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    Okay, so CBS 60 Minutes will present the storm of the year review.

    Trump's old pay for sex partner shall appear.

    Just waiting for the end of the NCAA Basketball thingy to end; it is now in overtime.

    No. 1 Kansas v. No. 2 Duke.

    I do not care even if I should.

    Speaking of overtime.

    This dalliance, as you might recall occurred just shortly following the birth of Donald's last kid (we think?) whom we never get to see.



    AAAAAAAAAAAAAah, the theme song for all time!

    Let us get set!

    The interview of the minute?

    But what a set she has.....

    Sorry, I get carried away.



    Okay, so we got 40 seconds on the clock.

    Now 28 secs left.

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOH who is going to get the ticket?

    Or the cup?

    Or the draft number for the lottery?


    I dunno, what the hell do I know about basketball?

    Anyway, soon we shall get back to baskets?


    alrighty then, Kansas wins.

    And Sixty Minutes begins real sooooooooooon. They promise.

    I just bet Trump has his fried chicken or burgers right on his Florida bed in front of his favorite TV

    DDay, I was getting the impression that you weren’t going to do glad you did!  This is the official Stormy Live Blog!

    I thought this B.B. game would never end...and it almost didn’t!


    I gotta add this Cville. hahahaha

    You actually had me responding to someone else.

    I dunno. this got to me to night.


    Allrighty then.

    There is the 60 Minutes watch thingy.

    And there is the gay guy who will do the interview?

    Well, we all have to trust someone to do the right thing?

    I'm Anderson Cooper.

    Ooooooh, an ad for some show about Teddy?

    WHY NOT?

    Okay, there she is and Anderson has his hair all in place?

    I am not okay being like a liar, but name me someone who would not turn down the money?

    (How about the bombshell next door with two kids who sticks with her hubby?


    But damn she has a large chest?


    He just took down his pants.

    And then I spanked him.

    And he said



    Well, no rest tonight?

    Well, you put yourself in a wrong situation.


    (Is greedily a word?)

    He would call me all the time.

    When can I see you again?

    Well, at the same time, this might work out?


    He was watching Shark Week.

    He rubbed my.......

    He had promised she might get on Celebrity Apprentice?

    (She never believed it)

    Some guy came up to her later and noted:

    Would you ever like to see your baby again?

    So bimbo gives an interview to some mag in 2011.

    But the bimbo attorney has her sign a non disclosure release for 130 grand?

    My family was not safe.

    She says to Anderson:




    THEY CAN MAKE LIFE DIFFICULT FOR YOU, she says the attorney says....


    She was trying to protect her daughter from hearing that she had sex with Donald trump?  This strains credulity.  How did her daughter handle all the porn films?  Even their titles are yukky.


    I know, I heard that Cville.


    Straining credulity?


    I thought she said she was trying to protect her daughter from the threats and consequences of threats she said she was being subjected to.

    This is just a great sentence.

    I really mean it.

    But in the end, I have to give Dreamer the Dayly Line of the Day for this here Dagblog Site to Dreamer, rendered to all of Dreamer from all of me. hahahhaahahah

    Actually I shall put this sentence into some safe place so that my grandkids might read it some day.


    Personally, I liked C'ville's quite a bit better.  But thanks just the same, DD.  (I think. Or maybe its just that I managed to mutilate the language in a slightly amusing way.)

    Anderson says the obvious


    I paid the money without consent of the prez; I paid it all with my own money, I love America and I love my Prez and I am an idiot and .....

    Says the Attorney Cohen?


    Says cohem.

    Or is it the uncoverup.



    NOW Cohen says he is righteous?




    Evidently Stormy (I just love that name) signed some letter acknowledging that she never had sex with the moron currently in the WH.


    They said they would stop looking at my porno films if I did not sign it.

    (Okay, I made that up)



    Anderson just said that, before the hemorrhoid commercial. hahahahaah

    I must underline this.





    Ho, hum.  I am not impressed.  Makes me wonder how many ways I might have made $130,000.  And I’m not even a whore.





    On the whole, I would have preferred much more basketball. That is it. I am done.







    Trump, or perhaps only Trump's attorney Cohen, did end up paying for sex, only 10 years after.  

    Really strains credulity to think Stormy was somehow on her version left in a bad position that night in 2006 that she put herself in, rather than that she believed having sex with the Donald would lead to a gig on the Apprentice or some other benefit in light of the dirt it meant she now had on him.

