O'Reilly's Latest Lies from his JFK Book

    In his 2012 book "Killing Kennedy, the End of Camelot" O'Reilly wrote this, (page 300):

    In March of 1977 a young television reporter at WFAA in Dallas began looking into the Kennedy assassination.  As part of his reporting, he sought an interview with the shadowy Russian college professor who had befriended the Oswalds upon their arrival in Dallas in 1962.  The reporter traced George de Mohrenschildt to Palm Beach, Florida, and traveled there to confront him.  At the time, de Mohrenschildt had been called to testify before a congressional committee looking into the events of November, 1963. As the reporter knocked on the door of de Mohrenschildt's daughter's home, he heard the shotgun blast that marked the suicide of the Russian, assuring tht his relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald would never be fully understood.
    By the way, that reporter's name is Bill O'Reilly.

    The late Gaeton Fonzi, a lead investigator for the House Select Committee on Assassinations (1976-78) wrote this in his 1993 book "The Last Investigation" (Kindle location 3712) :

    It was early on March 29th 1977 when I went looking for George de Mohrenschildt in Manalaplan (Florida). the house was hidden behind a barrier of high hedges....As I got out of the car, a young woman emerged unexpectedly from behind the building....."I'm looking for George de Mohrenschildt." "He's not in at the moment. I'm his daughter, Alexandra, may I help you?"....she added...he was certain to be home in the evening....my only credentials were old business cards which identified me as a staff investigator...she took it........I had found George de Mohrenschildt. About 6:30 that evening I received a call from Bill O'Reilly, a friend who was a television reporter in Dallas. "Funny thing happened" he said. "We just aired a story that came over the wire about a Dutch journalist saying the Assassinations Committee has finally located de Mohrenschildt in South Florida. Now de Mohrenschildt's attorney, a guy named Pat Russell, he calls and says de Mohrenschildt committed suicide this afternoon. Is that true?" Less than a minute after I was hit by that report, my telephone rang again. It was Palm Beach State Attorney Dave Bludworth calling. He said my card had been found in de Mohrenshildt's shirt pocket."

    CNN also reports another fact that contradicts in O'Reilly's written account:

    .....Another possible red flag in O'Reilly's account: An Associated Press report at the time quoted a member of the Palm Beach County, Florida sheriff's office who said that de Mohrenschildt was home alone at the time of his suicide "except for two maids who said they did not hear the shot." ...

    So Bill O'Lielly not only lied that he was in Florida,  he lied that he "sought an interview' with de Mohrenschildt, he lied 'traced' and was at the de Mohrenschildt house at the time of the suicide, and he lied that he heard the shotgun blast.


    His JFK thing is beyond belief.

    But, damn, most things said by Billo are beyond belief.

    I never had any inclination to be in his shower, but I do know or believe that he would wish to put some things into my orifices. hahahahahah

    My Sweet Lord, I really hate that guy.


    O'Reilly can say David Corn of MotherJones should be in the 'kill zone', and O'Reilly can call doctors who perform abortions 'baby killers' as he did with Dr. Tiller who was later murdered.

    But O'Reilly goes apeshit when anyone points out what a self promoting delusional lying a$%# he is, and cite his own words to prove it.

    He's the Limbaugh of TV News. Good enough for the haters of The Base for whom ideology trumps all, especially the truth, which never crosses his lips.

    Rachel Maddow read the response from Fox News tonight but I can't find the link anywhere yet.  It basically said they're standing by O'Reilly and his accusers are liars who are just out to get him.  I love watching him try to squirm out of this.  He can only say "That's the way it happened" to himself in the mirror now.  Too much evidence against him, with more refutations coming every day.  He won't lose his job, though.  He's their cash cow.

    I wish to just underline this JFK CRAP.

    Talk about cash cows.

    O'Reilly was not there when the fellow killed himself in 1963

    That is a fact.

    But this is just evidence of his psychopathology.


    He makes me laugh.

    But he always makes me laugh.


    Bill is so damn funny. But Bill never gets the joke.

    The fact that O'Reilly, or whoever it is who writes Billo's "Killing ......JFK, Lincoln, Patton" 'history' books, didn't read the book by Gaeton Fonzi, that mentions him by name and was published in '93, shows Billo has no regard whatsoever for truth or accuracy. He has all the characteristics of a megalomaniac (delusion of one's own power or importance).

    Fox News doesn't care about facts either, they are the a political propaganda organ of the right wing, the Ministry of Truth of the Republican Party.

    Where objective reasoning is unknown, and facts are easily ignored or dismissed, being subordinate to an almost Stalinist adherence to their ideology.

    O'Reilly touted these lies over and over and over about de Mohrenschildt and 'the Miami shotgun blast heard in Texas", the Washington Post has a complete roundup. Including:

    ....O'Reilly repeated the tale for the Killing Kennedy audiobook.

    He also wrote in Kennedy's Last Days, the 2013 adaption of Killing Kennedy for younger readers: "As I knocked on the door, I heard a shotgun blast. He had killed himself."

    The Fox News host repeated the tale while promoting his book and movie special on Fox News. During an October 2, 2012, appearance on Fox & Friends, O'Reilly claimed he "was about to knock on the door where [de Mohrenschildt] was, his daughter's house, and he blew his brains out with a shotgun." O'Reilly replayed the clip of his 2012 appearance during a November 30, 2014, O'Reilly Factor special before Fox News' airing of the Killing Kennedy film.....According to Rowlett, "It was my experience with O'Reilly that he was less than an honest reporter, generally. He was the most disliked person in our newsroom. He wasn't to be trusted, he was all about Bill O'Reilly, he wasn't about the news."

