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    Wednesday, November 7, 2012: Mitt Romney's To Do List

    1.  Call accountant to amend tax returns to reflect all the deductions previously not taken to keep tax rate above 14%


    I wont give you blog of the day, but I hereby render unto you the Dayly Line of the Day Award for this here Dagblog Site, given to all of you from all of me.




    Oh, DD, I am honored!   

    I would have started to worry about you if you had awarded me anything for a one-sentence "blog! " 

    Why not add something on the To Do List?  

    Come can come up with 2.

    2.  Call Donald Trump and tell him to stop trying to come up with a poem to read at the inauguration.

    An Ode to The Donald


    I think that I shall never see

    A bigger idiot than he. 


    A man who lifts his face to say....

    I just love my hair this way!


    A man without one ounce of class,

    who pulls his "facts" out of his ass.


    Even a dolt can pen a poem,

    He and Sara should move to Nome.


    They can just make up shit all day,

    And watch Putin across the Bay.







    Call Mexico and offer to buy the place. I'm going to be President somewhere.

    Mitt was pink slipped by the people.

    Now he and Ann know a little bit of what it feels like, instead of him firing workers..... in all those companies Bain drained dry (that Kansas steel company, KB Toys, the paper company, Sensata now in Illinois) he got it done to himself.

    Mitt had his chance to be the Big Enchilada, they spent millions or billions, and lied like crazy, yet,  he had it taken away, he was fired. And Mitt, the big shot, was shocked. And Ann was shocked, as was Ryan and his tearful wife.

    I only wish they would have the insight you are attributing to them. I doubt that it has even registered with them that the reason they were so shocked at losing was because they didn't pay attention to FACTS.  They just BELIEVED.  

    Just like they BELIEVE --

    that the 47% are freeloading moochers

    that a sperm and egg are a human person 

    that food, shelter, and education are extras that only "worthy" people should have

     that health care is a privilege for the privileged 

    etc, etc, etc. they were clueless before and they still are.


    But I'm with you...they LOST and they know it!


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