Obama, throw a punch already

    Two turkey buzzards walk out of a bar. One says, "Now, what do we do?." The other one says, "I think I want to kill something."

    I don't think Obama and the Democrats have much understanding of the turkey buzzard resentment and pugilism beating in the hearts of men, particularly white men in this country, particularly those who work with their hands and those who don't have the education to qualify for upper level jobs. Unlike turkey buzzards, marginalized white males don't have actual targets to unload their instincts upon when extinction threatens them.  

    Enter, stage Left:  Obama, the Democrats, the "War on Women" and those ever present lazy minorities who are sucking the life out of us.

    Unable to consummate his economic message against Obama, Romney has now switched to stirring up resentment among white males about why things are bad for them. In tandem, Obama is ramping up his rhetoric about the War on Women and his Convention will feature a stream of women representing all the reasons Romney/Ryan are against their gender. At best there might be a standoff between women's rights and white males' lost status. At worse the War on Women rhetoric might win even more male converts to Romney's cause.

    At midlife I left a corporate career and "dropped out". Those years of part time teaching, designing works of art, going to nude encounter groups in Malibu and spending-down my assets were truly fun. But I paid a price and realized in my fifties that if I didn't pull my finances together I might be living out of my van in old age.

    That's when I had the distinct impression that young women, who had increasingly entered the work force while I was dropping out, were standing in my way. When a young woman in the dreaded "H.R." explained that, essentially, I was overqualified for a job I really needed I was in a rage against her and her ilk. I didn't become a turkey buzzard but I may have keyed her red starter Mercedes on my way out of the parking lot. A friend in the Executive Recruiting business told me, "Oxy, they're not going to hire you at your age."---which I already knew.

    I was fortunate to have had enough business background and entrepreneurial skills that after begging and borrowing money I put together enough finances to start a business which I'm still running today. But if my own experience of being, in fact, marginalized was difficult, I can only imagine the agony and self-deprecation other men are going through right now.

    So it's heresy to say, but Obama needs to stop pandering to women on this War on Women thing and show some empathy for white males. The best way to do it is to throw a punch or two, and it doesn't matter at whom, but give us guys a sense that our pugilistic instincts and punching-people-out-methods of expressing our frustrations are still relevant to the social structure, uh, despite the fact that in all of recorded history and the making of 100 billion people only a pound of sperm has been required, and even that sperm could have been frozen by God and produced the same result.

    There is a post on Daily Kos about a new book, "Don't Buy it", by Anat Shenker-Osorio, which caught my eye. It's a take on the poor messaging of Progressives and looks like a terrific read. Perhaps we have the making of a Luntz on our side. She notes that the "you" has dropped from Progressive messaging. "Perhaps the omission is gendered---where masculine-dominated cultures like the Republican Party go to issuing orders, balanced or feminine ones ( like the Democrats) favor airing grievances, opening up possibilities, and not imposing  their views."

    What we have here is a feminine Obama Administration.

    So Mr. Prez, get your damned act together and punch out the Republicans. "Romney, if you want my Medicare, you'll have to fight me for it."

    Or just channel DeNiro:  

    "Romney---you lookin' at me?"









    Excellent, Oxy. As always. We have all wanted to see a tougher Obama, and though I am a woman and truly resent what he has in store for our daughters, the way he drags blue collar workers around by the nose is as dangerous and infuriating. By constantly stoking the fears that " lazy-no-goods" are goofing off and collecting goodies, he keeps people who are barely afloat on his team (they provide the VOTES) by keeping the distrust high for those below them on the economic ladder. By allowing the uber wealthy to be true dead-beats he insures that he gets the air-time and backing he needs (they provide the MONEY). Which group will he be beholden to if elected? Past is prologue, so no question there. Mr President, Romney has knocked the chip off of your shoulder more than once. It's time to man-up and express some well-justified outrage.

    Thanks, CVille. I fully understand how detrimental to women's rights a Romney/Ryan administration would be, but was just thinking that an over-emphasis at the Dem. Convention might backfire. And I want to see a tougher Obama out there.

    The book I referenced also speaks to the Progressives' tendency to play on Republican turf with respect to framing. I think Obama's response on the Republican Medicare and Welfare ads are just too nice and all-fired reasonable. Don't refute. Make up new things. Attack.

    On the "pound of sperm" phrase, credit to an editorial in the Sat. NYT, "Men, who needs them?" by Greg Hampikian. Fascinating and funny piece.

    So Clinton was the first black president and Obama's the first female one?

    That's good.

    "You can admire the rich but you don't have to like their policies."

    How about Obama hits 'em hard with, gasp, a message only about his plans for social security, medicare, et al.  Don't mention Romeny by name, but how about Obama v. what 'they' want, plan to do, etc.  Otherwise it's viewed by most as just another pissing match, all about 'Oh ma, he's being mean to me' and/or nothing new here, just a bunch of jibber jabber.


