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    Tea Party: You're Not Going to Ban my Cul de Sac

    After the 'ballots or bullets' midterm elections, Tea Party activists looked around and discovered that while they had been saving Americans from health care reform,  a global demon (second only to Soros) had infiltrated their local communities.

    Specifically, it came to their attention that local planning agencies who promote Sustainable Development are actually under the control of the United Nations, and intend to abolish private property, free enterprise and individual liberty as laid out in the UN's Agenda 21.


    OK, so what we have here is Sustainable Development, defined as "meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs" and Agenda 21, the 1992 UN program that creates the programs, policies and strategies to implement the agenda necessary for a sustainable world. Thus a conspiracy theory is born,  bare bones Blowing Smoke style.

    Here's how it shakes out down the slippery slope.  At the local level, cul de sacs are banned in favor of bike-sharing (remember Colorado's Republican wannabe governor, Dan Maes?).  Before you know it, golf courses, cars, and air-conditioning have gone down their final cul de sac and the citizens are living in their little 'hobbit homes'  in "human habitation zones" within the cities. Under Agenda 21's agenda for wealth distribution, which destroys free enterprise and individual liberty, it is only a small step to the abolition of private property and the Constitution, which will then "...bring socialism (communism) to the United States and the world through fake environmentalism. It is the backdoor plan the globalists are using to establish tyranny and it is making inroads into communities across America."

    Because tea partiers aren't the types that spend their time at home, particularly time at home researching 'facts', they have started attending local public meetings armed with Power Points and handouts with imaginary facts on Agenda 21. I used to work for a consulting group that planned these local meetings, and I can just imagine the astonishment and incredulousness the planners must feel upon hearing proclamations of "smart growth communism" and "human habitation zones" when discussing public transit.

    The worst of the worst cities are the ones that have joined ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives).  If you would like to check your city's status, click here for the 'City of Shame' list. Information on how to combat Agenda 21, whether your city is on the list or not, can be found here.  If your city is on the list, a Misprision of Treason letter warning your local officials that they have violated their oath by implementing foreign policies that are inconsistent with the Constitution, is ready to go after filling in a few blanks.

    What motivates the tea drinkers to believe that Sustainable Development is a high speed route to tyranny and loss of liberty?  As Stephanie Mencimer notes in the Mother Jones article, tea partiers believe they are the Real Americans and real Americans live in the suburbs and rural areas.   Consider Sarah Palin's book tours. They take place in the small towns of Real America,  like Noblesville, Ind., Roanoke, Va., Washington, Pa., military bases at Fort Bragg and Fort Hood, and the Villages, a GOP-friendly retirement community outside Orlando, Fla.

    The rest of America, the elites, according to the Tea Party, live in the cities.  As President of the Harvard Law Review, Barak Obama told The Associated Press: “I’m not interested in the suburbs. The suburbs bore me.”

    In article after article, the press has enumerated the problems attached to suburbs, prophesied the decline of suburbia and suggested that today's suburban McMansions will be tomorrow's McNightmares.  Then, after the glow of the midterm elections, the second largest newspaper in the country offers this analysis:  "Republicans do the best in areas that are typically not growing very fast and don't look like the present, or certainly the future, of the country."

    "Conservatives who are committed to the notion that liberals represent the interests of an alien class of people who hate and oppress "real Americans" tend to be averse to any kind of political compromise. Distrusting the intentions of their opponents, they assume that liberal policies are not well-intentioned proposals to help the country but merely schemes to disenfranchise and persecute white Christian conservatives…"


     …[T]he growth of persecution politics has brought the fringe ideas to the mainstream and turned far-right crackpots into electable candidates." [Blowing Smoke, pp 260-261]

    Photo: Empty cul-de-sacs fill an area south of Rotonda West in Charlotte County, Florida. Map, Street View. (© Google) #



    HA...both Seminole and Orange County Florida are on that list.

    Consider Sarah Palin's book tours. They take place in the small towns of Real America,  like Noblesville, Ind., Roanoke, Va., Washington, Pa., military bases at Fort Bragg and Fort Hood, and the Villages, a GOP-friendly retirement community outside Orlando, Fla.

