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    Trump's Cynical Build Up Of Tension

    There's a whole lot of jubilation out there that Donald Trump cut short a military operation that could have started a catastrophic war with Iran. Iran is a massive country with a population of 81.16 million. It is at the nexus of America's tension in the Middle East, from the implementation of the Shah to the revolution during Carter's administration to the Iran-Iraq war and then the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. It is no mistake that so much blood and treasure was spent occupying two countries directly bordering Iran. Iran has ties with most of the world, located as it is at the heart of the nexus between Central and South Asia, the Middle East and Africa. It's an ancient and impressive civilization. Everyone seems to get this ... now.

    Take a look at some fantastic statements Trump has made. He has actually talked openly about the military industrial complex, possibly making him the first sitting president to do so, as Dwight Eisenhower waited until the end of his presidency:





    Despite his sudden revelations as the hawkishness went too far, do not forget that Donald Trump campaigned on shredding President Obama's Iran nuclear deal. Despite all the drone operations and extension of the Bush war on terror, by the tail end of Obama's presidency, he was making peace. He was attempting to mend ties with Cuba and Iran. Will Trump suddenly see the error of his ways on Cuba too, who he opened his presidency by touting a return to the embargo with?

    This is politics at its worst and Donald Trump really is as corrupt as he seems. He let John Bolton in to his administration. It's no secret that Bolton is a man who never saw a war that he didn't like. This was a cynical build up of tension in order to end up looking like a hero when he brings it down. It falls in line with the schemes he had when he worked in development - see a project that's been in development by others for a long time, raise cash to buy it, create hysterical media attention to promote it, and then put your name on it. Apply that standard to Trump as president and he is not hard to read.

    With reportedly good ties with the new Obrador administration in Mexico, it's quite likely that Trump's cancellation of ICE raids (along with not acting on tension with Venezuela) will be the start of more. Policy was set with an awareness that Americans have been beset for the past 18 years with non-stop war, conflict, and worries about profiling and discrimination, from Muslims traveling to Black Lives Matter. The tension is revisited so that once it is settled, someone will be awarded as peacemaker. 


    Seems like the only thing keeping us out of war is that Trump is the kind of guy who likes to deliver a promo about how he’s going to kick your ass, but he’s also the kind of guy who backs down from a fight, if he can.  Trump is no Ric Flair.  He won’t walk that aisle.  But as you say, he can tell a story.

    Trump is Vince McMahon. Lol

    Haha excellent

    there's more

    Your sources are a bit more center right than I remember you being, AA. :P

    There's also something similar going on with Mexico and the southern border, which makes me wonder how connected Trump truly is, if he not only anticipated Obrador would win but that he would be on the same page as him:

    "Trump's immigration crackdown seems to be working — in Mexico" https://www.dallasnews.com/news/immigration/2019/06/29/mexico-wrestles-identity-national-guard-helps-trump-lpez-obrador-crack-migrants

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