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    Roger Stone's time in the barrel

    Pro tip:  If someone knocks unexpectedly before dawn, just slip out the back, Jack (pace, Paul Simon...)


    When you total up the years attached to the indictment pursuant to which Stone was taken in, he may get a chance to explore the tatooing talents of self-taught fellow inmates (to go along with the Nixon tatoo already on his back), it would appear that the dapper dark artist will be strongly motivated to give up his Godfather--or perhaps pull a "Frank Pentangeli" by way of "final exit"


    I won't mourn the latter, but I will relish the former more.


    Pareenthetically, as referenced in the paragraph above, it is hard not to chortle at the repeated pre dawn rousting (see, Manafort, Paul) that is being visited upon the Trump capo regimes as they go down.


    It never hurts to have a back door out of which to duck.


    It appears Stone will have plenty of time to learn about back doors, not that it wasn't explored long before. Duck duck go, it seems.

    Oh, you do have a way with words...

    as my old physiology professor used to say, “Any orifice in a storm.”

    I heard it as "I gave at the orifice". Still remember a gay punker friend in school had a sign on his front door saying, "Enter in Rear". Seems he liked taking the piss out of people.

    If I could put time in a barrel...

    I'd send it all to Wikileaks...

    almost like he's begging for it:


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