    Some what to the North actually. A planned Community of retirees that make in excess of 200k in retirement. Real Americans for sure...HAHAHA

    Kind of makes you wonder just exactly what they are putting in their tea, don't it.

    I'm glad to see my adopted village of Charlottesville made the list.

    I suppose I would be considered a wiseacre if I expressed the view that persuing the elimination of cul-de-sacs is a dead-end, so, I'll stick to the middle of the road, and say, "Wow. That is some crazy extrapolation." 

    .What I always wonder is how do theories like this go from their originator to a group belief.  What does the person who thought this up do to convince the second person, and then how do other people hear about it and decide it makes sense?  Or is it all just crass political calculation? A cynical attempt by a fringe element to once again prey on the stupidest amongst us for political gain?  Or does someone, somewhere, actually believe this to be a true problem?  It just seems too complicated to be stupidity, and too stupid to be calculated.

    Yes, you would be considered a wiseacre - but funny!  Can't believe I missed that.

    I usually wonder how the conspiracy meets the conspiracy, too. But in this case, I think it's been narrowed down to Henry Lamb, a columnist for the WorldNutDaily and long time warrior against the UN. From what I can tell, he has apparently believed it's a true problem since 1988 and has web sites dedicated to Agenda 21 and other sovereignty issues.

    It looks like it took the Tea Party for the theory to gain much traction, though.


    Let's just hope they don't stumble on the 100th tea monkey.





    Bill Clinton signed the Agenda 21 contract opening the USA to the policies. This IS for real. IS frightening! De-population down to 500,000,000 globaly! All under the guise of conservation. This is NOT fiction!!

    Bill Clinton signed the Agenda 21 contract... 

    You're thinking of Century 21 - the real estate company.

    This is NOT fiction!!

    True. It's more like bad science fiction.

    Oh that google street view of Port Charlotte...fairly common. I know of two or three such...empty places here in Central Fl.

    You are a tool.  Educate yourself. 

    Excuse me, but your link is about as operational as your manners are.

    I don't know why the direct link won't work...and it doesn't matter.   There is so much evidence i can't believe i even have to google this crap for you.

    Try this one:

    Same far as my manners go, i'm sorry, and educate yourself PLEASE.

    Thanks for fixing the link.  Out of sheer curiosity I will peruse your literature tomorrow.  Meantime, may I say that I applaud you for trying to save all our liberal souls and keep America pure (or whatever it is you're trying to do).  It's my hope you will also try to educate yourself in the meantime.

    Imagining a world with no countries, no borders, no religions, etc. makes me feel more at peace.  To you, it brings on nightmares. 

    It's my hope that all of us can someday wake up and get along, before it's too late for niceties to matter.


    I understand, you have fallen for the utopian vision that has never once come to fruition.  I was like you once.  You seek to be just like everyone else, a non-entity, a drone amongst drones, with no individuality.  You think that once the ones who are "holding you back" from your utopia are gone, that you will achieve your nirvana.  There can be nothing further from the truth.  There are many conservatives who share in your partisanship,  dismissing the fact that the "left and the right" are in sync in many respects.  Unity is the enemy, and beliefs in utopian visions will be our downfall.  But, don't take it from me....listen to the voice of someone whos task was to mislead you.

    Wow, you'd make a great psychoanalyst, once you stop projecting and start listening.  If I had ever wanted to be a drone with no individuality, I wouldn't be writing poetry and hogging blogs so much, LOL. 

    Oy, psychobabbling buddy of mine, you're rather cute and fun, but I'm not getting your point at all.  And, apparently, you're not getting mine.  But it's been a pleasure.

    G'night now.


    You are about to make a choice, or you have made it already.  Everyone is about to pick a side, because they will have to.  I hope we find ourselves in the same trench.  Good luck to you.

    Doom, gloom and fortune cookies, mixed with a nice friendly gesture at the end.  I like it!  Good luck to you, too.


    You're right !

    The world is at peace and everyone is happy in their planned commie unity!

