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    Netanyahu "Give me some slack to handle Abu Shiksa"

    Speaking in Hebrew (to deceive, no doubt, the prying eyes and ears of the Gentiles...) Netanyahu took leave of his cabinet and massaged their expectations about tomorrow's first meeting with Trump as President.


    I might have to give a little, but over all, he said, I got this guy in the palm of my hand.



    Abu Shiksa, of course, is Hebrew for Father of the Hot Gentile Girl, which is Trump's secret service nickname in Israel.


    The larger message for us as subjects of citizens of President Trump is to note how he is regarded by even his allied heads of state as a child to be managed.


    Of course, he makes himself eminently manageable by avoiding actual briefings from actual intelligence agencies.



    Trump got the secret service nickname Abu Shiksa from Shin Bet via an incident dating back to when Jared Kushner and Ivanka were reconciling after breaking up, and when Jared's holocaust survivor grandmother who was then still alive heard that he was bringing Ivanka to dinner for the first time since the breakup, she asked "Is he bringing abu shiksa?" Her cousin, a shin bet apparatchik was visiting at the time, and the rest, as they say....

    abu shiksa = lol

    I may not be able attribute with precision all the details of the story, which, of course, I learned from a person familiar with them who required anonymity.

    The phone call was recorded, JR - careful with the non-denial denials.

    I'm glad you brought that up, because in the face of the "no illegality committed "  framing of Flynn's foray into free lance diplomacy (as if...) I would lFike to raise the issue of Felony Stupidity, or Skelos Syndrome, viz, the inability to keep from using a megaphone to carry out clandestine contact.




    Aggravated Felony Stupidity, with enhancements.

    All part of Intelligence Deficit Syndrome, a subset of Knowitallism Spectrum Disorder.

    This brings to my casual recollection without benefit of recourse to Wikipedia, Skelos, Gotti, and a veritable jail full of guys who said things on the telephone that they would not want read back to a jury (which was always the standard that my father, who was Joe Bonnano's and Jimmy Hoffa's lawyer (inter alia), urged upon me)


    Some guys even complain ON THE PHONE!! (Skelos jr.) about the feds listening  O yeah, so did Blagoyovitch!

    Laugh and cry.  What a shit show is this whole BB/Friedman/Bennett/Trump/etc. thing. I can't even. . .and I'm not gonna.

    Because it's Valentine's Day, of course.

    Go ahead, Bruce - today's a day for sentimentality & nostalgia - like baseball - teamwork - we all gotta pull our own weight.


    But but but Bruce I eventually wanna know what Bibi really thinks of him. Behind the shit show for publics consumption, so to speak. Promise to share with us if you find something juicy on that front in your I/P media wanderings?

    It's fascinating to watch the "real time" spread of the understanding that this president is fucking gets framed differently depending upon the venue, but the theme is unmistakable.


    Makes you wonder whether Article 25 or impeachment will be the trap door.  I'm starting to go for the Article 25 choice because it permits an instant "coup" d'etat de grace" (to mix the political with the sporting metaphor...)

    Those who see the crazy saw it all along. This is just a real life manifestation of our suppositions and our fears. So far polling shows the republican  base is totally unconcerned with anything that's happened. In fact they mostly support what Trump has done. Republicans, not just the base, overwhelmingly support Trump.

    We here all mostly agree about Trump but let us not get stuck in our bubble. Nothing has changed. The republicans that voted him into office still like him.

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