    Not that many of his supporters are likely to turn against him given all the other stuff they've looked the other way on.  Some of them might be more impressed with His Sleazebagginess based on this dalliance.

    His reputation could hardly be further tarnished.  A question perhaps is whether there is literally any degree of further humiliation that would be a final straw for Melania and what, if any, damage she could do to him if she could be so inclined.

    The former Bush appointee who was on the show says the wild card is whether Mueller will dig into Cohen's role in this matter (using it to get other information out of Cohen?) who was involved in business negotiations with the Russians on Trump's behalf.

    THERE is a reason for this.

    I knew there was a reason for this:

    I have not played this song for years dreamer. hahahah

    Yeah, Daniels's attitude about that night was weird.

    I realized exactly what I'd gotten myself into. And I was like, "Ugh, here we go." (laugh) And I just felt like maybe-- (LAUGH) it was sort of-- I had it coming for making a bad decision for going to someone's room alone and I just heard the voice in my head, “well, you put yourself in a bad situation and bad things happen, so you deserve this.”

    So she was punishing herself for by screwing someone she wasn't attracted to? Why not just say, "I'm sorry Mr. Trump, but I'm afraid you got the wrong idea."

    Mike I really do not know where to put this thought.


    The way you put my blog like this.




    Honest to god, I love you Mike.

    Like the old joke, I do not care whatever anyone says about you; I LIKE YOU.


    I dunno, you just killed me tonight.

    I love you and Dagblog and you all make me feel really good.


    Oh and nice comment.


    You're the best, DD. And your live blogs are the best of the best.

    PS Who's saying shit about me? ;)

    Oh, there's a companion site to dagblog, dagblog?.com. It's strictly moderated. All we're allowed to discuss is people who post on dagblog, mostly we chat about the people on the masthead.

    Not a weird thing but also noted was her response to Cooper Anderson questioning whether she is doing all of this for money in a memoir , etc.  She asserted risks to her reputation from all this publicity but didn't deny that as a motivation or potential benefit going forward. 

    If so, not that that means her story is false.  She's a businesswoman.  For Stormy Daniels, there may indeed be no such thing as bad publicity.

    Her business doesn't allow for blue balls and disappointment - she's not a co-ed going on a date - she's an adult "entertainer", which carries its own set of expectations and responsibilities. Screw those up, and she might as well be a short-order cook at Denny's. Let's just say in her video business she probably didn't always enjoy her co-star(s) either. Just part of the landscape, tomorrow's another day.

    Yes, but she gets paid for her films. If she'd said that she had sex with Trump for professional reasons (e.g. Celebrity Apprentice) as Dreamer suggests, that would be consistent. But to say that she "deserved" having to screw him because of her poor judgment in coming to his hotel room is just weird.

    Dangerous Liaisons.

    I agree.  Only an inexperienced naïf might not realize that going to the hotel room of a guy you just met is likely to end up with that guy coming on to her sexually.  The naïf would know not to go instinctively, and Stormy (who evidently called her girlfriend and asked her to come too, and who also “spent a long time in the bathroom?”) surely knew what to expect.  She depicted herself as someone who was confident enough to challenge his behavior — talking about himself, and spanking him.  Surely she was savvy enough to just turn him down.

    As most people observe:  who cares what these two people did?  But she is like a burr in his saddle, and that’s fine with me.  I only resent the fact that it has truly taken over as the latest distraction from his hideous cabinet, and his many crimes.

    Clearly, she didn't want to turn him down.  I think it's more like, "she'd have preferred if he'd surprised her by not asking." In any event, she is an amusing burr, though I don't really care, beyond thinking that this couldn't be happening to a nicer guy.

    "Surely she was savvy enough to just turn him down." - surely she was savvy enough not to.

    "Surely she was savvy enough not to."  Right. She was negotiating a potential business opportunity. Trump offered by implication a deal she decided of her own free will not to say no to. She realized that not screwing him would kill her opportunity and so she screwed him, nothing she hadn't done for business many times before. 

    This seems way more controversial to us than it did to her. We're so precious!

    Not even sure why the dudes are even discussing. Surely we all know about charity fucks and the like. Pretty sure most women are fairly resilient and practical.

    Well, you know, PP, that charity begins at home.