    And! Things are better and better! I love the idea of three water companies Vivendi Nestle and Suez water owning most of the drinkable water in the world !

     The three companies that are buying up all the water and selling it back to people at 10x the original price are just nice stewards of the earth like yourself!

     They are helping us conserve! And getting rich at it too!

     They are sustainable whackjobs like you too!

    They work hand in hand.Have you ever looked into natural valuation? It's putting a price tag on everything in the world! And....someone has to own it!

     So it may as welll be the proud sustainable partners of the unelected UN!

    You are either in position to profit off the "sustainable" scam in private contracts or just a product of the outcomes based failed educational system.

    Stupid people make the best slaves and the US educational "school to work"system is ranked 15th in the world right now.

    China is number one!

    It's better that our masters get a better education than those who serve them.

    I've looked at all your stupid comments but don't have the time right now to deflate  ALL your nonsense further.

    One size does not fit all.You are very warped and I do pity you (if you REALLY believe this crap you are scribbling and dribbling)

    Unless you have contracts or stand in some way of profiting from privatized,planned EVERYTHING

    Then I unsderstand why you would want to try your silly darndest to keep the Agenda 21 cat in the bag.

    Toodles Noodle!


    ...and educate yourself PLEASE.

    Considering the number of links in the blog, it's funny that you think I haven't educated myself.

    I understand, you have fallen for the utopian vision that has never once come to fruition.

    What do you mean "has never once come to fruition"?  I live in a successful sustainable, transit/bike/pedestrian oriented community. When polled earlier this year, a majority of residents said they would be willing to pay more taxes in order to continue sustainable efforts at the same pace of previous years. No, it is not a wealthy community. Some people move here because the city's schools are tops in education. Others, without children, like me, are here for the quality of life.

    Quality of life is quite different from Utopia. Not once have I heard residents offering to pay more taxes to build Utopia. And we're talking Georgia here, not Massachusetts.

    For decades, people with money moved out of the cities to the suburbs. That trend has reversed itself now. It turns out that quality of life means more than sitting in traffic for endless hours, dusting 3000 sq.ft. of baseboards and mowing the Bermuda lawn. It involves easy access to schools, shopping, work, culture, friends and technology. Report after report claims that GenY is not as interested in dusting as they are in connections with people. Nor are they as interested in owning a car. They prefer transit where they can work with their wireless devices, talk to friends, get to their destinations faster and safer and not have to worry about parking. And yes, this generation is concerned about resources, wants to look at alternative fuels, smaller and denser housing and native plants for landscaping.

    To say that sustainable developments are an UN inspired conspiracy is to completely overlook what citizens are saying with their feet and wallets. Henry Lamb has apparently not looked out of his window since the 1970s.

    Typical Tea Party Pony Poop.

    Typical liberal drone response.

    Typical politics today, I'm afraid.

    Thanks, you two.  You've proven a point.


    Looks like more persecution politics to me.

    might be because it is crap and we all know better than to step in it

    I didn't see anything wrong with the manners of the previous poster.If you ask me your comments are ignorant and flippant,and they veer off the subjest matter.

     My guess is you have been educated in a US dumb you down school or standing to gain from privatization of the world to corporate banker government.

    Where everything is planned for you.Some people like to plan their own lives.

    Writing poetry? Hahah anyone can do that.I bet they told you in school you were special and gave you awards when you failed....awards for just trying!

     Thats how you use the schools to produce jellyfish that want everything planned for them and have their diapers changed for them all the time.

     What is the definition of sustainability?

    It has NO absolutes.It has no real definition.It's thousands of pages of situational ethics that allow the "authorities" and "experts"to plan everything forr the dum dums.

    Heres a free movie for the dum dums here.

    Brave New World! You Alpha's and Beta's can revel in Huxley's version of a planned lifestyle!

    Enjoy !



    I read this twice. Parts of it are like listening to one of beckerhead's lectures.

    But we cannot just laugh it off anymore as I think you are pointing out. I mean Napolitano--the right wing fox legal expert and ex judge--spouts this 9/11 stuff besides questioning the birth of our President. And he does this openly which means that George W. planned the 9/11 attacks.