    Harris painted a similar picture of O'Reilly, saying he was "often not a truthful person" and claiming the Fox News host "was just a jerk, nobody liked him. He was always tooting his own horn."

    The perfect alter ego for Roger Ailes.


    George de Mohrenschildt was a unique individual who emigrated to America in the late 30's. He had an expansive social network through old Russian and European families, some of whom had married into wealthy American families thus granting him business and personal connections not available to the average immigrant. Please read my book: The Faux Baron: George de Mohrenschildt, a full and documented biography of the man's life and death. A death that did not include Bill O'Reilly. The book is available in trade paperback on Amazon.com

    Thanks,  I didn't realize there was a biography on him.  

    Thanks for posting and mentioning your book on this elusive and complex man, de Mohrenschildt. I note you have 2 editions of the book, one in print only listed as nearly 800 pages "from the Russian Revolution to the assassination of JFK, and the other one on Kindle listed as from 1963-77 and 307 pages. Is the smaller book complementary to the larger, or is it the latter part of the larger book?

    NCD, it looks like the book has been divided for Kindle.  I see two different editions, one from the early years, and one later.

    Yes, thanks. 2 Kindle editions, pre-63 and post 63.

    Soul mates in the 'No-Spin Zone'. No wonder the right loves Putin and O'Reilly, lies with chutzpah.

    I gotta tell ya. hahahah No Spin one?

    Oh I had to add, that ten years ago, I used to listen to this SOB!

    I thought that he was getting to 'something'!

    Okay, NCD is hereby rendered the Dayly Line of the Day for this here Dagblog Site, given to all of NCD from all of me.

    No spin. hahhhahahaah

    Where is Joe McCarthy when we need him? hahahahahah 

    Honored Richard, and that is no spin!

    O'Reilly reminds me of Saddam's Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf, Saddam's propaganda minister.

    O'Reilly is Ailes/GOP's propaganda minister. If this stuff keeps up, and with O'Reilly being in so many war zones, and nearly shot so many times , Florida, Falklands, El Salvador etc. it may aid his cause if he starts dressing up in a uniform too. The Base would admire him even more.


    There is a resemblance.

    Yeah, and O'Reilly had the guts to stand up there and lie in their faces.

    The beret would suit Billo well too. A sort of tough guy, seen it all foreign legion look to it. Hannity might even fall in love with him.

    de Morenschildt.

    Richard, please buy that book on de Mohrenschildt and report back to us.

    I did not get the book but I did spend time on Wiki and few JFK nutsy blogs and jeeeeeez,

    It appears that this NAZI sympathizer became friends with this assassin and then he ended up hearing voices and going insane and then, prior to testifying before Congress (giving the single longest testimony) he kills himself in 1977.

    This is quite a story, the kind of story that just lit conspiracy theories on fire.

    Quite a story.

    Won't you shut up Bill O Reilly.


    Ease up on poor Bill. He's a superstar, been an eyewitness at so many important events, risking his personal safety. I read his book, Killing Jesus, when it popped up on the library shelf since I had just read Azlan's book on Jesus and I wanted to compare. It was mesmerizing. Bill is too humble to admit it but I'm pretty sure he was there seeing it all, watching it happen. Just one more historical event that Bill was on location to see and report on. The man is amazing.

    Bill was dodging centurion swords as he stepped out of his black Limo at Golgotha hill, they backed off when he told them he was one of Pontius Murdoch's guys.

    He's a brave man. I'd have been terrified to see those nuns murdered in El Salvador. Bill just took it in stride. Of course when he said he saw the nuns shot in the back of the head he meant he saw the pictures but that's almost the same as being there.

    As Johnny Cash said, "I viewed a clip of someone shooting a man in Reno just to watch him die - and every time I see pictures of those prisoners hearing that whistle blow, I hang my head and cry"

    Bill's followers have doubled down and his TV ratings have soared since his lies have been exposed.


    Reality is not a major requirement for Billo's fans.

    When Rush was picking on that college student calling her a slut.  His listeners sky rocked.  Then a couple of months later his rating fell in a free fall.  He don't have many listeners now and have been removed from popular AM stations in major market to lower ranking stations. 

    People are just checking in to see what his reaction is to all this.  The ratings will drop off and may even be lower after wards. He might of already lost some of his regular viewers . But casual viewers are watching because he is in the news. They may not really like him to watch all the time. 

    The Base doubled down on GWB in 2004 too, fortunately, Billo can't start a war, on his own, or crash the economy, on his own, but he will try like hell to get the rubes who watch him to vote for some Republican who sure will.

    I have to give credit where credit is due. If I hadn't caught him lying about Obama back in 2007, it may have taken longer for me to transition from an idiot Republican to a much smarter Democrat (even though I KNOW Dems aren't perfect!) I can't believe I EVER thought he had an ounce of integrity. 


    I wonder how many there are like you now. Maybe some that would quit but love how he blames everything on liberals (aka 'dirty hippies').

    I never watched Fox News but ceased watching even MSM news shows within a few months of March 2003, when Bush invaded Iraq, and it was covered like a Super Bowl. Even PBS was having nothing but Generals on talking about bin Laden's hydroelectric powered caves as big as warehouses, and Rummy's press conferences....etc

    It is better to look at actual facts on what Congress is up to, or on foreign affairs, as best as you can find, from primary sources, and skip the punditry and spin of nightly news channels. The only thing MSM is good at is US based disasters like snowstorms, floods, train collisions, tornadoes etc.

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