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    Wisconsin is Rising Up!

    Subject to DoubleA's correction, (she being our resident expert on the mysterious cheesehead) it appears that we may be about to see a green fuckin' shoot.



    I hope I don't eat these words,  but perhaps they feel the fury....


    A district court said the election should be postponed 

    A circuit court said the election should be postponed 

    The state Supreme Court overruled those lower courts.

    The state Supreme Court ended public hearings because of the pandemic 

    The United States Supreme Court backed the state Supreme.Court

    We are in a coup

    Thugs moving in the night.
    Hopefully it will backfire.

    I don't see how it will change things much as it was red counties who elected those Republicans who lead both houses in the legislature and this was basically a Democratic primary. I suppose some Republican voters thought it a cruel and nasty trick but probably not that many; they care more about their taxes and things like the dairy farmers having to dump milk. 

    This might help you understand, Rog: Wisconsin, except for Milwaukee (and it's further south towards Chi-town satellite towns like Racine and Kenosha,)  is very very like upstate New York, similar in geography, weather, demography and attitude.

    I'm sure Wisconsin lefties are angry. So? Nothing new there.

    Here's a good report on preparing for coronavirus in rural Wautoma, gives a good idea of what much of Wisconsin is like:

    While the #coronavirus is having a disastrous impact on cities like New York and New Orleans, the virus is also starting to hit rural America.@adrianasdiaz visited a small Wisconsin town to see how they're preparing for a possible outbreak.

    — CBS This Morning (@CBSThisMorning) April 6, 2020

    Not ultra-conservative nuts, and not ignorant hayseeds, not anti-immigrant, just ordinary rural types by type who aren't super fond of big gummint and having to pay for it. Not antagonistic to elite coastal types in the least as long as they're not snooty or think their way of life is better rather than just one choice of many.

    Edit to add: but don't ever dis dem sainted Packers!

    1.I will continue to cherish the sound of the bagpipes, albeit we lost.







    2. I love me some Packers (usta hate'em) since I learned that they are community owned.  Vive La Commune


    The Paris Commune of 1871 | Overview and Facts


    ETA, WIsconsin, do you want Bob La Follette to rise from the grave and sweep across the state like a tornado?  No, you do not.  Get your act together, cheeseheads!

    Things are proceeding well, the voting was the rising up:

    DoubleA, it's time to rethink your apostasy..


    Come home to *the girl you were.....Emma will forgive you. 


    The People, United, Will Never Be Defeated.


    Hasta La Victoria Siempre.



    *ETA Roll up that Catholic School skirt...

    Huh? don't be ridiculous, this is working within the system as it is, no revolution at all.

    Look, I haven't read any articles but the thing prognosticators would really want to know here, since it's an open primary, is how many people who describe themselves as "Republican" came out to vote for Democrats because they are pissed about either Trump or about how their own GOP Statehouse has been acting.

    Wisconsin is the whole swing thing in exquisite microcosm, this thing is how Trump won the electoral college in the first place and within the stats is the answer on whether his losing is a sure thing. I think that goes for flipping the Senate too. If pissed off normally GOP voters come out and vote for Dems, that's the real turnout one wants.

    (cavaet: these are independent contrarian and/or idiosyncratic people, so winner beware: they'll probably turn against you next time because they didn't like what ya did.)

    The open primary is relevant to the  judicial election how?

    The state mostly leans red because it is mostly more rural people who don't like someone coming from far away and saying they are from the government and are there to help when the supposed helpers don't have a clue what's actually been going on in the locality. Only Madison and Milwaukee leans blue. Many from both camps are open to a trial with independent thinking radicals (hence characters like Trump, Paul Ryan and even way back when: Bob LaFollette types can be given a chance to do it their way.)

    As I said, I  haven't seen or looked at any stats (Marquette University polling would be the one to go to for that) But I would suspect it took a number of red leaners really pissed off at what the state GOP was trying to do to rig election partisan with a purge to add to voters leaning blue in order to elect the judge:


    One short-term impact of the liberal’s court win in Wisconsin will be on the fight over a purge of 200k voters. Court had been split 3-3 with a conservative joining the 2 liberals and Kelly abstaining due to this election. So there’s now a 4-3 majority against the purge.

    — Dave Weigel (@daveweigel) April 14, 2020

    The Wisconsin I know is just not political party partisans. Yes there are lots of rabid conservatives,and moderates and liberals, and also many libertarians. They vote for individuals.  If you listened to political talk radio there a while, you'd see it. (Charlie Sykes is one example, before going national, he was a big radio star for a long time.) I don't see judges and political parties taking away voting rights to be too popular. They knew the solution.

    Edit to add: now that I think on it, I can't think of any Wisconsite I ever met that said they were a proud Democrat nor a proud Republican. They'll say more descriptive things like "I'm an FDR Democrat" or "I mostly agree with Limbaugh".




    So we might not count on a national uprising of disgusted independents based on Wisconsin, but it's still a good sign that rapacious dangerous partisan affronts don't always succeed.

    Well, ok, maybe...But don't expect me to give up on the skirt...

    You want skirt? Here's skirt.
    (Age appropriate, NQSFW)

    (picks self up off floor...) I just played this...outstanding!



    Liberal challenger Jill Karofsky wins a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court


    Great news! At least the risk people took got some positive results. Hopefully no voter was infected.



    If any does come to harm, they shall have a martyr's funeral and go down in history with Nathan Hale...Trump per contra, sleeps with the fishes and with Benedict Arnold


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