Strategy for GOP Congress: Keep Doing Nothing

    KEEP THE GRIDLOCK GOING! It's worked fantastic so far with Murican voters, why stop?

    BBC reports on the conservative National Review's cynical, don't try to govern advice, if you do, voters may figure out you aren't what the election year tsunami of 5 billion dollars of dark money TV ads said you nothing advice for the Republican controlled Congress:

    "If Republicans proclaim that they have to govern now that they run Congress, they maximise the incentive for the Democrats to filibuster everything they can - and for President Obama to veto the remainder," they write. "Then the Democrats will explain that the Republicans are too extreme to get anything done."
    "Not much progress is possible until we have a better president”

    Not only that, they say, attempting to pass legislation will risk opening the divide between the establishment and hard-core conservative wings of their party.....

    "The goal of this attitude isn't to advance the nation's interests, even incrementally," writes MSNBC's Steve Benen. "Rather, the argument - reaching levels of public cynicism that are truly awe-inspiring - is that the sole focus of a political party is to do nothing until that party has absolute power over all branches of government."

    George Washington University Prof David Karpf says that it will be difficult for Democrats to counter this strategy, however.

    "Republicans will continue to make sure nothing gets done in Congress," he writes in the Huffington Post. "Voters will continue to be disgusted, tuning out from politics as a result. And then, tuned out from politics, they'll see less reason to turn out on Election Day, and less value in paying close attention along the way."
    If Republicans can avoid big confrontations over things like the debt limit and funding the government, while advancing just enough legislation to make it seem like they're trying, they'll probably get a pass from the public and the media.

    "In short, the fundamental gridlock will remain, and Republicans will say that the way to end it once and for all is to keep them in power in Congress but also give them the White House, too," he concludes...

    No functioning government until Republicans have complete control. Then they can do what they want. And no one can stop them. Our fate will be sealed, as if this works, they sure as hell aren't going to try and compromise, but will finish their job of bankrupting the nation with deregulation of banking, tax cuts on high incomes and privatizing, handing over to Wall Street, both Social Security and Medicare.


    Yes Progressives and Liberals can do something about it.  One thing they can do is for the leadership to start writing op-ed  pieces and sending to major news papers.  If they get ignored I would send them to all the little newspapers. The little newspapers would be thrilled to run a weekly column that don't cost them money from Congress.  Just think how busy that would keep the trolls on the newspaper comment section. The home town newspapers would love all the clicks they would get for their ads from the comments. 

    They could set up a web site and call it the Congressional Papers by the Democratic Caucuses.  They could write diaries about their projects and daily life in Washington. They could express their arguments to currents Republican actions.  They could also propose solutions that the general public could read.  They would let the public know how many hours and phone calls they make to raise the money it takes now to run against the Koch dollars. They could also talk about how that dark money works it's way through organizations.  They could keep telling the public they would rather not have to do that and spend more time working for them. Tell the public about the bills and how the vote turned out.  Tell the public about the bills that are being put together by the Democrats  and how the leadership on the right will not bring it up for a vote. 

    They could also share tips and recipes. Here is what was on the menu at the White House Dinner.  Their spouses could write about their work and charities. They could talk about the needs of their districts and people in their districts. There would be not comment section just, face book and twitter likes and links.  There are people who don't relate to technical end of politics but would fall in love with the human side of their representative.   

    They would let the people know how hard they are working for them.  They could express their dismay and frustration with their Republican colleagues. They could also ask people to email them and express what they want done. Then emails could be selected to be featured in a daily section. 

    If the networks and cable companies want to kiss up all the time to right's dollars then you have to create your own news outlet.  Then make the country hate the Republicans. Embarrass them for their greed and oligarchy worship. 





    Excellent suggestions. It's hard to conceive that a loudmouth self promoting gas bag with Goldman Sachs premier executive benefits like Ted Cruz could go 2 years without trying to blow up the government and screw the often benefit-less types who vote for him.

    The GOP blaming whatever destructive, expensive and adverse consequences result from the same, again, on Obama may be a hard sell now with Total Congressional Control....except for the racist and/or ideological controlled automatons of The Base.

    This idea came from the 20 years olds that live with me.  They think the Democrats need to take over social media. That is were the younger votes are.  They don't watch 24 hour news but they do read the internet and their cell phones go off with tweets.  You want to reach these people you have to go were they are.  All the experts say that we only fall in love with politicians then they need to learn to whisper sweet little things to us on line. 

    One other thing they said that " I voted stickers" were everywhere on both campuses. So there is an engaged young group out there.  

    All this Ted Cruse stuff and his following will have to play them selves out like Newt Gingrich did.   