    Thanks, Aunt Sam. Along with that thought, Jeb Bush apparently said stop blaming his brother and move on. It's an easy one for Obama, because it's the Bush policies, as re-incarnated in Romney, that are the issue, not Bush himself.

    There you go. Thanks, Aunt Sam.



    No more niceness: Obama, Romney try to rain on each other's parade
    By Alex Mooney, CNN White House Producer, August 27

    When President Barack Obama's campaign announced plans for a full-court press while Republicans hold their convention in Tampa, Florida, this week, some veteran political watchers marked the end of an era [....]

    On Tuesday, the day Ann Romney and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie are scheduled to address the convention in prime time, Obama will kick off a two-day, three-state tour of swing states that include stops at college towns in Iowa, Colorado, and Virginia. The Obama campaign strategy: contrast the expectedly older demographic that historically is represented among Republican convention attendees with images of the president rallying thousands of enthusiastic young people.

    The Obama campaign also planned to dispatch Vice President Joe Biden to Tampa itself on Monday but scrapped the trip on Friday because it said it was concerned that a vice presidential visit would stress law enforcement resources already stretched thin by Tropical Storm Isaac. On Saturday, the campaign canceled Biden's Tuesday events in Orlando and St. Augustine.

    The Romney campaign says it has similar plans to "bracket" the Democratic convention next week in Charlotte, North Carolina, though the exact campaign schedules of Ryan and Romney have yet to be released [....]

    hints to me that what people like Articleman are saying about this election is probably true:

    that both teams have decided that "get out the base" is the way to win. And they're not going to try too hard to get those who are not naturally pre-disposed.

    Suggests to me "Reagan Dem" Joe-the-plumber working class white guys (and elderly) are therefore mostly being considered a lost cause. Though "send in Joe Biden " will probably be the case when turning a few of those votes could help win a state. Also that this will be the situation with Romney and single & young women, too--he will only tepidly try to get some of those votes in certain places. And the Obama team will continue to try to rally them to get out and vote with continual emphasis on those issues.

    Cavaet: I'm just reading tea leaves from one article here. And I still think Citizen's United money is a real wild card and could upset the best laid plans of mice Romney team and men Obama team.

    P.S. Have also been thinking how the Paul Ryan VP pick sorta assured that the fervent GenX libertarian fanboys of Ron Paul would come along on the Romney train, and they will help bring their "fathers" with them. Again, strategists: probably thinking: lost cause. And also how it's kinda ironic how two men alike in many ways in personality and temperment are going to try to make this look like a choice between night and day.

    Thanks, Artsy. I just heard that the welfare ads are cutting ice with women as well as men. So, we are most likely days away from Willie Horton ads. At any rate, I suppose if---Walmart Moms?--are in the ad equation, a strong women's rights approach might be more effective than I thought. But, again, it's about the effectiveness of the message.

    Re the two personalities, the debates should be fascinating. Obama has said he thinks Romney's string of lies will catch up with him during the debates. We'll see. The medium is the message?

    Hey, I just have to share this with someone, the NYTimes site has this naughty headline up right now, plus it also means I should probably scratch that part about Ron Paul fanboys being on board:

    At Convention, 2 Disruptions: Tropical Storm and Ron Paul

    As a tropical storm diverted attention from the delayed Republican convention, Mitt Romney’s campaign was monitoring a potential challenge from restive delegates when it does begin on Tuesday afternoon.

    P.S. "Walmart moms" sounds like a demographic description keeper to me.

    Is it just me that is noticing (on my travels outside the NYC borderline) that "Walmart/HomeDepot/Staples/supermarket-cashier moms" seem much more miserable of late? It's strange, now that I think on that more, any super-friendly helpful mega store staff that I've lucked into running across the last six months or so have been young men, usually young minority men, real eager beavers, begging you to record your pleasure with their service on the store website. Everyone else on staff runs, hides, is cranky about doing something like a return, or rolls their eyes at you interrupting them. I've had these kind of jobs and I know that's a sure sign of overwork, and poor treatment of workers by management, and, it's strange that despite that, some young guys seem to buying into the "just work harder than everyone else you'll get ahead thing"...

    Right, I wasn't so sure that the Paul folks were on board with anything about this ticket.

    And Walmart, I just can't go into the place. But I go into Lowes and H.D. a lot and the turnover is very high and the staff generally looks depressed and uninterested. It used to irritate me and I would get frustrated but now I try to be nice, knowing of the lack of training and poor wages they get.

    I went to Target today and the cashier was a woman with Cerebral Palsy. She had a difficult time just asking me if I wanted a Target card. I was very moved that a company would hire a person like her and it raised my estimation of Target about a thousand per cent.

    I'm trying to find some news, any news, which doesn't include the Republican Convention. I've resorted to watching Current T.V. and have really enjoyed some of Spitzer's interviews, including one with Judge Pozner, a Reagan appointee and de-regulation architect who now admits that de-regulation of the financial sector was a huge mistake.

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