I must have read ten? posts on this kind of idiocy.

    The idiot shoots himself in the butt whilst 'holstering' his weapon? 

    The idiot shoots himself whilst his weapon falls to the ground?

    It is not so funny when his gun goes off and an innocent is wounded or killed.

    We shall read these stories for the next fifty years.

    The Jinn has left the lamp and the NRA has won and we have more weapons than peeps in this country.

    There is nothing, absolutely nothing we can do about these 'accidents'.

    Just read the link but then was distracted by another one in the TPMLiveWire feed: Conservatives Already Hate Ezra Klein's New Website that led me to an older one still: Media Matters Brings Out The Knives For Ezra Klein's Latest Hire

    Both Klein articles are very schadenfreudey and both note at the end that "Klein did not respond to TPM's request for comment". 

    Anyone have any back story on the relationship between Josh and Ezra? Is it like the Kaus - Klein one?

    FWIW, I do wish Vox.com success in fulfilling its stated goal of becoming a public policy wiki. It has great potential of becoming the next generation's opinion leader. Can't you just see Ezra and Matt in as Broder and Will in 50 years or so?


    Think Ezra sums it up, that he's concerned more with readers than fellow journalists. Not sure necessary to read tea leaves about relationships.

    No tea leaves involved in noticing the Kaus / Klein and fellow journalists' relationships. 

    Was just surprised by the tone of the TPM piece and knowing how many ex-TPMCafers are here wondered if any knew of any Josh / Ezra conflicts.

    Plus knowing something of relationships involved can often help understand writers' povs and identify instances of group think as well as group schadenfreude.

    I think I still have a Twitter list of some of the young bloggers in Washington who early on socialized together and even posted pictures of gatherings. I named it the New Algonquins. Been awhile since I checked it.


    Most gun shows ban loaded weapons. See: 51 Gun Shows Ban Loaded Weapons from 2013. Main link is a case in point on the hazard.

    GOP/NRA: It's an invitation to carnage not to carry loaded guns everywhere from schools to bars to colleges, but not safe.....at gun shows, OK to ban loaded guns there (...probably in the Constitution..).

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