    I'll vouch for that.

    After days of 24/7 coverage and commentary on the subject including a great deal of attention being paid here, [probably beyond a hundred total comments by now] I posted my first comment noting that she exercised her free will.  I did not intend to imply judgment one way or the other beyond pointing out that she did what she did with a motive. As she said, she is not a victim. I do not understand your "precious" comment.

    It's about all of us Dagmen. Nothing personal, LULU.

    CVille Dem clears her throat LOUDLY...

    Oh, I walked right into this, didn't I? I was referring only to me and Peracles.  We are both precious.

    It's the Karen Douglas thing that's a marriage killer if Melania was not aware of it, not just a fling but a longstanding affair. Note the same daughter line here on the NPR March 23 article by Vanessa Romo on it:

    [....] That set a precedent for their future sexual encounters, of which she said there were "many dozens." From June 2006 through April 2007, she said, "We saw each other a minimum of five times a month up to bigger numbers," and each meeting involved some type of sexual intimacy.

    Throughout their relationship, Trump arranged their trysts, asking her to meet him all over the country in private and in public, she said. Mostly he would fly her out to meet him and put her up for the length of her stay, but he occasionally had her book her own travel and pay for herself, with the understanding that he would reimburse her later.

    That way there would be "no paper trail," she said.

    She told Cooper that Trump didn't seem to care whether people saw them together and didn't seem conflicted about cheating on his wife. She said she visited him at his New Jersey home. Once, she said, he even took her to the apartment in Trump Tower where he lived with his wife and their young son, Barron.

    "Aren't you afraid to bring me here?"

    "They won't say anything," Trump supposedly said.

    He showed her around the "very gold" apartment and pointed out Melania's room, saying, "She likes to get away to read."

    It was moments like this, McDougal said, that filled her with guilt and dread over the extramarital affair.

    "Doing something wrong is bad enough, and when you're doing something wrong and you're in the middle of somebody else's home or bed or whatever, that just puts a little stab in your heart," she said.

    Even worse was actually meeting Melania and posing for a picture with her, Trump and a handful of McDougal's Playboy Playmate colleagues, she said. McDougal conceded it is possible Melania knew about the Playmate's dalliance with Trump.

    Still, she said she was very happy throughout the romance. She said that she loved Trump and that he loved her. He told her so "all the time" and had several pet names for her, including "baby" and "beautiful Karen."

    One of her memories involves Trump favorably comparing her to his daughter Ivanka.

    "He said I was beautiful like her," she told Cooper [....]

    This is a repeat of behavior with Marla Maples. He purposely shoved Marla in Ivana's face. He likes to have a young partner, Ivana was getting too old for him.But this is beginning just a year and a half after he married Melania and Barron had just been born March 2006. Here is a good Vanity Fair May 2017 article on their relationship.

    Hi AA, I missed this comment.

    Without getting into specifics; Trump represents everything most women abhor. I think?


    Thank you for this link and comment.

    A question is whether 60 Minutes crosses or nears some threshold of embarrassment or shaming or public humiliation threshold for him.  He does seem to have an unusually binary mind where some people and some sources matter and most don't.  Which category is 60 Minutes in for him?

    But I don't want to give him too much credit.  

    I am reminded again of the sage J.R. Ewing: "Once you give up your integrity the rest is easy!" (Accompanied by ear to ear s*** eating grin)

    One of her memories involves Trump favorably comparing her to his daughter Ivanka.

    He keeps on doing this and nobody ever seems to be appropriately creeped out.

    For me the guy is creepy and sleazy in so many ways he comes off as an almost surreal cartoon of himself.  Hard to focus on only one creepy thing about him (the human mind, or this one at any rate, becomes overwhelmed with the magnitude of it all) but I agree, I haven't seen much explicit commentary on this particular facet of his creepiness.  

    Psychologist Arta practicing without a license has shamelessly thought about this. It's all part of the narcissism. From Sorkin @ The New Yorker on Stormy on 60 Minutes:

    “It started out all about him,” Clifford said, when describing how her evening with Trump began. She had asked him, she said, “Does this normally work for you? And he looked very taken aback, like he didn’t really understand what I was saying.” Clifford said that she clarified her question to Trump: “Does, just, you know, talking about yourself normally work?” For a while, maybe it did.

