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    Prez to Romney:"It's about sincerity-once you can fake that, you got it made"

    Reduced as we are to a choice between smarmy and loathsome,it is disturbing to realize that part of the reason for Romney's stiffness and discordant address is that he is not the facile and suave pretender that is our Prez.


    Thus, when Romney is caught explaining his insistence that an undocumented but otherwise good employee must be discharged (or at least not sent to work at his home) he feels obliged to explain "I'm running for office, for pete's sake" He has of course been hammered for the obvious hypocrisy of knowingly furnishing job opportunities to people that he otherwise pledges to hound out of the country for purposes of satisfying the brutes who are his fellow Repugnants.


    But if we deconstruct the statement further, it represents the vindication of his urge as a human to explain to his interlocutor, presumably the men's employer, why he was being such a prick as to insist on the dismissal of some poor guy. Tom Tancredo, per contra,would experience no such inner conflict, and would cheerfully insist on dismissal for the sake of purifying the workforce, not as a necessity of political reality which might be overlooked absent a current race.


    In other words, Romney is actually more sincere than Obama.  He has the good taste to be embarassed by some of what he as to say, and it shows.


    Excuse me, I'm going to throw up now.


    I suspect he's embarrassed because it hurts the bottom line, not because he cares about the underpaid employee he's letting go…

    Fair enough, but the embarrassment is the metamessage.


    Tancredo, woud not be embarrassed, bottom line or not.


    It betrays a laudable deficiency of zeal to deport for the sake of racial purity, which is really what is at bottom here.

    I think you're right. The thing is, I really believe that in our current climate, Romney is about as progressive as you're going to find for a nationally running Republican. Heck, as Obama keeps pointing out, he even had a head start on universal healthcare!

    cmaukonen recently posted this on Facebook. It's subjective, but look where all the candidates are clustered:

    I think that's about  right.


    (openheadexplosion) Vote Freedom!  Vote Sanity!  Vote Paul!(??)(closeheadexplosion)


    It's lonely down here in the left hand corner...


    I feel like Santorum belongs a little further to the right, but maybe I'm neglecting some aspect of him that I'm unaware of…

    Grandpa...coal miner...big hands.


    thats about it.

    see below

    see below

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    SNL has Romney cold:

    In a sketch last week written by Downey, Jason Sudeikis’s Romney pandered three exits past shameless talking to different groups. He told the American Diabetes Association, “No one wants to get sick, you know, but frankly I’ve always thought that if I had to develop a chronic disease, you know I hoped it would be adult onset diabetes, I mean what a fascinating illness.”

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