That's what did it?

    During the campaign I thought Trump's chances would be affected by his "Grab a little pussy"  chat.

    Or by has cheerfully agreeing  to allow Ivanka to be called on national TV " a nice piece of ass".

    Or by the video of him in Australia humiliating Miss Australia  for not meeting his plane.

    I was right,  It probably got him elected.


    This is funny.

    However, it does point out that people who voted for the guy are not rational. Appeals to logic will not work for many Trump supporters. The problem is not with Democrats or with protestors. White Evangelicals still support the vagina -grabber. Biblical pleas will not work on those Evangelicals. Conservatives who openly opposed Trump are now telling us how great the so-called President looks now.

    Take Conservative Hugh Hewitt. In October 2016, Hewitt was asking the insane Trump to step aside.

    ​In January 2017, Hewitt is on C-SPAN telling us how Trump will usher in the new permanent Republican majority. He plugs his new book along the way.

    Trump supporters have their own belief system. Trump once said he could stand in the middle of a street in NYC, shoot someone, and still not lose any supporters.

    Your post is very funny, but it points to a sad truth.

    There are endless numbers of political pundit grifters in America, and their paychecks, often 10 to 100 times the presidents salary, are the only thing they care about, forget democracy, objective reality or integrity. Most of those paychecks depend on not noting that the Republican Party has become an organized crime organization who have assembled and over many decades have brainwashed a base of racist meatheads whose beliefs, prejudices and hate targets are as easy to control and direct as a suicide bomber.

    David Brooks, TV and NYT soothsayer for what the GOP has become, was just paid by the NY Times to resubmit the exact same column he wrote 20 years ago for the Weekly Standard, A RETURN TO NATIONAL GREATNESS. Driftglass has excerpts.

    So-called President Trump is so bad that New Republic sees the Left as the only hope for rational Republicans.

    Even torture lawyer John Yoo thinks Trump is nuts

    Edit to add:

    I don't know how you break through to hardcore Trump supporters. I don't think that you can break through. Blaming Democrats and protestors for not being able to perform magic is not the solution. A guy with a gun showed up a pizzeria because a story about a child porn ring operating in the open was believable. People agreed with Trump that they saw Muslims in the United States cheering as the Twin Towers came down.


    It turns out the locker room was a lot larger than had been previously reported.
    Gallup polls need to start taking showers with strange men.

    I do not feel that rationality has anything to do with it.

    I once thought Rush or Weiner or a bunch of other fascists on the radio had something to do with this.

    I do not think so anymore.

    I think there is a strong hatred of other races present in this country that we shall always face?

    The problem lies not in our 'stars' but in ourselves.


    And we shall never get away from this truth.


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