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    Republican Spank Bank

    I knew the country was in trouble as soon as it became obvious donald would win. But I had no idea how bad it would be.

    Not only have we turned the reins of the world over to an arrogant prick (I'll dispense with all the other negative adjectives - we all know the vast number of mental disorders he appears to have) but the rethuglicans are so intoxicated with their newly found power in Congress that they have pulled out their entire spank bank of right-wing fantasies and are rushing to fulfill all of them just as quickly as possible. They aren't even pretending to be looking out for the best interests of the majority of the people. They are attempting to roll back over 75 years of progress, so that the wealthy can pillage and plunder the country at will. They're like boys in a whore house trying every sexual act known to mankind before their parents realize what they're doing.

    If they get their way (and it seems as if the Dems are going to be incapable of stopping them) public lands will be up for development, the environment will be shot to hell, women will go back to having little control over their bodies, and the wealthy will be using the rest of us to service their needs. Our educational ranking in the world will plummet, our mortality rates will rise, the rich will get way richer, and the poor will get even poorer. They will systematically dismantle as much of the social safety net as they can possibly get away with, and spend as much as they can on the military, not in higher wages for the service men and women, but in the hardware of war, all the while lining the pockets of the mega-wealthy. The banks will go back to doing the same things that got us into the Great Recession, consumers may as well bend over, as corporations will do whatever the hell they want, as long as donald approves. 

    The new American Taliban will be taking over every aspect of your life in the name of religious freedom, THEIR religion, a perversion of the one supposedly based on the Bible. They don't don't like regulation unless it's them sticking their noses under your sheets and up your vagina.

    Their very 1st thoughts on the first day of the new congress were to trash the ethics committee so they can get away with more unethical behavior, and set fines for anyone who dares record what happens on the floor of the House. They are attempting to use arcane rules to force out federal employees who believe in science and destroy the progress made in LGBTQ rights.

    donald is already requiring people to sign non-disclosure agreements to work in his administration, is filling his cabinet with billionaires and people who despise the agencies they are being tapped to run. Loyalty oaths to Twitler can't be far behind.

    And now, get this...Congress wants to withhold funding for Embassy protection (as well as maintenance) until the American Embassy in Jerusalem is fully operational (and it has yet to be determined if locating it there is a good idea.)  This coming from the people who accused Hillary of basically murdering 4 Americans in Benghazi. So, I guess that was really no big deal, after all.

    My head is spinning right off my body I'm so pissed.

    I've run out of swear words, and I know some pretty good ones, but they just don't seem to be vile enough to describe what these people are trying to do to us.

    I need someone to talk me down, because I am seriously about to explode.



    This will seem off the wall but I am seriously  concerned  that something we write here could be the trigger for a violent reaction.  OK let me talk turkey. That it could contribute to an attempt to kill him. Wrong on every level: first because violence is wrong, period. But after that because of the danger of return violence.

    There are people in every movement -ours, theirs- who sometimes do uncharacteristically terrible things. NY Governor Cuomo is in the process of reducing the sentence of Judith Clark - a high potential person who 35 years ago participated in an action during which several cops were killed. Didn't go home  to their wives and children.Ever.

    However "hateful" Trump's acts and words , don't  hate him  Even employing violent language  is itself an  unguided missile. 




    Flavius, sites like dagblog serve as a release valve for our frustrations. No one here is going after Trump. There is a tendency to tell Progressives to cool off while the Republicans are experiencing a psychosis. I am more concerned that someone would target the Obamas than I am about harm aimed at Trump. Why do some always find fault with Progressives even within the ranks of Progressives? Is there a reason Progressives go after each other first?

    Seriously? You're suggesting that we ignore what these assholes are doing because someone might get angry and kill him? What would that accomplish? Then we get Pence, who is probably even more dangerous in some ways. 

    The American people have been suckered into giving the rethuglicans control of the whole enchilada. There is no going back and getting the election reversed. It is what it is. We are stuck with who we have. The ONLY thing we can do is to stay mad enough and vigilant enough that we call them on every crappy thing they do.

    The idea that we keep our pretty little mouths shut so we won't upset anyone is ludicrous. 

    Am I venting? Hell yes. I'm pissed.

    Did I use violent language? Where?


    Jeez Flavius your post does seem off the wall. I hate the mother fucker and those who voted for him. I'll do what I can to let them know how I feel and to hinder their agenda. That doesn't mean I'm advocating assassination or genocide. I'm not even going to create a web site with bulls eye targets on pics of people like the anti-abortion nazis did with doctors performing abortions.

    I think you're the one who needs to breathe.

    . I'll do what I can to let them know how I feel and to hinder their agenda

    Which is it?

