Uncle Joe appears to be starting his campaign against Trump

    Mr. President — stop lying and start acting. Use the full extent of your authorities, now, to ensure that we are producing all essential goods and delivering them where they need to go. https://t.co/uIi1Rxha1C

    — Joe Biden (Text Join to 30330) (@JoeBiden) March 22, 2020


    And they are more likely to vote now too. Certainly they'll be likely to vote in November.

    Now just pray he has a good immune system and strong lungs if he gets coronavirus.

    Or is silence the best weapon?

    Maybe the Silent Majority quietly votes Quasimodo out in November to loud bells a-ringing and our national nightmare is (almost) over?

    Bill Kristol:

    How can you tell?  He can't finish a sentence.


    It comes to this:  I, who schlepped out to the Hamptons to harass Cuomo's Dan Loeb fundraiser back in 2014, who loathes and despises that shriveled stump of a Mario, am longing for the Cuomo Draft.


    The horror, the horror....

    .@NYGovCuomo says no, he is not planning on running for president in the most Cuomo-on-Cuomo way possible. pic.twitter.com/ZFQV2hTwKk

    — Pod Save America (@PodSaveAmerica) March 31, 2020

    Edit to add the full interview version as an alternate, in which also talks about Trump and Trump's supposed accusation about missing masks (the gov. finesses that,) the hospital and PPE situation, etc. kudos for Biden and the possibility of Trump baiting him about Biden, Fauci's facts and numbers, breaking down all the fiefdoms of all the area's hospitals into one unified system, and at the end banters humorously a bit more with his bro about not being in the basement under lockdown like mom did and cooking like mom did:

    Can't help but share this. The Cuomo brothers, thell me this isn't entertaining. https://t.co/2tGysAU36J

    — scott sparling (@scott74s) March 31, 2020

    the reason for the Cuomo move last nite to his basement to broadcast the news: NY governor: 'My brother Chris is positive'

    Biden is right to avoid calumny and ask people to do the math.
    It is a sort of self limiting case of discrimination. If that doesn't work, nothing else would have either.

    deconstructing the sexual assault accusation conspiracy stories:

    This is a really good article clearing up conspiracy theories on both sides, examining the allegation fairly, and explaining why it hasn't taken root as a national story. https://t.co/pDQwtsMnul

    — Matthew Chapman (@fawfulfan) March 31, 2020


    Screw the convention - do it remote. It's over, screw Bernie - no time for his (raining on the) parade this year. Yeah we know Biden's flawed, but good enough. If we have that much time, impeach Trump a 2nd/3rd time.

    OK, getting serious now:

    NEW from @MariannaNBCNews: In a virtual fundraiser with donors Friday night, fmr VP @JoeBiden said that he's formally alerted Sen. @BernieSanders that he will move forward with a vice presidential vetting process even though neither has become Dem nominee. https://t.co/zL66f5vOG9

    — Gary Grumbach (@GaryGrumbach) April 4, 2020

    I would not be surprised if, rather than delaying the convention til August, powers that be change their minds and have a virtual convention as soon as primary voting is finished. In order to be doing a unified attack on Trump ASAP? Note the mention of cabinet choices too. Offer an alternative vision every day?

    Nate Silver attempt to set right the inevitable revisionist histories starting about the role of "the media narrative":

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