Trump: I Won't Defend Nations's Capitol

    I would look at remaking Washington, DC. Right now, what is it doing for anybody? For real Americans?

    Congress can go on permanent vacation. Don't need them. Or those mouthy judges.

    And I don't plan on living there.

    Maybe this country would have been better off if we never rebuilt the place after the British burned it down. I am not saying this is 1512.  I am not saying I want war with the British. People don't play golf in a war. So don't misquote me.

    I like the DC museums and we do plan to reorganize them with an emphasis on my life, my family and how I made America great again.

    We'll change the names to the National Museum of Trump and Stuff Trump Likes, Building 1,2,3. People will love it because I would love it.

    So if you ask me would I defend the Capitol, what does that mean? Defend a government that does nothing for the people without screwing it all up?

    Prints money and then wastes it on fraud, waste and abuse?

    Defend a history of government lawlessness and a White House that was soiled by a Usurper?

    By the way we could move those printing presses, at least for $100's, to Mar-a-Lago where my people could keep them safe.

    Would I say, Vladimir, please drop a nuke on DC for me, I am not defending this place?

    Are you kidding me?  

    My New York properties may get dusted with that radioactive dust.  That is a joke people. I can lighten now and then you know.

     I am saying I know how to make money and destroy a town that deserves its fate, a town that is an absolute failure.  Look at Atlantic City. OK?

    And you ask me, what about NATO, Lithuania,or Seoul?  

    How do you even pronounce Seoul?

    Do we provide them a nuclear umbrella? What the hell is that?

    There are Trump umbrellas, all kinds of umbrellas but  who would even want a nuclear one over their head? Its radioactive and would make your hair fallout. That's where the word fallout comes from people.

    We have enough Koreans in New York City. They love me.

    Lithuanians I don't know, what the hell is a Lithuanian? How do you tell? Do they wear those funny hats and wear the leather shorts? I never met one, but I would like their votes, so I would think about it. Have a meeting on it sometime with Pence.

    Once I clean out DC I will turn it into a friendship park.  Complete with new sculptures of great people, like myself, my wife, my family, Putin, Limbaugh, Saddam Hussein and that guy in Turkey who is cleaning out his country.

    That's what I am planning for.

    That's what America needs to be great again.

    And I am thinking now I want a wall not only with Mexico, but with Canada too.

    When I think of Canadians I think of a four letter word, and its not Royal Caribbean.

    Before I send back even one Mexican, there's a Canadian I'll send back first. North to the polar bears, where Canadians belong.

    If one wall is good, two is even better. I may even build that wall first.


    This composed after reading

    Donald Trump Sets Conditions for Defending NATO Allies Against Attack


    Well done, NCD! 

    Thanks. I try to take a comical look at this product of the GOP, if I lived in Seoul or Lithuania it would be much harder to laugh.

    I agree with Missy.

    Well Done!

    Oh and I must add that people like Q must be forbidden from coming into this country.

    Communists in snow shoes scare the hell out of me.

    NCD... Excellent! ...


    NCD, I think you nailed the Donald's convention speech. Except for this

    "Aren't my kids great---look at 'em, who wouldn't want em? beautiful, yes beautiful, and I will make a beautiful President cause my kids....and Melania---folks, she doesn't wear pant suits---you get what I'm saying, we don't need no droopy drawers Cruz just like we don't need lyin Hillary, jail em both...maybe I will....or I'll ship em to Vladimir-cause he knows what to do that we are afraid to do to jerks in this country....isn't Cleveland great?

    Trump's kids are beautiful. The one point Trump has made that I totally agree with is that if they weren't Trump's kids I'd probably sleep with them

    His daughters are poised and attractive.  I can't see the sons without visualizing their proud faces as they hold an elephant tail. (Just killed) or holding up a beautiful leopard (just killed) or the sad, dead eyes of a lion (just killed) as they stand for a photo.  Disgusting to me.

    Didn't celebrities posing with dead African animals go out with Teddy Roosevelt? And TR always pointed out he was collecting specmens for scientific reasons for the Smithsonian. 

    Well now they are. When Tiffany was one year old Trump was  wondering if she'd have big breasts like her mother. Luckily things turned out good.

    Thanks Oxy. Lithuania would stand higher in the Trumpian empire if they would rename their capitol Melianus, and if Trump was told pants suits were rarely seen! 

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