    "Occupy Wall Street " was great fun and  we had  60 seats in the 2009  Senate.

    But while  we were letting them know how we felt we were making a lot of people late for work as a way of letting them know how we felt.

    And we dropped to 53 seats .Being a pain in the ass is not a proven vote winner.

    Hello  Russ McConnell.

    Of the three people I knew who worked down town , two shifted their vote in 2010. To the Republicans. They were completely knowledgeable about the origins of the "sub prime" debacle,  partly why they had signed up  to ring door bells  for Obama.In Pennsylvania .And applauded his 2009  Wall Street rescue. But they also liked getting to work without  picking  their way between a lot of bodies lying in the street.

    The best way to hinder the Trump agenda is to re gain 3 of those Senate seats  next year. To prevent his Supreme Court from -among other things-  repealing Roe with a thousand cuts.

    A good start would be to do our demonstrating  in the poll booth.

    "Well Trump was able to fire up his crowds" you say. Yeah, 3 million of them fewer than "The Red Queen".A friend once said " Nixon had greatness thrust upon him". "And he ducked."

    We're going to have a senate majority thrust upon us next year. If we simply act like grown ups.



    Your post and this comment are over the top. No one here is going to assassinate Trump. Hitting the streets to protest an attempted legislative coup in NC is patriotic. The case is also being fought in the courts. Moral Mondays in NC were boisterous and led to the ouster of a Republican Governor who thought transgender people were a physical threat in bathrooms. Change requires action. Progressives are not the problem here. Why always go after the Progressives first?

    Who is Russ McConnell?

    You're making a causal link that I don't think exists. I doubt that Occupy Wall Street had anything to do with democratic losses in congress. No people were more inconvenienced by Occupy than New Yorkers and they voted in de Blasio for mayor.

    Flavius, you're equating a list of factual claims regarding Trump's actions as president with "violent language". You're not even saying Stilli is exagerating. So in your book just listing these actions amounts to inciting violence. 

    Your approach sounds a bit overly cautious. 

    I can see why you and others drew that conclusion. I should have segregated the topics .

    Certainly "Occupy" was completely non violent. I would also say " ineffective"or even counterproductive but that's just a personal impression.

    I remain concerned that what you  categorize here as factual claims regarding  Trump seem to me to verge on  hyperventilation . I yield to no one in my  disgust with Trump and many -not all- of the current crop of Republican legislators.  But mostly I think it's just  inaccurate to describe them with demeaning language. And not useful.

    I was surprised during the summer when David,  a politically sophisticated liberal friend, who meets Trump occasionally, disagreed with a table-full of us  discussing him in the sort of escalating language that I and others use here.. Now, I sometimes  first ask myself : would I say this  in front of David? 




    A foreign power acted in an attempt to elect Donald Trump. Donald Trump has a white supremacist as an advisor. Do you think that is hyperventilation?


     Attempting to arrange the election of our preferred foreign leader is as American as apple pie.

    Any white supremacist is disgusting. When we find out how influential he is we'll learn whether he is also dangerous.  

    I'm not saying we shouldn't worry. Or closely scrutinize Trump's every move. We should. I'm saying that the time to shout  "I've seen a wolf" is when we see a wolf. 

    As we almost certainly will btw.

    By your rationale, Moral Mondays was of no value. The protests began before the laws actually went into effect. Black people should not have mounted an effort to protest voter suppression because the United States acted to suppress votes in other countries. Blacks should not be upset the Trump, Bannon, and Sessions are racists because the United States  is a flawed country. It is fortunate that black people feel no need to suffer because of the philosophy you espouse. President Obama and Eric Holder will be involved in a movement to fight the nationalized voter suppression we can expect under Trump. Waiting for Trump is to make the first move is irrational. The argument you make is that minorities, the poor, Muslims, and women should suffer because of actions taken by the government of the United States they had no ability to control. There is no morality in justifying doing nothing for one group because another group is suffering. Trump and Sessions have telegraphed their plans. The time to act is now. You say that you are certain that we will see Trump,abuse power. You are certain of the bad outcome, yet you advise that warning people about impending danger is hyperventilation. Preparing for the danger should not occur until the danger is already at hand. It is immoral and nonsensical.Your disgust over actions of the United States does not justify suffering of ethnic groups in the United States.

    Edit to add:

    If you are aware of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions' record in the Senate and do not see a wolf, I can't help you.

    I, for one, would say everything I said in front of David and anyone else I was discussing donald with.