    He's crazy about Ivanka because he sees her as a Stepford female version of himself. She's a ten, his genes are a ten, he loves them, the look turns him on whenever he sees it. It's the essence of the Narcissus story, gazing at his reflection for hours, enchanted.

    He certainly doesn't see it in Tiffany. I recall this from the Howard Stern days: Trump told Howard Stern it's OK to call Ivanka a 'piece of a--'

    Look at the Palm Beach portrait, it was created to specification as he likes to see himself, what he sees when he looks in the mirror, it is the same look as Ivanka strutting down the aisle in her model days and it is Stormy and it is the young Ivana (as well as Ivanka), too:

    Note also from the Stern link he said when women reach about 35 it's "check-out time." He is turned on by  an ideal youthful image of himself. I note that the women all project a similar kind of strength and confidence, they are not wimpy or shy, just not quiet. Marla actually seemed a little of an off pick, she was bubbly, a different type of personality, and she didn't last long.

    AA I missed this. I miss a lot as you well know.

    But this rotten, steamy pic of one of the most rotten human beings who ever lived. hahahahhahaha

    This pix just got to me.


    See, all I got is that I hate this guy?

    This man has never accomplished anything his entire life that might further humanity?

    I was thinking of The Who?

    I can't explain.

    I was thinking of Dylan?

    And touching a barbel he points to the sky?

    If one watches him closely he looks like mussolini

    I might get into this theme further but....

    But yeah, we all might be fooled again.


    Well The Who is fine if it calms you down. But otherwise I think you should stay with the whole goofball clown thing and the HAHAHAHA thing you usually do. If you dwell too much on the hate/pig/Mussolini thing, you'll give yourself a heart attack. Ridicule works and you're good at it. And look hey, Bill O'Reilly is gone and you are still here. wink

    P.S.Look, I just ran across this, things could really get fun for you, they could start eating each other:

    Frank Bruni: Ann Coulter to Donald Trump:Beware the Former Trumpers

    I personally think that the only reason Melania is still his wife is because he needed a wife for this campaign and a new one just wouldn’t do.  If he hasn’t threatened her with taking Bannon away from her.  His pockets are deep enough that the threat would be realistic and frightening to her.

    just a guess, but why else is she still around?

    Who knows? Some pretty good looking woman seemed to find Don Jr worth falling in love with (despite his wife), Don Sr.'s 2nd lawsuit of the month seemed to think him worth running after. Presumably women are making these decisions and seemingly not just for money. I might think it irrational or at least poor aesthetic choice, but less irrational than voting for him. Who knows. I'm certainly not out to arbitrate human sexual response.

    Easy: manly man, hetereo, shoosts big animals, protects with concealed carry, but still cleans up nice, square jaw, has table manners and doesn't belch in public. So he has to kowtow to his daddy, you can't have everything.


    Almost like JFK except... different.

    I just caught this Peracles.

    Almost like JFK?



    If some stand-up does not rip you off soon with this idea, I will be surprised.

    Claim copyright for sure.

    No need - I have it watermarked and water tortured - even the Chinese know to keep their mitts off. Or else.

    I'm fairly certain that mitt-offing is frowned upon in China.  It's a population thing.

    Can they humiliate them in the press like Teh Donald did here?

    Oh I have to add this:

    Trump has fired? the latest attorneys he was going to hire? but....


    Not only will this imbecile go along without a Chief of Staff? But he is going it alone without attorneys?

    I have no idea what is going on; but neither does our Commander In Chief?

    Sorry, this link just got to me.

    I cannot figure this out?

    I just happened to see this on that in my email:



    — Maggie Haberman (@maggieNYT) March 25, 2018


    To me, whatever the case of the actualities (Genova & wife supposedly recused because conflict with representation by others in their firm),  it's like Trump is thinking he doesn't need no damn lawyers, he thinks he's smart enough to handle it himself, he's gonna just keep saying no collusion no collusion no collusion. And that's what he wants to say to Mueller's face, he thinks that will be easy peasy, don't need no lawyers. And he's betting that will keep him president and what happens after he leaves office, that he'll take care of then. And when the fans will stay with him and when he watches Fox News this is all reinforced: much ado about nothing....and what about that crooked Hillary and FBI....

    I wish to express how important you are to me, AA.

    You have done this before. You will copy tweets or whatever to enhance my point; if I ever have one point. hahahah

    To me, this comment has an affect I never presaged? Predicted? 