    And these psychopaths are organizing. hhahaahh

    Tell me, do these poor mentally ill folks bring their ethereal friends with them to these meetings?

    And for the most part the McMansions are in the exurbs. And those $600,000 mortgages with the three year add ons have gutted a lot of those neighborhoods.

    I do not understand this international conspiracy angle. There is an international conspiracy and that involves the preservation and extension of the international corporate oligarchy.

    Hey, the more I think about it, the more appealing these meetings sound!!!

    Oh well, 20 below last night and it aint even winter yet. Ambulation would be a problem.


    HI DD!!!!

    Is 20° below even sustainable?  Keep in mind that I was born under a palm tree in West Palm Beach. We had freezing rain in Atlanta last night and there were more than 1000 car accidents throughout the metro area.

    Hard to believe anyone in the UN cares about a cul de sac in the US, isn't it. Psychopaths, indeed.

    Let me know if you hear of beckerhead spouting off about this, OK? I'm waiting to see how national this goes.

    It’s now official – there’s been no actual shortage of Holocaust Survivors:

    Quote from The Holocaust Industry by Norman G. Finkelstein of the City University of New York, published by Verso in the year 2000:

    'The Israeli Prime Minister's office recently put the number of "living Holocaust survivors" at nearly a million.' (p83)

    I swear, if you dagbloggers don't get it together and have these people given their shots, we're not going to let you have ANY more conservatives. 


    Stop letting your geese over our borders and we'll think about it.

    Tongue out

    Especially conservative geese.  :-)

    Ah, yes, the Villages, I've a relative who lives there. 95% Republican, GWB always stops there. On Saturday morning loud speakers blast Paul Harvey into the town squares--reminded me of Gulag 17.

    As for the list of members I don't think Santa Barbara and Rolling Hills Estates, Ca. would be very good targets, but certainly they could make headway in Texarkana, Tx.

    The Rotunda--got lost there once, didn't find my way out for three days.

    Only three days?  It looks like you were lucky.  :-)

    I thought Paul Harvey died.

    I would consider the Villages to be gulags themselves, with or without Paul Harvey. Could lead a person to drink having to live there.



    Photo: The Rotonda West neighborhood, originally developed in the 1960s, never quite fully completed, located in Charlotte County, Florida. Map, Street View. (© Google/Data SIO, NOAA, U.S. Navy, NGA, GEBCO) #

    The villages ... Ooooh, I get it. Someone's been watching too many episodes of "The Prisoner."


    "Where am I ?"

    "In the Village."

    "What do want ?"

    "We want information"

    "Which side are you one ?"

    "That would be telling. We want information."

    "You won't get it."

    "By hook or by crook we will."

    "Who are you ?"

    "The new Number 2."

    "Who is Number 1 ?"

    "You are Number 6"


    I loved that show.  "Be seeing you!"

    (Psst, Agenda 21 is holding Patrick McGoohan prisoner. Pass it on.)

    And beware of large, white weather balloons. 

    Hah, my city is there, of course, we were probably one of the first to join... we are subversive that way, although my cul d'sac remains...

    Nice Seashell, and so nice to see you again and thanks for the information.

    T. :D

    OMG!  Here Come the Brides!  That brings back memories, oy.

    But, speaking of our cities...Rush has no freakin' right to use this song as his intro, dammit.

    ...although my cul d'sac remains...

    Say it isn't so.  :-)

    I love Seattle and the sea planes everywhere. Even though I grew up on the southeast FL coast, you don't see sea planes that often.

    Good to see you again, too!

    Congrats, Shellie, on getting over 300 reads in one night, and for the headliner spot. I think that they should've named it: McMansions, McNightmares, and Tea - Oh My! But, that's just me. :) Love to Linus, Shell. Give him a scratch behind the ears for me. Great post.


    Hi Lis!  Thank you for the congrats.  I see they took your suggestion for the title.  Love it.  Wish I had thought of it!  Linus is well and appreciated the scratch. Next time he would like a cheezeburger. How are Willy and Wallace? Pets to them, too.

