The Peculiar Mind of Rand Paul

    From McClatchy:

    -Less government means more 'economic liberty', so why are rich tycoons spending billions on electing these guys? If government is drown in a bathtub, does Senator Rand Paul get the Golden Ducky? Why not start with liberating Kentucky?

    -Only guns can stop killing with guns, unless you have as many guns as Nancy Lanza, you won't be safe.

    -Let the immigrants work but not vote, Republicans like low cost labor, not voters.

    -Flat tax ,where poor moochers pay more, and billionaires pay less, only fair right?

    -Let the young opt out of Social Security, they don't need it, now anyway, and Wall Street could u$e the tsunami of fees they'd get from taking it over, right Rand?

    His big question of the day:  "To me the question is, do you believe you have the power to drone someone in the U.S.?"

    Somehow, I don't think 'droning someone in the US' is one of the big issues or challenges we face. Right up there with FEMA Concentration camps, UN black helicopters or the insidious diabolical creeping Sharia Law.


    He's not that peculiar. Libertarians tend to seem a bit strange - they are people who tend to have problems joining collectives in the first place. Alot of mental contortions occur as they try to regiment life in to a bunch of principles they have set forth in mind.

    He has scared me from the beginning.

    His old man is nuts and he is nuts.

    Regardless of what he says Curly Rand would:

    Bring back the gold standard--even though neither Pauls have any idea what that means. I mean we could have an oil standard or a wind standard or a Sun standard or whatever.

    End all Civil Rights legislation over the last 150 years. All at once.

    End SS forever.

    Certainly end SSI forever.

    End Medicare and Medicaid and Obamacare forever.

    Erase the EPA and six or seven other Federal Agencies.

    End the SEC.

    End any chance of watching the goods that read our shore.

    End the FDA, I mean who cares who poisons our food.


    the end

    Wasn't there that country singer who was gonna run in Kentucky?

    If Rand ends Social Security, does that mean disability payments end too? What will 10-27+ percent of working age Kentucky folks survive on? Will Goldman Sachs or Wall Street send them all monthly checks?

    Could the drones drop food and medicine out there in Rand country?

    NCD you got to the core of the issue.


    We would have no America any longer.

    I am assured of this!

    Oh DD is nuts too. Yeah.

    But this guy is nuts! 

    the end

    Economic Liberty of sick people is under attack by government in NYC! The economic liberty to get fired if you're sick! The Economic Liberty of bosses to make you work when you should be in bed.  Government oppression!

    Liberty destroying paid sick leave, 5 days per year,  in 15 or more employee NYC businesses by 2014? WTF?

    Calling Rand Paul can you filibuster this threat to our liberty?

    Rand Paul gained the spotlight for his filibuster to prevent President Obama from using drones on US citizens in the United States. Here is the timeline of events from documenting that Senator Cruz had raised the bizarre assertion that Obama would use drones against non-combatant US citizens to Eric Holder before the filibuster. Holder's response was, "No". Paul's filibuster was merely a stunt.

    Rand Paul minimized the issue of when the use of drones was appropriate, and focused on an attack on a Starbucks's in San Francisco. A post filibuster poll notes that most Americans are opposed to using drones to kill US citizen who are terrorists both in the US and abroad. Non-US citizens, on the other hand are drone-fodder

    It appears that Rand Paul's next filibuster efforts will be directed at knee-capping gun control

    Hooray for Freedumb & Rand 'Filibuster' Paul!  How about knee capping yourself or your buddy with your piece, from Kos, Gun Fail News IX:

