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    It feels like Dag is gone. I pop in, now and then, hoping that I'll be happily surprised and then ... I'm not. Four or more people talking to each other about the news of the day ... I can read/see that anywhere. I know you don't care what I think or what vibe I get from Dagblog. I'm not even sure that I care, and that's the point. Does anyone actually give a shit? I've decided that I do. One way or the other.


    The few of us here like to use the empty space Michael provides and keeps up to discuss and share news. We prefer a small space to do that with a high signal to noise ratio.

    The news menu is a tiny part of the home page. If one doesn't like that use, as far as I know, anybody else is welcome to use the rest of the site as long as they don't come to cause a ruckus with people already here and doesn't spam sections.

    Is not the fault of those few here that other users have currently prioritized other things, prefer to communicate on larger sites (I know 4 on the masthead do; they are active elsewhere) or died.

    Peracles is the only one with editorial permissions who frequents here.  Since Michael has not changed that, one can presume he is okay with it, especially as he has stopped by to chat about software with Peracles.

    Michael offered several years ago to put me on the masthead because he liked the news I posted and I declined. So I know he was okay with it. He still has up a feed of what's posted on this site on Twitter.

    So nobody is going to stop you from trying to bring a larger audience with different interests if you would like to use Michael's space to do that.

    We are all squatters, though, and anyone else that might try posting other things for a different audience should keep this in mind: Michael could decide to take it back and do something else with it at any time; he owns the site. Right now I believe he is prioritizing raising and supporting a family and is open to anyone using it who doesn't embarrass him.

    I prolly wouldn't be around still if I didn't "give a shit", and while i could point to different directions i would have liked to have taken, 1) you go to blog with the bloggers you're given (Rummy the Elder) and 2) we've done some very good and unique political  aggregation blogging the last few years, whether recognized by a grand following or not.

    The thing is, the internet's gone to shorter and shorter memory, yet we've managed to memorialize some key areas rather than continue the whipsaw ADHD of the Trump chaos monkey disinfo-mongers. Should one want to say discuss how the US is the world's worst evuh imperial crimes exporter, there are lots of sites to wet that whistle. Not so many that document the crime epidemic or keep running tabs (not just the latest) on Trump outrages, along with some quirky out-of-the-box topics. I can bounce around between the usual blog sites & find pretty much the same material. It helps to be a bit different, even if we've become Maytag repairmen/women in the process. Such is our fate, could be worse (could be Aaron Maté).

    Hey Barefooted - so I thought that meant you were back to try to build up the site?
    Bring your friends, insightful comments & blog pieces....?

    No one has figured out a way to get new people to join the conversation. As old members drift away new people need to join or eventually the numbers will dwindle. Dag has dwindled to just a few diehards. It's likely to dwindle to nothing. I'm basically just here so Arta can monitor twitter for me and link me to what she thinks is the worthwhile stuff. Otherwise I wouldn't look at twitter at all. There's also an occasional interesting article link that I didn't come across in my daily reading

    You miss the point - we're becoming more *elite & exclusive*. The opposite of "No one goes there anymore - it's too crowded".

    One is the most exclusive group. 

    "Lonliest", eh?

    One & one is still one, I hear, so why bother?

    Thank you. Sincerely. You've proven me wrong. Then again, it wasn't a particularly hard job.

    If John Prine says it, it's worth thinking about, true or no t.

    Broken radios ...


    Modern communication, eh?

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