    Da Boyz are doing fine, thanks.  Luckily for me, they decided the new Christmas tree I got is nothing too exciting or fun, so it looks like it will last.  Good to see you in here, Shellie.  Happy holidays to you.


    Back in 1992, I was spending a considerable amount of time dealing with the local residents in my Washington State county that were resisting the Growth Management Act passed in 1990.  The primary focus of the rage was on the legislation that was designed to protect the wetlands. The private property rights groups (mainly funded through the resource extraction corporations - timber oil mining etc) came into town, spread a bunch of lies, and basically convinced the local farmers and ranchers that they would be shut down so we could preserve the wetlands.  These groups eventually went on to take on climate change as well (another good Mother Jones article showing the astroturf forces back in the late '90s), and are now seem to be leveraging the tea partys as a fertile source for new recruits. 

    I do remember the last open hearing about the county's adoption of a GMA plan of action was swamped by angry rural folks who shut the hearing down by parking their pick up trucks next to the hearing room of the county council and turned all their radios up full blast.  The hearing got moved up to the university in one of the lecture halls that held around 350 people.  The place was packed, with another 150 or so people who stood outside (we set up speakers so they could listen in).   It was pretty evenly split with the pro-wetland people on the left side and the pro-property rights folks on the other side.  It remained pretty civil (amazingly) as each side took turns at the mic speaking to the council members.  Then one guy went up and started talking about what Rush was saying on the radio.  The left side of the crowd burst out laughing.  He then turned to us and try to convince us to have our "eyes opened" by listening to Rush and learning the truth about the world.    I'm sure a good number of those private property right folks there are now affiliating themselves in some fashion with the tea party.

    (I had a friend who was able to go down to Rio for the Summit that year.  There was a brief moment when it seemed to be a significant shift in the world - that we would actually start to make a fundamental step in the right direction to "save the planet."   Sigh)

    The guy trying to convince you to listen to Rush and have your eyes opened... I think I work wirh him! Small world, huh?

    I've gotten to the point where I am exhausted with the false arguments. What happened in your situation in Washington? Good outcome?

    That guy does seem to get around. I feel your exhaustion. I remember once on Al Fraken's Air America radio show when he was doing a regular segment where he would talk to old friend who listened to Rush, and Al pointed out a couple of examples where Rush was telling out and out lies, and his friend tells him that yes those are lies but they make a truthful larger point.  Sigh.

    It did turn out okay. The County Council passed a good GMA plan, life continued, property values didn't suddenly plummet and people weren't force to convert socialism in education camps.

    "It did turn out okay.  The County Council passed a good GMA plan, life continued, property values didn't suddently plummet and people weren't forced to convert to socialism in education camps."

    Are you sure you weren't brainwashed by the collective into saying this?  lol

    Glad it turned out well.  I wonder how many people who made a big fuss out of it revisited the situation and realized how much of an overaction there was.  Probably not a lot.

    I think a lot of a time these arguments come from skewed interpretations.  I will make a statement along the lines of, "I am going to go recycle my soda bottle" and the person I say this to hears incorrectly, "Al Gore is a GOD and I worship the ground he walks on and I am petrified beyond reason that the world is going to be destroyed by global warming."    And that person, with faulty interpretation skills, then starts to argue with me like I said the latter even though I most definitely said the former and meant the former.  So I have someone arguing with me about Gore and global warming and how hysterical I am and here I was just going to nonchalantly drop a bottle in a bin.  This happens to me a lot especially when talking to that guy mentioned above.

    As tmccarthy points out below sometimes a community overall can see the light and move past the initial over-reaction.

    And I agree with your emphasis on skewered interpretations. One just to hand on a few threads here or at other political blog threads to see it at work.  Milan Kundera in The Unbearable Lightness of Being had a section entitled "Dictionary of Misunderstood Words" which highlights that because of our personal experience, something like the word "parade" can have contradictory meaning and connotations.  For some like you coworker the actual internal definition of "recycle" includes "Al Gore," higher taxes, and the government eventually taking his property, and everything else one believes is wrong with the liberal agenda.  I'm sure in the extended version of that definition it somehow links efforts to recycle with the efforts to impose the homosexual agenda on all the youth of America.   