    1. BELLINGHAM, WA, 3/07/13: Yet another Responsible Gun OwnerTM tells cops she was the victim of a home invasion, sparking a lockdown of nearby schools while police dogs and helicopters searched the neighborhood, but eventually admits she shot herself with her boyfriend's gun.
    2. SAN ANGELO, TX, 3/07/13: Police responded to a 911 call just after noon and found the residence had a shattered window. A woman inside the house said her son accidentally shot through the window while he and his brother, who had fled the scene, were in an argument.
    3. DEBARY, FL, 3/08/13: I accidentally shot myself! No, wait, I don't remember how I got shot. No, wait, my friend shot me. Y'see, we were drinking, and then he wanted to show me his gun, so we went into the bathroom together, and... aw, nevermind.
    4. PHILADELPHIA, PA, 3/08/13: A 21-year-old man is in critical condition after his friend accidentally shot him Friday night in East Frankford, police said. He was shot by his friend, a 19-year-old man who remained on the scene and was taken into custody by police without incident. The friend told police he had been handling the gun when it accidentally went off.
    5. SEATTLE, WA, 3/08/13: The boy stated that his friend had a semi-automatic handgun. According to the victim, his friend kept playing with it, by racking the slide back and forth until it accidentally went off, striking the victim in the leg.
    6. YAKIMA, WA, 3/08/13: Another one who thought his wife was an intruder. A pregnant intruder, I guess. Update: She died.
    7. TUSCALOOSA, AL, 3/09/13: A 16-year-old boy was accidentally shot in the foot with a shotgun while cleaning... his closet. We don't know if the gun itself was in need of cleaning, but clearly the closet was a mess.
    8. DEGRAFF, OH, 3/09/13: Another ninja-to-be has shot herself in the leg during concealed carry class. Pretty soon, she'll be sitting next to you with that gun, and thinking you should thank her for it.
    9. MARION, IL, 3/09/13: A Marion man was treated at Marion General Hospital on Saturday after he accidentally shot himself in the hand while attempting to break apart his handgun.

    Rand Paul was praised for ensuring that American would not be killed by drones while drinking coffee at Starbucks in San Francisco. In the real world, when a US Army veteran suspected of fighting for Al Qaeda returned to US soil, the alleged terrorist was arrested and not fired on by drones.

    It is unclear if black helicopters were involved.

    Yes this. I don't get the praise for Rand's filibuster. What next, praise for a filibuster making sure christians aren't sent to FEMA concentration camps?

    Holder hasn't released documents disproving such plans. Maybe Bachmann will go to bat on  it.

    I think Bachmann is infected by the same virus that has attacked noted pediatric neurosurgeon, Ben Carson. Carson managed to mention NAMBLA and bestiality in the same sentence as homosexuality. The last time we heard this it came from the mouth of Rick Santorum (Crap, now I've used came, mouth and Santorum in the same sentence). Hopefully, there wont be a term for a "Carson".

    I think Republicans are infected by some type of virus that impacts their thought process.

    The gullible people who cheered Rand Paul's theatrical filibuster totally ignored the fact that Rand Paul and the Republican party are conducting a filibuster war against President Obama and the Democrats. Rand chose the CIA director nominee as the rationale for his attack on Starbuck drone attacks. The GOP filibustered Chuck Hagel, the DOD nominee, an unprecedented event.

    Kathleen Sebelius at HHS and John Bryson at Commerce had their Secretarial nominations held to a 60-vote standard. John Lew at Treasury had to respond to 444 written questions from Republicans, many ridiculous, before confirmation.Lew had to answer more questions than the previous 7 Treasury nominees combined.

    Gina McCarthy at EPA is being blocked by Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO). Thomas Perez at Labor is being blocked by Sen. David Vitter (R-LA). The nominee for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Richard Cordray, is being blocked.

    Federal judicial nominees are being blocked at historic levels.

    Rand Paul just fired one shot in the ongoing GOP filibuster war.

    By the way, some of Paul's cheerleaders should tell the ophthalmologist that quoting a romantic poem written by a Latino to the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is condescending. If you are going to quote a Latino love poem to show Hispanic how much you love their culture, you might not choose a Communist poet like Pablo Neruda if you are championing Libertarian values.

    (Neruda poem translation for non-Spanish speakers)

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