    We don't need no other lawyers?

    See, I am discombobulated.

    You are so much brighter than I.

    And yet, you keep talking to me, so to speak.

    Yeah, collusion? I have seen this stupid quasi-legal idea spelled colusion?

    On cable tv.

    I do not think that this know-nothing defense will work with the intelligentsia

    See, you always send five thoughts in my mind at one time. I wish I were smarter and could handle all of these ideas at one time.

    Sometimes I do not really know how to properly respond.

    You are way ahead of me.

    Anyway, here is an old song that might best represent what I feel right now:

    That is all I got right now.




    I also saw and was struck by this comment (and Haberman's confirmation). Here's the full tweet:

    Here's a more in-depth Haberman piece, although it doesn't mention Dowd's opposition to diGenova.

    Mike, I thought this was a big deal; but then I thought I read it wrong. Which is par for the course.



    Thank you for watching---at least that was the old time tv saying.


    We all got lots of company and your instinct to talk about this here was spot on. Over at the New Yorker, I just read Amy Davidson Sorkin saying it's what the Stormy Daniels story is all about:

    What We Learned from Stormy Daniels on “60 Minutes”

    [....] This story, as I noted in a piece for The New Yorker last week, is very much about the President’s poor legal judgment. On Sunday, hours before the interview aired, Trump tweeted, regarding another set of legal problems he’s dealing with, “Many lawyers and top law firms want to represent me in the Russia case … don’t believe the Fake News narrative that it is hard to find a lawyer who wants to take this on. Fame & fortune will NEVER be turned down by a lawyer, though some are conflicted.” But the problem for Trump really isn’t which lawyers are willing to work for him. It’s the kind of work that he expects them to do, in line with his own view of what the law will allow. (He had not, as of Sunday night, tweeted about Clifford. According to “60 Minutes,” another of Trump’s lawyers, when asked for comment, requested that the program show onscreen the text of one of her denials.)

    “60 Minutes” also raised the prospect that the two stories—about the hush agreement and about possible Russian interference—might become one, again via Michael Cohen [....]

    I'm afraid Stormy's been quite the successful distraction for Trump. His base won't care, everyone else will clutch their pearls, and meanwhile a ton of weighty material gets sidelined for another Trump sexcapade. Why did Putin kill Skripal? (Mueller-related or not) What happened with Jared & family's hitting up the UAE, and what were these back-channels that Erik Prince was setting up from Dubai & The Seychelles? Will Bolton get a security clearance to then have NSA lead us into war? With Trump losing his Chief of Staff and all his lawyers, is there anyone to hold him back? What does Nader have on Trump & Prince & Putin? Exactly what data did Cambridge Analytica help Trump with (and how effective were they in helping the Brexit referendum succeed). etc., etc.

    I think people expect that Trump is not being truthful about Russia. Firing Mueller is an expectation of the general public. The only solution is a Democratic majority in Congress because Republicans will not take action against Trump. There is Trump fatigue. He has his 40%, but no one else at this point. Trump is viewed as a liar and a racist. As long as we have a Republican Congress, I don’t think the public sees yelling at Congress as a waste of time.

    I think he´s going to resign.

    The DeGenova caper  somehow makes me think of the conclusion of The Wife of Bath´s episode in the Canterbury Tales. She has put her ass out the window intending to trick  a blindfolded  enemy into kissing it. He for some reason is carrying  a sheep branding iron . He brands her. She shouts ¨Fire¨ . And someone hearing  that  breaks open up the barrel of water reserved for  such emergencies and drenches them all.

    (It´s 70 years since I read it. Corrections welcome.)

    I think Donald at some point is going to say ¨Enough, I didn´t sign up for this  bull s..t. I´m outta here.¨

    And maybe there 's not going to be a democratic wave in November.

    Oh Flavius where in the hell did you come from? hahahhaha

    If I recall, she farted in his face?

    Oh and in my humble opinion, Donald has never had a point.


    I´ve got the book somewhere. I 'll look it up.

    Just outside of politics Flavius; this response is kind of neat; I mean for nobodies like me.

    I dunno, it just hit me tonight.

    I have no real following.

    I have no real identity, when you think about it.

    That is the extent of my thoughts right now.

    I am really not that bright. hahah

    Keep on keeping on!