    One just has to watch the struggle here with the words "liberal" or "progressive" to see just how skewed a conversation can get because each is coming from a definition of "liberal" or "progressive" or "pragmatic."  And I would be careful to use such terms as "politically viable" and "destabilization."

    OMG, Hey Trope, guess who helped do research for the GMA?

    I think we met that from the meeting on the Fauntleroy Ferry once. I had a anti-Limbaugh sticker on the car, we had just come back from skiing, we were talking in the car and laughing, and some dude from Vashon.. which is weird enough, since it is Mushroom Island, hehehe, he came over to us with his Limbaugh book, and it was highlighted like he had some primary academic source and he was trying to teach us a lesson! OMG, OMG, we burst out laughing, kept telling him it wasn't a primary source, and made fun of him until he went away.

    Oh man, every single time we went to a meeting over GMA, the loons came out. But hell, we aren't doing that bad here are we. Yes, Yes, Yes, they are TBags now. Yes they are.

    Back in my high school days, he was probably one of the guys on Vashon that used to chase us off his property when we went searching for those liberty cap shrooms. Hee.

    I was up in Whatcom County during the GMA brewhahah. What was frustrating (among other things) was that there were dozens and dozens of open meetings to the public, and these "loons" showed up on the last scheduled one saying how all it was being done in secret by liberal bureaucrats. 

    Kudos on the research!

    Ok, the Vashon comment, I know right! Man does it bring back some really awesome memories. :D I remember how much my stomach hurt after those days, but I'd never laughed so hard nor had to much damn fun in the Mountains.

    Oh yes, I remember the "secret meetings" BS, It was so secret with all those public meetings, times for comments, listening to the lame argument over and over again, the gubmint hates people they are trying to control us, but thanks to the GMA, we have fewer problems with erosion, it did slow some ferry runs down too, and that wasn't great, but it wasn't awful either. It was so secret, everyone who paid attention knew about it, go figure!!! Some of those folks on Winslow were the worst at that time, complaining, bitching, moaning, and now they are some of the best at implementing those strategies.


    The Winslow example is considered it does offer hope that we can make progress on things like growth management.  But when one considers when the they first started planning the GMA back in Olympia to the time it was passed in 1990 to local plans being approved around 1992 to when people started to turn around on their views of it, it shows that it is a long long process.  Nothing happens overnight, and generally it isn't until people are actually engaged in it that they will start think differently.  All the reasoned debate doesn't seem to do much good in regards of swaying people these days (in part because there is too much white noise coming from the other side).

    Yes, exactly, and everyone who came to those meetings during the comment periods already had their minds made up, thanks to KKKVI, John Carlson and those numbnuts who stirred the pot big time. But in the end they lose, because people finally saw the need to keep at least some of the beauty of our state that was left and to attempt to preserve the little we had left. And no it doesn't change overnight, and boy you are right about the whitenoise... can't get away from it anymore.

    Henry Lamb is in both Mother Jones articles, AT.  The one I used and the you linked to in this comment. He is a columnist for The WorldNutDaily, whichs put him in the same class as Rush - the entertainer class. Brittany Spears is a member of the entertainer class, perhaps a slightly smarter member than Henry or Rush, but who would believe her if she suddenly spoke on climate change?  :-) 

    Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center, is another name found in both articles. He seems to think that conservatives have a blind spot when it comes to the local and global dangers posed by Agenda 21, so I'm betting you're right that private property wingnuts are allied with the tea drinkers. Fringe found fringe.

    Also, just as the astroturf orgs that fought you and GMA had names like Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO) and the Science and Environmental Policy Project, Virginia has Sustainable Development Virginia, which is dedicated " educate the public, state legislators, and local government officials on the sinister globalist plans hidden in "Sustainable Development".

    To an extent it's already happened but there's no doubt that in a globalized world people from outside the U.S. are going to take an interest in what's going on within the U.S. and to the extent that our local actions and choices affect them, they might even want some say.  Won't go over well here but then, nobody asks Colombians if they like us running a drug war on their turf.

