Wherein I see how Sean Hannity makes big bucks

    Outrage sells. And it's little different from Wrestlemania:



    The NFL realizes that it took the wrong stance when Kaepernick took a knee.

    The protest was about police reform

    The protest was turned into an attack on the flag 

    The current discussion is about police reform and shifting funding from police to social programs.


    Before I listen, I jjust wanna be warned in advance if I have to hear Cornell say "My dear brother Sean"...

    Lol, I don't think I could have tolerated his classes.

    He became irrelevant after his attacks on Obama.

    Edit to add:

    It is hilarious to see West and Terrell debating, you can't agree with either side.

    I got to hear a lot of "I am not your Brother", but i couldnt understand a thing Cornel said.

    Same here, and one thing that was made clear from that: in a yellin contest, it's nearly impossible to win over the person with the professional studio audio.

    Because of that, watching it a second time, I realized how much the Cornel West persona of "in yo face" is actual gesture and posture, that he really does go in the other person's face when he argues. If you can imagine it from his room: he was doing that to his screen there, that's how automatic it is to him when he argues.

    I think that is mostly to detriment. Though power people will get in your face and space to intimidate, it is with a calm demeanor and straight posture. Not jabbing and poking...

    Sooo, here I am analyzing body language because--few could even understand what was being said. Which is why i mentioned wrestlemania without realizing why I said that.

    Rodentology - have incisors, will offer incisive cimmentary

    Rog, I make out Terrell saying "don't call me brother" so Cornel must of did it to him  Believe it or not, Sean is moderator. I suspect he plays this role more often than those of us who don't watch him realize? So that when he opines as a sole commentator at the end of the show, he has signified "voice of reason" compared to all the clowns he just had on debating each other.

    Remember the Morton Downey Jr. show?

    ???? Why are you saying that here? This is a video of two men trying to scream over each other and in which little can be understood about what they arguing about. No points end up being made about anything.It ends up as merely humorous entertainment. 

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