to stop.  


    No Islamic Republic (of Iran, eg.)


    No Jewish State (of Israel, eg.)



    Netanyahu in 2004:

    Last year, former Israeli prime minister Benyamin Netanyahu openly called for the adoption of policies aimed specifically at reducing or at least neutralising Arab demographic growth in Israel.

    The growing demographic weight of Israeli Arabs, who constitute up to 20% of Israel’s overall population, was more serious and more dangerous for Israel than threats posed by the Palestinians, he said.


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