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    Now batting, Mother "Big Mama" Nature. At first base, Donald "Bill Buckner" Trump.

    Sophisticated Millenials, too young to remember the Gaia Hypothesis and the first Earth Day, will find amusement, perhaps, in a parable informed by the hypothesis of a Universe within which consciousness, and therefor aspiration, pervades all matter.


    Such a framework brings an interesting analysis of the interaction betweeen the election and the pandemic.


    Suppose, arguendo, a panicked demiurge watching the polls that heralded a Trump re-election.


    A desperate last ditch assault is launched, a fireball from a ballista,  Send in the virus.


    But lo, of all the heads of state in the world, the one least vulnerable to a menace rooted in careless public hygiene is the germophobe President of the United States.


    And, Voila!  Predictably, motivated by fear and xenophobia, he presciently (and boy will he not let you forget it) shuts out visitors from the contagion hot spot way earlier than other governments.


    But Big Mama Nature got lucky, because it turns out that Trump is the Bill Buckner of Presidents.  



    So monumentally incompetent and incurious that he managed to let the ball get between his legs, and blew all the time during which he could have emulated his icon, Putin.


    We sure would have been lucky if Putin were in charge here.


    The conceit of the hypothesis, of course, assumes a recognition by some inchoate global entity of the the existential threat to all life on earth that is a Trump reelection.


    The threat is a given; the recognition, supposing an agent, requires suspension of disbelief, but soit.

    The author and the commenter above have clearly not read James Lovelock at all. He, (along with Marguilis) the creators of the original idea, specifically stated that they believe the Earth acts as an organism, but they also stated that they do not think there is evidence of it being sentient. -- possessing self awareness and having goals, etc.

    Please, do not do these amazing people and their brilliant hard-science work the disservice of spreading false information about their hypothesis (which now, BTW, is properly called the Gaia Theory within scientific circles, since it has passed so many tests of a Hypothesis to warrant the upgraded status.)

    A literary device, employed mostly in the interest of framing the Bill Buckner comparison,which as a Mets fan I find too apt to eschew.  ymmv.



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