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    18 times every thousand years, the Planet Venus can be seen from Earth crossing the Sun. On the 5th and 6th of June that spectacle shall be upon us. At least in the Northern Hemisphere. Now this is not to say that we will witness a double exposure because the reason 'we' can see it over two dates has to do with that imaginary International Dateline along with other scientific theories. (It might be best to wear really really thick sunglasses if you wish to take a peek!)

    If you miss this sign from God, you can catch it again in 2117; according to:

    National Geographic, (May 2012 p. 33)




    Okay, so I have been reborn but it is taking forever to get rid of all this after-birth stuff.



    It's three AM in the Morning; do you know where your INNER child is?



    Why we are here is a puzzle, but I am pretty sure it is not to enjoy ourselves!

    John Lloyd—TED (Smart Laughs S-1, episode 6)


    If we are here to give of ourselves to others...then what are the other people here for?

    John Lloyd—TED (Smart Laughs S-1, episode 6)


    We were smart enough to develop artificial intelligence but seemed to omit any development for artificial stupidity.

    John Lloyd—TED (Smart Laughs S-1, episode 6)


    We have not yet been able to develop perfect artificial intelligence but ALEC & the GOP & Cable TV & Talk Radio along with many many others on this planet really have developed the perfect artificial stupidity for popular consumption.



    I saw this sign:

    Ears pierced while you wait.

    Emily Levine (TED-Smart Laughs Season 1: Episode 6)

    A daughter is riding with her mother and is rather uncomfortable.

    Mom is driving and runs two red lights in a row.

    The daughter, attempting to control herself (and not scream, MOM YOU ARE TOO OLD TO DRIVE FOR CHRISSAKES!)

    quietly says to Mom:

    Mother are you aware you just went through two red lights?

    And Mom responded:


    Emily Levine (TED-Smart Laughs Season 1: Episode 6)


    And our President has a big stick!

    Joseph Biden


    Plus you also left me a really good TV sports package. I use it.

    President Obama to President Bush.


    John Stossel at Fox put together a video showing him interviewing those waiting in line at a food bank. Stossel proved that many of those 'poor people' waiting in line owned cell phones and TV's.

    BILL O'REILLY: What did you learn about poverty that surprised you in this whole big thing?
    JOHN STOSSEL: Nothing. It's just a TV stunt. I'd done the research.


    You can chant down speakers, my friend, but it's hard to Etch-A-Sketch the truth away

    David Axelrod


    Their personal lives are fodder for news stories. President Barack Obama and his allies have singled out conservative mega-donors as greedy tax cheats, or worse.



    I don't give out names.



    It’s by now been well-established that the S.E.C.’s performance in policing Wall Street before, after, and during the crash has been comically inept. It would be putting it generously to say that the top cop on the financial services beat has demonstrated particular incompetence with regard to investigations of high-profile targets at powerhouse banks and financial companies.

    Matt Taibbi


    Selective prosecution, and selective law enforcement more generally, may still afflict our domestic justice systems. But it is condemned as a breach of everyone’s right to equal protection of the law.

    Scott Horton










    "Presidential candidate Mitt Romney was asked to explain why none of his five sons are in the military and he said that his sons demonstrate their patriotism by going on the road and campaigning for him. Now there's a tough choice: 'Iraq, or Iowa? Fallujah or Cedar Rapids? Honey, what do you think?'" --Jay Leno

    Love the media matters 'cover', hope they sell posters of same.

    Good blog, ultra creative and 'well done'.  

    Well thank you Auntie. Stayed up all night defrosting the fridge for pay day. ha

    This Venus spectacle ought to be something. Probably a thousand pix next week.

    Oh I just remembered although I do not have the link; One of Mitt's sons has made a living as a member of Dad's campaigns years after those campaigns were over. hahahaha

    Just to get all serious on your ass, Dick, "really thick sunglasses" won't cut it. I realize you're being facetious, but hundreds of people ARE going to wake up with burned retinas on the morning of June 6. 

    Unless you've got a telescope with an astronomically correct solar filter, don't even try glancing at the setting sun. There will be plenty of free live webcasts. SLOOH's coverage of the recent annular eclipse was very good.

    I was tongue in cheek but I stand corrected.

    There have been thousands of studies and essays written over the last half century everytime there is an eclipse or other like event.


    At least without the proper tech.

    I am cleaning refrigerator tonight. Freezer is fine.  I did my shopping this evening and the store was busy with old folks. I got some strawberries to make a salad with and they are huge.  I will take some photos and post the recipes on dag.  Where do you find your clip art that you use in your blogs?  

    I would imagine every big telescope in the Northern Hemisphere will be trained on it. We will be able to see the start of it before the sun sets on the 5th in North America. 

    This was just Yahoo. I knew I would find something somewhere.

    This is a big event.

    Frankly i stick with Wiki most of the time. It is free and usually there are no copyright problems--of course if your posts get 100 hits like mine; nobody cares. hahaha

    By the way I defrosted my fridge in the middle of the night. I could not sleep.


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