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    Seinforum appears at Carnegie Hall:

    Boy it is just great to be here in NYC!

    And I mean Mitt has it wrong. I mean the trees here are not just the right height; but the perfect height and only two blocks away to to boot!

    (audience titter)

    You know Jesus died for our sins; not their sins!

    (larger audience titter)

    So Obama claims he is Christian and why should we doubt him?

    Of course there are plenty of folks in the KGB as well as the Chinese secret police who profess the same.

    (almost laughter from audience)

    But regardless of your personal opinions of Obama; this President needs THE BOOT.

    (applause and laughter)

    But I wanna tell ya, speaking of the boot; my daughters know the time for curfew and their shoes are never too shiny!

    (much applause and laughter)

    Oh and did I tell ya about when that doggie pooped on my lap?

    Actually I received the same welcome the other day when I visited a 'Protestant' church in Utah the other day.


    (some applause, some titter and some groans)

    And ya all know that Hitler had two syllables to his first name and so does Barack.

    And Barack even claims he is part Irish!

    O'Bama, O'Hara, Oh God help us all!

    (Standing ovation)

    And Hitler told ya'll how to vote, how to think, how to pray...

    And this monster knew how to prey upon all those who would choose to be weak.

    And speaking of the weak...

    This Administration has been one big abortion....

    (audience shrieks)

    And that is what these liberals, these so-called Christians, these Americans seek; these folks who are oblivious to what is right should understand....finally!

    The left would abort our babies and yet keep all legal protections in place for Jihadists!

    At one time I actually thought Jihadist was of mispronunciation of Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ!

    (audience titters)

    Sometimes I used to think that there was no hope; just Bob Hope!

    (audience applauds)

    You realize all those lefties look down on you all and despise you all and then they think they might reason with you? How does one reason with Satan on LSD?

    (audience applauds and cheers)

    And prenatal testing?

    (audience boos)

    Prenatal testing is like the Terminator looking for Sarah Conner.

    (Audience breaks out in laughter)

    Where is the wounded baby?

    (Audience gives standing ovation)

    Real American Women do not seek prenatal testing? Real American Women love the love inside of their womanhood!

    Strike up the band!





    Thanks Auntie!

    But I think you are the only one. hahahaha

    I do not like gilbert godfrey but I got the idea from listening to this:

    Well. Santorum is no JFK. Kennedy always left his Catholic faith on the church steps. He inspired us to be good citizens and left us to our own gods and lovers.

    Well put Momoe!

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