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    I like Michael Tomasky.?

    Last week or so I wished to link him and I discovered that I could not because I did not pay the extra fund.


    No, we must now pay an extra fee to see extras?

    So Tomasky (which is a great surname?) can be readily read by peons today.

    Michael writes at the Daily Beast.

    Michael writes stuff that I write about; at least over the last two or three years.

    So I attempted to read him last week or so.

    But the Daily Beast kept his blog from me do to dues.

    I am kept from reading newspapers and magazines and certain blogs unless I pay some fee.

    Hell, I could pay over a hundred bucks a month just paying these extra fees.

    It is hard enough just wading through the adds and the other impediments to reading on any single post on line.

    I have read his blogs or posts for over a decade.

    The point is that Michael says nothing new.

    And I know, because I have already written my own diatribes. hahha

    And that is his right.

    I do not have hundreds of thousands of followers; and he does.

    And Michael can vent, it is his right.

    If there is something that Tomasky has written in the last year or so that I did not underline; tell me.

    He appeared recently on Chris Matthews and he of course, did not swear.

    I have become extremely morose over the subject of politics this last year.



    This describes my problem with writing anything of value; as if I have anything of value to contribute to this blog.

    The president lied today

    The president obfuscated today (as if the president had any idea what the word 'obfuscate' meant.?

    The president misspoke? WHAT?

    The president walked onto Airforce One with toilet tissue on his shoe?



    The NYT reported 'ISSUES' regarding tax returns related to TRUMPS.

    Oh, I am so very astounded that rich pricks cheat on their taxes?

    P. J. O'Roark is a prick.

    I first read him in the National Lampoon decades ago.

    He is and always has been a repub prick.

    But Trump changed his mind, kinda:



    I am very sad right now. We have a month to go. The only hope is that we might take over the house.

    I do have other things on my mind relating to so-called left wing outlets.

    But for now:

    I do not think that 'we' (whoever they are) can change the world.

    All I know is that it appears to be dying.








    Every day we learn something new about Donald Trump. Trump has been accused of sexual harassment. He has allegations of tax fraud. He is a bigot There is a possibility that Trump is violating the emoluments clause. Russian hacked the election. Congress ignores any suggestion that Trump is violating the law. We thought there were moderate Republicans. Susan Collins and Jeff Flake put the lie to that belief. We have a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court that is taking no action on complaints regarding Brett Kavanaugh received from a federal district court. Kavanaugh is now an Associate Justice. Given the state of the world, we should not feel that things are normal. Our bodies reflect the real world stress. The only way to relieve the stress: Vote. Encourage others to vote. Volunteer. Help someone. Protest. Don’t dare give up. If you give up, the stress will be overwhelming.

    The Republican Party is a criminal enterprise.




    Oh rmrd, I am so despondent right now. DAMN!

    Is there hope?

    And Collins and Flake?

    Well, WE ARE THE REPUBS......?




    the end

    Oh, and when we use the word 'enterprise'....

    god I hope you are not angry about this silly song, but

    That is a great song. Brought back memories. Thanks.

    I think many Republicans can’t see a way out. They are part of the Uni-Mind. They don’t like Trump’s style but love his programs. They see Kavanaugh as a victim.

    Things I’ve heard talking to Republicans

    —Both sides do it

    —40% of women who allege rape are lying

    —The Democratic Party does/did as much gerrymandering as Republicans



    —DNC conspired with the Russians

    I realize that if I call them liars, there is nothing to be gained. If I bring articles to prove their errors, the papers won’t be read. So I just agree to disagree

    Switching tracks, Kanye West is going to the White House this week. Don Lemon sees the train wreck. Van Jones is willing to give Kanye a chance to try to influence Trump. Jones is too trusting, West will be used as a photo-op just like Jim Brown and Ray Lewis.

    Republicans won’t save us. Kanye won’t save us. We are all we got.

    It's interesting to hear you like that song. It's one of the most anti-tribal songs of all times.

    I’ve described the difference between belonging to a tribe and being tribal. As a member of a tribe, I can understand the joy people experienced when Crazy Rich Asians came out. I can also understand the encouragement Awkwafina received from Lucy Liu’s appearance on SNL. I can understand that the Kanye meeting with Trump will be a train wreck. All my skin folk ain’t my kinfolk.Tribes are a natural and beautiful thing.

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