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    President Obama has to make Medicare Solvent. Here's How:

    Medicare currently provides reimbursement for medical care to those of us who are 65+ years old.  There aren't too many in that group who have never had a health issue, and even fewer who have never had a chronic one (eg:  high blood pressure, arthritis, injuries, surgeries, and even cancer etc) --


    [insurance companies absolutely LOVE any of those things, because they get to charge more for premiums, or outright deny coverage, based on the fact that they would not be able to charge those unfortunate people enough to make a profit]

    As a health professional who is still working, and also internet savvy (but each day finding myself a little more forgetful) I am profoundly aware of how difficult it would be to surf my way through the internet jungle to find an insurance company that would cover me in my late 60's, my 70's, and on...

    [To those (liars) who say that this is what Congress gets, I would state the obvious:  Congress gets a pre-negotiated premium price that is for everyone who is in their cohort.  The elderly -- not CURRENT ELDERLY - read republicans -- will have to make a list out of every health problem they ever had, and THEN get a premium  price that reflects the insurance company's ability to still make a profit on them]

    I am so sick of this that I have a hard time condensing my thoughts, but how about this:  I have been paying in to Social Security since I was 18.  It is separate from my Federal Taxes, which I got refunds at age 18 because I didn't make enough to pay Federal taxes.  I don't remember when Medicare payments came in, but I know that my children are paying them although some of them don't make enough to pay Federal taxes.  

    Also, I know that the Social Security Piggy Bank has been used by multiple administrations to pay for things that they had overspent on.  

    So why are they attacking the very programs that are self-funding, while borrowing from them willy-nilly?




    Single-Payer, non-profit health care, where the young and the old; the sick and the healthy contribute equally in order to share the risk.



    You all know it is true.  Health care for all too expensive?  Deodorant is too expensive; so is cereal; so is toilet paper.  But most of all, so are wars.  



    Off topic, but has anyone seen this:  

    Yes, I saw it yesterday. Neat idea. We can't do that here in Baltimore, 'cause too many people really go bye-bye.

    Maybe you could do an aquarium theme!!!

    I think about that too!

    Paying into it since I was fifteen! damn

    True story!

    I laughed when my son recieved his first job at 16. hahahaha

    Where is my money, he asked. hahahahahaha

    Don't you just love that word 'entitlement'?

    What the hell is that?

    Entitlement! fuck you!


    I know, I am just about to file for reg SS.

    I was an employer besides an employee.

    I had to pay in as an employer as well as an employee.

    I do not get it!


    Jolly and I were discussing a plan I'd like to see implemented

    I don’t know how to frame it though, maybe you and others can help.  

    A10% Social tithing?

    Everyone including Corporations, will do their civic duty and support the Social Treasury; The Peoples Bank

    Seeing as how the banks don’t want to lend, the economy is tankingand  no tax revenues to support any new programs.

    Is there a provision in the Social Security law, in order to allow the Social Treasury  to be funded by the 10% Social Tithing premium, collected from all sources of income?.

    To allow an alternative to the current broken financial system , to allow the people to tell the bankers take a hike, you've screwed us enough, we are not your captives.

    After time, the Social Treasury may even have enough revenue, to be in direct competition with the blood sucking banks.

    We the People, would form our own Mutual Bank, The Peoples Bank,  for the mutual benefit of we the people, a bank for the people, by the people. Supported by ALL paying the 10% Social Tithe 

    We the people cannot trust the government, to supply us with the safety net we need.The moment there appear to be an alarm, they want to renegotiate the terms. How can they be trusted, when they dont feel obligated?  

    So we the people, will create our own financing mechanism to support our Own safety net and the thieving politicians who would cut our throats for a tax cut, cant hurt us, or take away our safety net.

    The Peoples bank will not accept Government IOU’S.The money is cash or equivalent. Not in "Government we trust, until we can’t trust them no more."

    Maybe we can get enough revenue in the Social Treasury, The Peoples Bank, the Peoples Reserve as opposed to the Federal Reserve?.

    If bankers want to come to the people and borrow, it will be the Peoples Bank that will prosper, earning interest on the peoples Social tithing contributions.

    Home mortgage interest paid into the Social Treasury, Student loan interest paid into the Social Treasury into the Peoples bank. Medical care premiums paid into the Peoples Bank the Social treasury  the Social Treasury the SINGLE PAYER.  

    Banks that want to participate must adhere to the Peoples Bank’s regulations.

    Banker lobbyists will not have access to the Social tithing supported, Peoples Bank. Only bankers who through application and can meet the criteria (regulations)  of the Peoples bank.

    Houses financed through the Peoples bank, medical care funded by the Peoples bank, student loans funded by the Peoples Bank.

    Whatever the banks use to bring in revenue, maybe the peoples bank can do so to support the Social NET

    The people will be free from slavery to bankers; instead we will slave for one another, as we strengthen the Peoples safety net  ,

    Free from political parties, free from corrupt bankers

    Can we frame this kind of alternative or have the bankers got us as captives? 

    FDR gave us the foundation when he gave us Social Security;  lets expand it in order to free ourselves; to benefit ourselves.  

    The Peoples Bank a Social Treasury, a tool in response to greedy bankers and politicians that betray the trust.  

    Can we get our country back? Can we take care of our needs, instead of fattening the wallets of greedy bankers, lobbyists and corrupt politicians?  

     (I watched Too Big to Fail last night)

    " (I watched Too Big to Fail last night)"

    Don't spoil it for us ...

    Donal when you've watched it, I'd sure like it if you'd write about it and open a discussion....Your good at those kind of blogs.

    Thanks Donal


    A coworker said it was a shoo-in for Golden Globe noms. He said Bill Hurt just becomes Hank Paulson.

    Yes Bill Hurt was very good.

    Paul Giamatti who played Bernanke was too.


    There is no more need for  social security and medicare to be dependent upon the inflow of cash from withholding taxes than  for the DOD to be dependent upon the DOD  trust fund-which of course doesn't exist. 

    Granted the media doesn't understand this. But the economists do.They're just pretending not to.


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