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    And the Lord God sent the Angel of Death, this time not for the first born only, but for all who worshipped at the demonic cult, and the pestilence was loosed amongst them.


    But upon the lintels of the houses of the pure, this symbol signaled to the Angel that within the dwelling none were to be harmed:



    Save yourselves, people!  Wear the T-Shirt!


    Fuck Trump And Fuck You For Voting For Him Shirt, Hoodie - TeeDragons

    Already have one in green.

    Edit to add:

    Didn't see one with the finger option.

    I dunno.
    Judging by how little movement there has been to view their avatar as a person with a job, your use of irony and double entendre may fall upon deaf ears.

    I think they call that a learning curve.
    Let's hope it is also exponential.

    I'm seeing lotsa whining among secular types already, like this:

    Hey Rog, if out-of-town relatives are asking what it's like: here's a pic of the 231st St. fruit guy

    and over at 50th Pct. feed they've got  this pic of "one out, one in" line at the 231st St Walgreens

    That Norhwest Bronx account is where I first saw the news of the field hospital going up in Van Cortlandt Park, too., it's a good one to check for local news.

    Still despise the 50th Precinct in general tho...mostly arrogant

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