Protesters Dragged Out of Trump Rally

    Some recent video from a Trump rally.

    Several protesters were dragged out of a Donald Trump rally in New Orleans last night by his security personnel. Rally attendants yelled “all lives matter” and shoved them as they were being forcibly ejected.

    “Secret service and Trump’s security team were part of that crew, but so were civilians, who were allowed to push, kick and shove the protesters,” says freelance reporter Amy K. Nelson who captured this video from inside the crowd at Lakefront Airport.






    Trump props up his floor, but lowers his ceiling.


    And so many blog sites kept referring to Brown Shirts. hahahahah

    I should not laugh, I mean here are Black folks thrown out like the old days in Chicago or in Wallace's old speech sites. 

    But it is funny to watch.

    Rachel has been covering this rather well.

    I get so very mad.

    Just remember, Hitler had all the Brown Shirts killed. hahahahahah

    Nice Post!


    Trump Supporters Raise Right Hands to Pledge Support. The Photos Are Terrifying.

    On Saturday, Donald Trump led a rally of supporters to raise their right hands and take a pledge that they would vote for him. “Let’s do a pledge. Who likes me in this room?” Trump asked the crowd at a rally in Orlando, Florida, which was frequently interrupted by protesters. “I’ve never done this before. Can I have a pledge? A swearing? Raise your right hand.”

    Those straight arm 45 degree salutes that you saw were merely the result of shoulder strain from too much golf, and should not give rise to misgivings.  Carry on.

    It did remind me of something, can't quite recall what. You're probably right. Something I saw on a golf course some years ago.



    Think of how the press would have handled black Obama supporters pushing white Tea Party members out of a rally. Trump is getting none of the demonization that Obama and his black supporters would have faced.

    Look at the difference between the democratic crowd and the Trump crowd. Look at the difference in how Obama handles protesters at his speeches. What we see at the Trump rally is the beginnings of mob violence and Trump doesn't just condone it, he incites it. Obama calms the crowd down before they get even a little angry. We see this play out similarly with other democratic leaders as well.

    Trump crowds are thugs. The other Presidential candidates pledged to support him.

    No need.  The open convention ( late votes are going " bigly" against the short fingered vulgarian ) will snatch away the prize whereupon Adolf Donald will bolt and run Indy.


    I love it when a plan comes together.

    None of that seems clear to me yet. There's conflicting data so at this moment it's all speculation. But I doubt that Trump will run as an independent if he loses the republican nomination. The major parties control the states and both parties make it difficult and expensive to get on the ballot as an independent. They have a vested interest in limiting competition.

    Donald Trump is not going to run as a third-party presidential candidate, even if he’s denied the Republican nomination.

    I’m not saying whether it would be a good idea for the GOP to deny him the nomination if he gets a plurality but not a majority of the delegates. But if it does, he won’t run third-party: He can’t afford it.

    I direct you to his personal financial disclosure form, which said he had about $300 million in cash and marketable securities. That’s a lot of money! Stunningly, however, it is not enough money to run a major presidential campaign, which now clocks in at around $1 billion.

    If Trump runs as a third-party candidate, the money to do so is going to have to come mostly out of his own pocket. The Republican Party’s traditional donors certainly aren’t going to help him. And so far, he’s shown no ability to raise the kind of staggering totals that, say, Bernie Sanders has managed to get from small donors.

    You are probably right.  But from what we've seen of Trump so far, I wouldn't put it past him to get his "Trumpets" to stay home, or just write him in out of pure vindictiveness.  His anger would HAVE to have an outlet.  What better outlet than to give the finger to the GOP Establishment?  I don't  see the GOP letting Trump get the nomination.

    Wouldn't THAT be great?????  We would get the Presidency, the Senate, and give the House some major challenges.  

    And the other bonus is that the "Trump Brand" will be forever sullied by his boorish behavior and general ugliness.  I predict another Bankruptcy -- this time a personal one -- Melania will not like that.

    I can see that. Even if he's not vindictive what is sure is that Trump is not the type to work hard to unify the party behind the guy who beat him.

    It's all looking great CVille, if the democrat wins the presidency. And I'm never confident of that until the votes are counted. If she doesn't it's the worst thing, politically, that's happened in my life time.

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