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    Prez: "You say I'm 'bout to be under siege? I'm skinny but I'm tough"

    Learning in astonishment that Romney plans to run as the man who can save the tattered economic lives of "ordinary americans", we can anticipate that only the full tilt boogie return of Obama Agonistes can overcome the voters' susceptibility (already well shown) to repeated high priced agitprop

    Even if only under the prod dire peril, even if only because his managers let him slip slightly from the leash, even if only because Michelle gets caught listening to Lil' Wayne and Prez has a frisson of self-doubt requiring him to raise his testosterone level, whateve.

    These Repugnant bastards are going to open the money faucet big time, and they will say any fuckin' kind of nonsense (Romney? Ordinary Americans?) in the sure and certain confidence that 30 years of starving public education has left the people incapable of critical thinking.

    Only drama can penetrate, where reason falters.

    Prez, pull on your walking shoes, the ones you couldn't find during the Battle for Wisconsin,

    Get outta the house, get offa the couch, get onto the streets and jack those motherfuckers up.

    Be bold. (Precious Blood of the Sweet Baby Jesus, Prez, can't you hear the  pipes?)

    Spend coins, don't borrow to print dollars.

    Close bases like you were the Commander in Chief.

    Here's an idea-indict some war criminals, it'll put the fear of god in the rest.

    If Roberts shoves the mandate up your ass, open the VA to everyone.

    If you get horsed around on jobs, declare a state of siege.

    Cause, buddy, it's a siege you are under.


    Except that--

    These current plans of the RNC and associated PACS says to me that they think that the abysmal ratings of Congress (compared to the basically halfways decent meh's this way or that on the president's performance)  and its obstructionism are the biggest problem for them. So they are trying to do a classic Rove and turn that around and pin it on Obama, that he's not a uniter as he promised in 2008, but a divider.

    Now I don't claim to know how that polls for them or how they expect it to work, but if Obama plays fighter like you seem to think he should,  he'll be confirming that GOP narrative. To be clear: I am not suggesting the proper moves one way or another, just noticing a conflict a'coming with what you say.

    Edit to add: one thing everyone should keep in mind is that there will no doubt be lots of wild cards spending money on individual points of debate ala Citizens United and campaigns will not always be able to control things like they used to be able to. The" war room" is going to become more essential than ever, ready to turn on a dime?

    I haven't fully deconstructed that kos post (altho,  the medium here is certainly the message...) but it showed prima facie strategic and tactical talent.

    So is he a doofus or am I?

    Also, I don't think there is liability for him from the you didn't unite us, nyah, nyah, nyah crowd-he's on record (Matt Bai) as bending so far backward he kissed his heels.

     if Obama plays fighter like you seem to think he should,  he'll be confirming that GOP narrative

    ​To be clear, I am proposing a course of action ​that  would actually bring immediate results, and change peoples lives on the spot.

    The emergency federalization of all State road and infracture projects, and all state penal institutions, and all state law enforcement functions. 

    ​Like FDIC, you go to sleep on Friday with Wells Fargo, you get up monday with a Government Sponsered Entity, or something like that.

    Godammit, I want the socialist dictator that Rush Limbaugh promised me....

    ObaMasada's BESIEGED HIMSELF with zealots and "bipartisan" DEMiserepubilkans; while alienating US Devoted Faithful Hippie former allies who  could have reciprocally come to the rescue.

    Like you, I yearn for some drama. Indict someone already. Throw a punch. Nationalize the banks---great idea.

    I'm coming to the conclusion that Obama is like that description of a duck on the water---on the surface he looks calm, like smooth sailing, but you don't see the feet paddling furiously underneath. The message to Justice Roberts seemed calm, but it was in fact a threat. Go ahead, overturn it, make my day. I loved it.   


    I enjoyed his pointing out the Lochner period of supreme court decisions to the Robert's Court. It was like he was saying go ahead and be that dumb.

    I bet he could get some traction talkin' shit about  Scalia's competence...theres the rear ender, and going on about the cornhusker kickback which isn't even in the ACA.

    Maybe he can go to a roundball clinic with his brother in law, who is head coach at Oregon.  He needs to commit to pulling down the tough rebounds.

    Maybe Dennis Rodman could be his life coach....nah, probably not.

    Declare the emergency:

    At a stop in Decorah, Iowa, on Monday, he called for employing jobless construction workers to rebuild roads, bridges and schools across America.\

    ​Prez, you gutless, useless, piece o'crap.

    If my kids' school needs rebuilding, it's a fuckin' emergency.

    My bridge-the same.

    My road, the one I drive, you bet it's an emergency. 


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