    Personally I do not give a wet slap whether these clowns can stay in their crappy little Cul De Sac houses or not. Suburbs suck.

    For a minute I read, Subaru's suck and I was going to cry... I only own Subaru's!!! :D Suburbs, though, phew I am okay.

    We parked next to a new Forester last weekend, and it looked so much bigger than the older models. I had thought about getting one a long time ago, but bought a used car instead.

    Oh they are nice aren't they, they are the outdoor person vehicle! We saw the new Foresters too, they are beauties!  You know one thing in a snow/ice storm if you see a subaru off the road, it is time to go home!

    Hey...I own a 98 Forester. Why would I say Subarus suck ? It's mostly white (when I wash it). But none the worse for ware.  In fact I am spoiled by the way it handles.

    I experienced dyslexia... that's all. Laughing

    There's an old Zen story: a student said to Master Ichu, 'Please write for me something of great wisdom.'

    Master Ichu picked up his brush and wrote one word: 'Attention.'


    The student said, 'Is that all?'

    The master wrote, 'Attention. Attention.'


    The student became irritable. 'That doesn't seem profound or subtle to me.'

    In response, Master Ichu wrote simply, 'Attention. Attention. Attention.'


    In frustration, the student demanded, 'What does this word attention mean?'

    Master Ichu replied, 'Attention means attention.'

    Personally, I'm with you, cmaukonen.  According to this article, the suburban century is over, only 18 years after this article in the Atlantic declared it had begun.


    Photo: A densely built gated community in Bonita Springs, Florida. Map, Street View. (© Google) #


    What boggles my mind is that most do not realize that The New American Century has already arrived. Just not the way the neo-cons, globalists and others had planned. We are a global community and economy now. Just look at the "Made In" stickers on any product in any store.

    We lost our industrial sovereignty long ago. There are really very few American corporations left,  most being part of some other international corporation. And more and more foreign investors and companies are buying up land here. As well as vise-a-vers-a. The financial sector will be next as a repeat of the events of 2008 will not be tolerated by anyone anywhere.

    The Libertarian war was lost long ago and they were far too focused on one battle to even notice.

    That the fall of one investment bank here could cause a financial earth quake that was felt around the world is proof of this. And the tremors are still being felt.

    I like Europe because housing simply just happens. They don't go out of their way to make a big broadway production out of it. It's unique to be in a downtown area and see that people really do live there as well as work and shop too.

    Now I spent some time in Italy and instead of bedroom communities, they have something more in the line of housing compounds...fenced, walled and gated. And cookie-cutter style too. Reminded me of a military housing area like in Germany around the bases and kasernes. And if I'm not mistaken, aren't those American bedroom communities hiring armed security to keep the riffraff out?

    What I find interesting is the righties are looking for trouble where there isn't any. As if anything not American it is socio-commie propoganda that would never work in America cause Americans demand to exercise their god-given right to freedom...whatever that means.

    In short, GOPer's and tea-baggers have lost that sense of adventurism that defined what it was to be an American. Once upon a comes the fairy tale...Americans use to strike out and step out of civil society and take on the unknown by its 'horns and wrestle with it to gain the upper hand. Now all you hear is that's so must be foreign/commie.socialist/european or some other less than stellar fad. Which is sad, because in the fairy tale, we did absorb other ethnic values into ours to weave a better value system that accommodated the best of all possible outcomes and rejects those that didn't live up to our standards or expectations.

    I caught the end of a radio interview with town and county officials from Eastern shore Maryland. One county official was making the point that since the recession, counties and small municipalities don't have the money to invest in additional communities. Sprawl, he said, is far more expensive for government than building closer to existing infrastructure.

    I just knew those rumors of the U.N. socialists sabatoging our economy and causing our current recession in order to facilitate their takeover were true!  

    Writing as I am from the REAL UN headquarters here in Geneva, I can with authority say that this whole kerfuffle is all due to a translation error.