    I don't believe I said anything that was inaccurate, but when you list it all item after item, it could sound a little like I'm hyperventilating, but that's the point. He has done, and is doing so many offensive and unethical things so quickly that it raises alarms. Add to it what the republican Congress is doing and to not be, what would be a kind word? Upset? would be impossible for most rational people.

    donald has created this war. We are not his opponents, we are his enemies. He is not attempting to "change" Washington, but to turn it on its head. He is taking an institution that was designed, intentionally, to move slowly so that we can make sure that the changes we think we want are really what we want, and he/they are setting up changes so quickly, and so many at the same time, that we have little time to breathe, let alone think these things through. It's all about defeating us. And to top it off, he hates Obama, and is hell bent on erasing him from the history books - getting rid of every single thing that he accomplished, so as to make it like he never existed - right down to getting rid of the play set outside the oval office. How juvenile is that?

    As is happening now, even the people who voted for him didn't think he would REALLY take their insurance AWAY from them, but would make it better and more affordable, even though he PROMISED he would do away with it. He said he'd leave Social Security and Medicare alone, but the Congress is attempting to fast track privatizing them.

    They talked about the deficits, and now they're willing to blow them up. They talked about jobs, and although they may save some, they are destroying others. I hope someone is keeping a tally, because the number of jobs added in the medical field will be shrinking pretty dramatically.

    Many Americans pitched a hissy fit in 2016, from both the left and the right. In thinking there was no way someone like donald could actually be elected, the media chose not to thoroughly vet him during the primaries, and even in the early days of the actual contest. For ratings, they wanted a horse race, so they worked to make it close. They gave him an incredible amount of publicity, played up the false equivalence of "both sides do it," and fawned over him like they were puppies. 

    In the meantime, Bernie "softened up" Hillary for the repubs, according to Kelly Ann Conway, the Bernie bros brutalized her, the Russians meddled, the FBI broke from normal practice and aided and abetted them all, and we find ourselves with a man/child, a tyrant, a person with almost zero intellectual curiosity, a parson so impressed with himself, so unaware and uninterested in even knowing how much he doesn't know, as our leader, surrounding himself with yes men, billionaires, and people who hate the agencies they are being asked to lead.

    How could anyone who is paying attention not be scared? They OWN the government. And sitting back and giving them a chance, does not seem to be a rational option. They are GOOD at this. We are not. But we'd better improve quickly, or the America we have worked so hard to build, will be unrecognizable in just a few short years.

    I am an optimistic person by nature. I almost always see the glass half full, and am very good at ferreting out silver linings when it appears at first glance there are none. 

    When it comes to donald, all that goes out the window. He is out for himself, and if a few of his friends benefit as well, he can handle that. But the rest of us are pig swill. He will use us for what he can get from us, but any actual benefit we receive will be purely accidental.

    And I'd say it all to anyone. And more. Unfortunately, even all this, is just the tip of the iceberg.


    Somehow, telling the truth has become hyperventilation. We may hurt the feelings of reactionaries and racists if we call them by name.

    "Occupy" inspired a lot of Bernie supporters, brought home the 99% vs 1% meme, and possibly forced the government's hand to more prosecutions than it might have. Could they have done better? Likely. But they didn't act violently or very disruptively either, camping out in 1 park per city being minimal disturbance. Their bigger problem was probably not articulating particular goals, but that's also part of our representatives' responsibility, especially when the problem is so obvious but still ignored.

    Party like it's 1876, and the Holman Rule:

    I have felt for a very long time that the true GOP "vision" for America is exactly this.  A return to the original Gilded Age, where there were no worker rights, no worker security (hell who needs Social Security and medical coverage?); no environmental protection; easy and free corporate access to public lands; an unregulated and rapacious Wall Street; racial segregation and oppression; restrictive immigration laws against the "wrong people," all topped off by a perverse form of Calvinist "Christianity" and Social Darwinism where, if you are an economic failure and poor, "God doesn't love you."

    I need someone to talk me down, because I am seriously about to explode.

    I'm not sure that being talked down is an advantage, Still, and I'm sure that it's not the way to find our way forward.  Why be talked down?  Why not be encouraged to talk up?  We, as Democrats, truly need to learn how to scream from every rooftop that we have ideas to help  ...let's put the Republicans on the edge.

    Well, when you put it that way! You always have a way of making me feel better, even when it isn't in the way I had expected!

    Maybe one way to think about it is as a happenstance of trading places. The people who complained for so long that their suffering came from the hands of evil forces from the Left are now in power and can chart their own course.

    It is a remarkable change. The victory of the Right in this election means that they can no longer object to objections to their program as something the other side never gave a chance. They are the party in power. I would never give them this power if it was in my power but there it is: The next several years belong to them.

    Let's make them pay for that.

    Sounds good on the surface, but you've got to know, no matter what, it will always be our fault, and with the cowardly media to help spread the word, they will be fine. The rethuglicans are like the Phoenix that rises from the ashes over, and over and over.

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