    Driftglass has a very good collection of links on the National Review "The Governing Trap" mantra. Andrew Sullivan:

    My own view is that this complete nihilism in terms of governing is actually quite emblematic of the most powerful forces in the GOP today. Fox News and the entire conservative media-industrial complex have no real interest in Republican governance. They thrive on conflict and on opposition. How many ratings-rich shows are they going to produce on tax reform? They have created an alternate cultural universe for the right where the craziest tub-thumpers get the most attention and where the boring, necessary act of governing is anathema.

    The Atlantic:

    If you've ever wondered why the Founders were so wary of political parties and factionalism, consider how dysfunctional American government would be if both major parties agreed to govern only when they controlled all of Congress and the White House. It's impossible to say with certainty that National Review's long game will fail. It's conceivable that the GOP could retain Congress and win the White House in 2016, and that all the politicians now setting aside substance to focus on future electoral gains will suddenly become principled conservative legislators eager to improve America once a member of their party retakes the White House.

    But come on.

    Most politicians are inclined to delay or forgo the tough business of governing to preserve their electability.

    Sullivan's making a real good point. What Fox News and all the conservative talk radio heads nationwide need is a good impeachment. Or they are in big trouble so it will probably happen. Everybody in TV newsland did well with that the last time 'round. Now all social media will want in on some of that "ratings" action, too, boost their stock prices.

    What will they impeach him for? They'll find someone to find something, it's easy, ask David Brock. You've got the Koch Brothers to replace Richard Mellon Scaife as the moneybags to pay for it all. (Who will play the Dan Burton & Larry Klayman role when you need someone to shoot watermelons and such? Why Ted Cruz, of course!)

    If no one serves up an impeachment, there better be a lot of really big earthquakes, floods or shark attacks gone wild or a major major terror attack, or they are in big trouble...

    The GOP Base sees the role of government in their lives as just another form of entertainment. Fox News and talk radio play that up.

    Americans love to be entertained. It will be very hard for the GOP/entertainment complex to resist impeachment.

    Even George W.'s Iraq War was largely just hard core entertainment, 'America doesn't need a permission slip' shock and awe, for the rubes who watch the evening news. It was an integral part of his re-election strategy.

    If Obama unilaterally grants amnesty, it should raise the question of impeachment. 

    This will be an interesting battle. 

    But I believe if there is a major showdown, the Democrats can forget about 2016.

    Maybe that is the grand scheme?

    Rumors of rumbles to come. It's right on your topic, NCD, no fictional additions needed. Tea Party still wants to be able to shut down the gummint even though their party will be the gummint:

    With Fear of Being Sidelined, Tea Party Sees the Republican Rise as New Threat

    By Jeremy W. Peters, New York Times, Nov. 8/9, 2014

    As Republicans on Capitol Hill move from being the opposition party to being one that has to show it can govern, a powerful tension is emerging between its establishment and its activist wing.

    Could it be that the wingnuts will end up creating their own real party?

    I was thinking that the conservative talk radio show hosts are already practiced and ready after bashing Romney and McCain when they ran for president.

    Could it be that the wingnuts will end up creating their own real party?

    Good possibility.

    A  = R + r + I + N 

    R  = Republican / r = democrats 

    I   = Independents 

    A  = pejorative 

    N  = none  "0"

    No matter how many choices or parties they still serve one group. A

    Republican leadership called Ted Cruz an "Army of One". Love it. Like herding a bunch of screeching cats.

    The GOP wants to cut taxes on the rich to near zero (both dead and alive rich) then precipitate a deficit crisis, then take the cleaver to Social Security and issue vouchers for Medicare to for Health care choice and Freedumb.

    They can't do that with a Democrat as President, so the plan is to reveal nothing and do virtually nothing the next 2 years, while the hothead Cruz Teahadists salivate over impeachment.

    They can't do that with a Democrat as President,

    Who would that be? 

    The GOP wants to cut taxes on the rich to near zero (both dead and alive rich) then precipitate a deficit crisis

    This plan of enslaving and burdening the working class, was initiated over 20 years ago.  

    Why did the people allow the personal income tax, to replace what the forefathers had established as sources of revenue, to support the government?

    Why an Income Tax is Not Necessary to Fund the U.S. ...

    Article One of the United States Constitution

    8 Section 8: Powers of Congress

    The Congress shall have power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common defence[note 1] and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;

    Our forefathers knew how friends of King George, received special treatment and who do you suppose would have to pick up the bill to support the government of the upper class?

    The lower classes  

    Let the peasants cut their own throats, while the rich and their allies make the tax laws and ship jobs overseas.   

    NAFTA at 20: An Unhappy Birthday and a Look at the Roll ...

    Edited to add

    Those with the power will tell you "You want jobs to come back to your cities; to America; give THEM more tax breaks" If you want taxes to support government; tax the peasants.

    Our forefathers gave us the tools,of Tariffs and Duties  to protect the American working class from commercial interests whose only concern was profit.

    With Them; it''s all about the favoring of special interest. instead of the working classes interest.

    The working class was warned what would happen, if Congress passed NAFTA.

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