    In the original document there was just a mention of banning

    American Assbags (UN-speak for person-who-talks-out-of-the-wrong-end-of-their-alimentary-canal),

     - which got misleadingly transliterated in french to

    Cul-de-sac (i.e. 'the ass of a bag')

    So they are not after your streets, teabaggers. They are after you!

    So can we all just calm down now...?

    But, THANK YOU PUPPY for bringing this important issue to our attention.


    You're exactly right !

    I bet you are one of those zombies that cheers on your own extinction!

    What do you think population reduction means? If you have a house full of cockroaches...the first thing you want to do is reduce their population!

    You're comment "They are after YOU"is correct even though you try to make it seem ridiculous tell me what this means (keeping with the cockroach theory)

    Why don't you go eat some some more nice soy estrogens and BPA to make yourself infertile , swallow some corrosive flouride,and GMO food and finish off the last few brain cells that allow you to type your stupidisms on this forum?

    Just a suggestion.

    'Green' is indeed the new red.

    Interesting how the 'Tea Party' is being used to attack the message. The tea party was infiltrated before it even got off the ground. The perps brought in their MK puppets to destroy the foundation of a movement of Americans who are pissed off. If you are not pissed off then you indeed live in a vacuum. Do you really think it will be fun living in this one world globalist dreamworld, you know 'we are the world' bullsheist? Take a good look kiddies at what is really happening in the so called global community, which is really the fiat money hallucination of a bad dream.

    When you wake up and find yourself living on that Marxist commune you always thought would be nirvana, then you will realize how too late and how wrong your myopic thinking turned out to be.

    If you think Agenda 21 is nothing or a 'conspiracy theory' like the impossible governmental fairy tale of 911,then have a looksee at S510 in your legislature, or peruse CODEX ALIMENTARIOUS, flouridation,HAARP etc..

    You are under the control of very powerful entities that you have no clue of and their goal is not to bring nirvana upon you or your family. After you have been tricked, you will be crushed into sand.

    If you consider yourself a progressive liberal, as I do, you'll really be shocked to find out that this isn't tin-foil hat stuff.  There really is an Agenda 21 and it is based in the communitarian idea that the individual's rights have to be subsumed into the rights of the community.  In the US, though, the 'community' has no rights.  Our nation is founded on the rights of the individual.  That doesn't mean that you get to pollute or sell me poisoned cookies.  It does mean that the individual has the inalienable (not removable) rights to free speech, dissent, assembly, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness.

    Ok, so what, you ask?  What does that have to do with it?  Agenda 21-Sustainable Development was signed onto by Bush the first along with 178 other nations in Rio De Janiero in 1992 and then Clinton established the President's Council on Sustainable Development in 1992.  Agenda 21 says that the affluence of the US is a major world problem and must be corrected.  The standard of living must be lowered, land use controlled, transportation options narrowed and restricted, water use, energy use, food options, education, personal mobility, all to be restricted.

    Just in case you think this is cool and that you're already recycling, reusing, cutting back on energy and water usage and carpooling etc, it's way not enough.  The plan is to move you into high density urban villages in the center of a few urban areas and restrict your movement.  There's a lot to this and its not a utopian vision.  Please see our website

    In the event your website is not a hoax, I do not worry about being forced off my land and relocated to a high density urban village and having my movements restricted--so to speak.

    What I do worry about is the agenda of the Christianistas who make up the core of the Tea Party. The prospect of Pastor and Sheriff coming around checking on pregnancies in my family is much more immediate than the U.N. moving me off my land and carting me into an urban center.

    By the way, do you live on a suburban cul de sac with way too many restrictions? I have four wrecked pickups, several iguanas, two alpacas, three old trailers and a manure pile which I am going to relocate to the house next to yours.

    By the way, do you live on a suburban cul de sac with way too many restrictions? I have four wrecked pickups, several iguanas, two alpacas, three old trailers and a manure pile which I am going to relocate to the house next to yours.

    Oxy, I'd take the pickups, lizards and manure pile over an HOA governed suburban cul de sac. For a pure totalitarian type of government, the HOAs beat out the UN by a hundred miles. :-)

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