    Stormy Strategy: discovery. Donald's on the ropes?

    Homage to Stormy. It is somehow fitting that the indignation of a wronged porn star could lead to the final undoing of Donald Trump. Despite the growing power of the #MeToo movement, and the falling of predatory male icons across the political spectrum, the Predator-in-Chief has gotten away with it—until now.

    As Deep Throat (whose nickname is now somehow doubly fitting) famously counseled, follow the money. So if we follow the money, Stormy’s rage against Trump and his fixer, Michael Cohen, has now led to the following chain of revelations.

    Cohen was not running a law firm. He was running a money laundry. Send payments to Cohen, and you could pay disguised bribes to Donald Trump. As The New York Times has reported, Cohen’s dummy company received at least $4.4 million in funds including money from a Russian oligarch close to the Kremlin, Viktor Vekselberg, as well as money from corporations doing business with the Trump administration, including Novartis and AT&T.

    It was the lawyer for Stormy, Michael Avenatti, who first made much of this information public. The special counsel, Robert Mueller, might have unearthed these and other details in due course, but Stormy’s battle gave the issue a nice boost.

    All of this is likely to put Michael Cohen at even greater legal jeopardy, and incline him to sing to prosecutors a couple octaves higher. In Trump’s America, in the era of #MeToo, in the era of Eric Schneiderman exposed as a thug, the person of relative honor is a porn star.

    Stormy didn’t abuse or assault anybody, she didn’t try to bribe the government, and she didn’t launder money for the Kremlin. It’s a pretty low bar, but it may be enough to help bring down Trump.

    You were expecting, maybe, Mother Teresa? ~ ROBERT KUTTNER

    ​Kuttner on TAP, today

    Uh, was Stormy wronged? Not much - it was all very transactional. Maybe having her lawyer playing both sides pissed her off, but "oh I slept with a rich married guy who I didn't like enough to sleep with a 2nd time, but kept seeing, and by the way I do porn movies" doesn't exactly bring up violins. I'm glad she hired Avenatti to bring Trump down, but purely because he's a incorrigible corrupt asshole, not because I think she's owed anything or was MeToo'd.  I still don't know what her motives are - simply as a businesswoman, or actually for sake of country, or somehow both, or started out purely business but grew into a passion...

    Not unless you count being trailed and intimidated by thugs to stay mum:


    That's it?

    As to Stormy's motive, here's mho.

    If you go back to the original "Stormy speaks" article on what really happened that first meeting, the shark stuff and all and read it, you'll see that the two of them are simpatico about getting her going making some hay from her name and career. I.E., she's a very transactional person, too, she thinks like the fictional Trump of "The Art of the Deal". He talked like he was very interested and willing to help her promote, give her advice, talk to the right people to help her (and given his interest in pageants and wrestling and the like, that's not totally crazy.) So she has sex with him as like a quid pro quo thank you for any future help.

    And instead he dumps her on the business deals. And instead makes this creepy deal to shut up. Dissed her real bad, treated her like just another playmate model. He's a phony, and she fell for his schmooz. She was a Trump fan (of the fictional Art of the Deal Trump) scorned and burned. She's getting what she wanted now, she won, proved herself an even smarter wheeler dealer than him, not just a hooker:

    Stormy Daniels Wants to Sell You a Trump-Spanking Souvenir

    Stormy Daniels and her ‘two gay dads’ are now peddling anti-Trump images and #TeamStormy tees.

    @, 05.08.18 2:19 PM ET

    Going to see Stormy Daniels in Oregon? Here's what you need to know

    Oregonians who want to see the woman at the center of the one Donald Trump scandal that doesn't seem to be going anywhere will have a chance this month when Stormy Daniels visits strip clubs in Bend, Salem and Portland as part of a national tour...

    @ Oregon Live, May 10

    with picture of her appearance on SNL this last Saturday

    Marketing Lessons From Stormy Daniels

    @ Entrepreneur · 2 days ago, agrees with me:

    [...] Have a sense of mission. 

    Daniels is on a mission. She feels that she was mistreated and disrespected, and she's out for revenge. (While, of course, becoming more famous and making a profit). [....]

    The more her name is out there, the more she wins, whether she brings him down or not, she's already screwed him by going public, the rest is gravy.

    So a variant on the hell hath no fury narrative.  What you write makes sense to me.

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