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    You cannot guard Prez in the open floor--he will look right and go left. Watch his feet, not his eyes.

    I have decided to take Joe Biden’s advice. Remember, when he said that Prez would be tested, yadda yadda yadda, and what he might do might seem fucked up to us but it was really going to be the cool thing all along?

    See, we all thought he was talking to the *Repugnants. He was talking to us the democratic wing of the Democratic Party.

    So, here’s the deal.

    Until otherwise persuaded, based upon his steady hand through the campaign, when we were all about the vapors, I am going to accept as strategic all appointments, perquisites, honors, speaking engagements, or what have you, that cause us to grind our teeth (Eg, Rick Warren) and make Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes alert their dry cleaners to problem protein stains in the pants of their business suits.

    I believe he will get cover for his ultimate agenda through the simpletons on Fox News crowing over how he is fucking the left.

    He is playing chess; they are playing checkers

    *I’m still allowed to call them that, am I not? I mean, if they want to get right with the Baby Jesus, they can just change their registration.

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